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    Game 48, Live: Warriors (13-34) at Mavericks (30-18)

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  1. feltbotloveslosing

    man, lost by single digit, progress guys. fans will have a field day on tomorrow’s knbr noon show.

  2. Ellis vs Rose.

    Rose was selected by the coaches as an all-star, Morrow gets his slot on the sophomore team.

    As nutty as the Bulls fans have gotten over Vinny Del Negro, he’s part of the coaching fraternity and in good standing. The coaches helped him. Having a tea hover near 500 and trying to make the playoffs is a tough spot. Rose performance last NBA finals vs the Celtic and his play this year keeping them in contention put rose on the team

    Nelson is,from what I read, not a popular coach in the NBA. Ellis has dominated the ball, played major minutes and Warriors are still losing, no playoff spot or hope.
    I can’t see the coaches rewarding Ellis until the team is doing better, the coach is better liked and playoff slot is within reach.

  3. feltbotloveslosing

    JoeSez, but Nellie is a genius, ain’t that enough? It sure is, according feltbot, via Fritz.

  4. EQ vs IQ.

    Nellie may have a high basketball IQ but he’s got a low EQ, emotional quotient. No NBA front office will do him a favor - like select one of his guys for all-star team. I was surprised Morrow got the nod to replace Rose.

    Chicago fans don’t realize how good they got it, hey I got banned on the bulls fan blog for defending Vinny Del Negro, and the owner, Jerry Reinsdorf (6 NBA titles and one MLB title) who, according to the moderator, is a cheap owner.

    Cohan had it so easy in the Bay Area. Anywhere else and the media would have revolted and fans moved on in the late 90’s.

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