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    Game 43, Live: Warriors (13-29) at Kings (15-28)

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  1. that should adequately counter anyone with the opinion that Monta Ellis is an all-star. Steph Curry scores 25 a night while he’s getting all the shots he wants on a Warriors team that loses and loses and loses, is he then an all-star too?

  2. It’s hard to be an All-Star on a losing team. So I agree that neither Ellis or Curry has demonstrated that elite status.

    I would put Curry in the Rookie-All Stars. Most guys go to bad teams and get some playing time and shots if they can earn it and few excel.

  3. ” The thing I would worry about in a Larry Ellison purchase scenario, if I were a Warriors fan, is this: Who does he know in the NBA who can guide him as to finding a quality general manager/coach combo?”

    I dunno but ellison’s smart enough to hire great management talent at Oracle and stay the F out of the way. He’s an ego, not a manager. I see him using that same skill in the NBA, not like a Cuban. A guy that is proud and wants to won both a winning team and a successful GM/President.

    If he were a Cohan type, wanting sycophants, Oracle wouldn’t be buying Sun.

  4. Curry would have somewhere between 50-100 more assists for the season, if the W’s could make 2 ft layups.

  5. Well, Geoff, have you seen enough from Curry yet?

    How’d he handle Martin in the first half? What kind of job did he do on Tyreke in the second half? Who was the better rookie last night — or, put another way, who scored more points, grabbed more boards, made more assists (even tho he lost a ton when the bigs couldn’t put lay-ups down), stole more balls — and made fewer TOs? Hmmmmm.

    When have you seen a pass like the one Curry threw, behind his back, while prone on the floor with two Kings trying to grab the ball from him?

    Who single-handedly kept the team in the game in Q4, and allowed them to make their run at the end, even with no one else shooting (e.g. Maggette going 3-22)?

    Who’s playing 40 plus every game, yet has only two total TOs in the last two?

    Seen enough yet to impress you, Geoff? If not, what more do you need that you haven’t seen from Curry in the last month?

    And, doesn’t he remind you of Tiny Archibald, just a bit, now that his quickness is showing up so well? Just curious.

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