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    Game 40, Live: Nuggets (26-14) at Warriors (12-27)

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  1. I need a link yo

  2. The mrs. took the laptop on a trip. Damn it all. Ok, not it all. I actually needed a break from the nag.

  3. Oy. Tough loss, but certainly a good showing.

    Monta was pretty stellar offensively, but this was the first game where I noticed just how many plays he’s taking off on defense to conserve energy. It’s a shame that he saved some of that energy for that stupid play to end the third, because it would’ve been better used elsewhere. Regardless, it’s time Nellie started getting this guy some rest, even if it means we have to use a Curry/Cartier backcourt for a couple minutes a night. And yes, America, Monta Ellis is currently our point guard.

    Curry was the opposite. Wasn’t clicking on offense one bit — four of his six assists were happy accidents off dumps to the high post — but I liked his defense here. Billups inevitably beat him a couple times late, but he held up surprisingly well against some big, physical guards, and avoided foul trouble for the first time in awhile. No complaints.

    Maggettemaniac though I am, I didn’t love his game here; I hated that non-boxout as much as you, and his five-turnover total easily could’ve been ten. Still productive — single-game plus-minus totals aren’t worth much, and don’t let Kawakami tell you different, as George’s great defense also earned a -12 — but this was Maggette’s weakest game in a good long while.

    Stupid fouls aside (he’s really gonna have to shelve that stabbing motion, as it draws whistles no matter what it hits), Biedrins had a FANTASTIC night, rebounding, passing and D-ing up nicely. It’s time Monta started running some S/Rs with him again, because he’s looking awfully sharp.

    I had no real beef with Nellie tonight, but I don’t know that it was a good coaching performance so much as a default coaching performance, given who he had available. This current octet of players basically prevents you from playing overly small; our injuries have actually made us Nellie-proof. I’m gonna predict that we actually play worse once CJ returns and Nellie’s free to work his mischief again.

  4. I said I needed a break from the nag.

  5. Well-played, sir.

  6. Jaymee Dire…wardrobe malfunction

  7. Still aren’t getting it about Curry, are ya Geoff. Too bad.

  8. for those of you who aren’t quite as sick as me, and sometimes have to make hard Tivo decisions.

    a friend of a friend created this clever little heartburn avoidance device:


  9. jsl: Feel free to enlighten me. I’m open to learning something new.

  10. Geoff: You can easily find stats that put Curry in the second to 5th rookie pg spots. The point is, you watch the games. It’s hard to describe and convince you of all the things Curry does to help the team win if you can’t see it.

    Curry has outplayed Flynn, Jennings (imo) and Lawson in the past month. He outplayed Rose. His defense has gone from bad/mediocre to above-average and is improving every game. You can see he’s using his head and improving all the time on both sides of the ball. That’s a key for any young pro, and it’s a great sign for his future.

    When Curry’s got the ball it moves to the open shooter, be it on the break or full-court; he makes his teammates better. This is reflected in his +-, which has been much higher than Monta’s all season. Curry has become one of the better 3 pt shooters in the League and his eFG is high–higher than Ellis’, to be sure. Higher than Jennings’ and Flynn’s, I believe (haven’t checked them for awhile).

    Unfortunately, especially since we went to the 3 D Leaguer lineup, Nellie has chosen to focus the offense on the Ellis/Maggette 2 man game and put the ball in Monta’s hands even more than before. The fact that Curry is in a situation where he doesn’t have the ball in his hands as much as the other “top 4″ rookie points inhibits some of Curry’s offensive stats, especially assists.

    And the thing is, Curry’s smart and you can tell he’s hardworking. Getting better every week. Many of these young pros have enough athletic talent to be really successful, but most don’t have the attitude and mental approach to work to be great. Curry does. You can tell. If that means I’m on a “Curry bandwagon”, I’m all in. I was all in with this guy from when I saw him in College and Summer League. He projects very well as a pro at point guard, imo. It’s about how a point guard develops as a pro and makes his team better. With him, you can see it’s coming. Ok, off of my horse now. I like your posts; just strongly disagree with you about this guy.

  11. “[Curry] makes his teammates better. This is reflected in his +-, which has been much higher than Monta’s all season”

    …but still bad, and nowhere near as good as C.J. Watson’s. And while Monta hogging the ball can certainly explain why Curry’s assist totals are so low, it doesn’t explain why his turnover totals are so *high*; Curry has been throwing a ton of bad passes.

    I like Curry, and I agree that he seems to have a good mind for the game, but there’s a difference between knowing the right thing to do and actually being able to pull it off, especially at NBA speed. Size and athleticism matter. He can’t seem to get himself past his defender very often, and if he can’t do that, he’ll have trouble ever becoming a really good playmaker.

  12. Geoff: All you had to do was watch last night against the Nets.

    Biggest key: Monta goes down with the W’s up 6; Curry runs the team — using the Monta-Maggette two-man almost perfectly — and we end up winning by 32.

    Oh, and after 49 minutes on Wednesday, another 48 last night.

    He’s actually starting to close in on Tyreke, tho that lead’s too big too overcome. . . .this year..

  13. Oh, and BTW, I think he held Harris last night to about two points. The D is about there.

    Now, he’ll get killed tonight against the Suns: Nash took it easy last night, and really has it in for the “new” Steve Nash. But Curry’ll learn sometrhing from tonight. He always does.

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