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    Game 39, Live: Bulls (18-20) at Warriors (11-27)

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  2. Nice win, and our biggest since November. Strong performances from all four non-scrubs, although Monta got a little overly trigger-happy in spots.

    To briefly continue the Maggette discussion from CoverItLive: of *course* his contract is too big. Of *course* you’re not going to win if he’s your best or second-best player; I’d dispute that a team with Maggette as its third-best player couldn’t succeed (the ‘05-’06 Clippers only made the playoffs because they won so often when he was healthy, and he was a MONSTER in their surprising playoff run), but we’re splitting hairs there. Maggette is a weak defender and passer, and as such, is not a great player.

    But he’s a *good* player, and the poor records of his teams have been despite him, not because of him. Go back and look at those Clipper rosters, and note how wretched many of them were. Whenever they had even two decent players to add to Brand and Maggette, they were competitive, and most years they outscored their opponents — they were a winning team, in other words — when Maggette was on the floor. Corey Maggette’s teams haven’t lost because of Corey Maggette; Corey Maggette’s teams lose because they’ve been the Clippers and Warriors. Without him, they’d've been far crappier than they were.

    Corey Maggette’s game is bowling-shoe-ugly, but it is effective, and it’s just ignorant basketball analysis to argue otherwise. He’s an excellent rebounder for his position, and he’s both one of the fifty most *frequent* scorers in NBA history and one of the fifty most *efficient* scorers in NBA history; only about a dozen guys appear on both lists. He does more to help his teams win than Stephen Jackson, Jason Richardson and many other mediocrities that’ve been lionized around by Bay Area fans. He’s a good player… the aesthetics of his game and the ineptitude of his teammates do nothing to change that.

  3. statistical analysis. ha.

    i love bowling shoes.

    and way to work “lionized” into the comment.

  4. Whether Corey Maggette’s contract is “too big” is utterly dependent on the context you’re using to evaluate it.

    If you want to compare him to similar contemporaries, check out what Michael Redd, Richard Jefferson, or Jason Richardson are making - several million more, for less production. Josh Howard, Tayshuan Prince, and Caron Butler make similar money and are roughly the same producerrs.

    Corey Maggette , on a healthy Warriors, would be an expected 20 PPG 6th man. Who comes off the bench and makes $10M? Guys like Jason Terry Manu Ginobili, and Leandro Barbosa. . . generally 6th men who get prominent roles.

    Maggette seems to be making the going rate for starting SF’s or quality bench scorers.

    Now, the criticism comes in the signing itself. We had max cap space, but rather than dicking other teams RFA’s or trying to work capped out teams for picks or assets, we just went straight to Maggette. Theoretically we could have offered him a penny more than the MLE and been the high bidder, but we’re the Warriors and we need to pay someone to come here. Giving $15M more than the MLE is excessive.

    So overall, Maggette is exactly what informed observers thought he’d be. Highly efficient scorer, turnover prone, injury prone, nonexistent defensively. He draws more charges t han anticipated and his TO’s have been improved this year.

    He’s not a negative - dumping for pure expirings would be stupid. His value is pretty neutral. A bad team won’t want his contract, but a playoff team would love to him, even with three years left. He’s in his prime still.

  5. Oh, and on the Amare trade . . . he’s not worth max money, he’s certainly not worth three assets and max money.

    He’s not boarding (only 8.8 RPG) or defending (less than 1 BPG, 3.7 PF/GM), and he has never been a particularly good passer.

    I’ll wait for Biedrins to get healthy and see what I can get for Randolph + our mountain of expirings or 1 year deals.

  6. Agreed on all counts, Jon.

  7. Geoff

    Curry is MUCH better than you give him credit for. Curry’s court vision, bball IQ and scoring is going to make him one of the better pgs in the League in a few years. His defense is improving by leaps and bounds every game. He’ll get stronger in the off-season and then he’ll really be something next year. He’s already had a couple of games in which he could have gone for 40 pts and 10 assists if they put the ball in his hands more. And he’s just a rook. You wait.

  8. you did NOT just add “draws more charges than anticipated” to the argument.

  9. Sure I did. It shows an activity level that’s better than “not drawing any charges like we expected from a defender who’s disinterested.”

  10. the curry bashing is getting old.

    plenty of teams have drafted losers. curry for a 7th overall looks damn good. better than flynn at 4 or thabeet at 3.

  11. I was ambivalent to the pick since I didn’t see good alternatives but wasn’t sold on him as a star.

    He’s been fairly stable actually, without the ups and downs of say, Brandon Jennings.

  12. CNNSI Hoops Whisperer column:
    Ravin: “He was under my umbrella the whole summer, so I had him working out with veterans. Guys like Kevin Durant, Carmelo, Chris Paul. He impressed all the vets. Everyone walked away saying, ‘that kid’s gonna be tough.’ I told him, ‘You know, you’ve got a long way to go, but just to let you know, you’re earning the respect from these veteran guys.’ What’s interesting about him is there’s no rookie transition. He’s grown up around this game his whole life, so the cars and all these accoutrements don’t influence him. Nothing was a surprise to him, since he’s been around it his whole life. … I truly believe he could be scoring 20 points a game. He could be Rookie of the Year if he wanted but he’s playing within the system.”

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