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    Game 34, Live: Warriors (9-24*) at Timberwolves (7-28)

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  1. Geoff,

    Do you think the Warriors foul problems (bigs and smalls, really) stem from poor coaching (identifying WHEN to go over or under a screen, not simply whether to to so robotically; reaching in)?

    Even with the horrendous reffing in Denver, it seems like Ellis (any warrior, really) shouldn’t have been anywhere near a guy with .4 on the clock hoisting up a desperation 3 like that. A competent coach makes that clear: don’t tempt fate, don’t tempt the refs.

    Many other fouls occur when recovering on a driving offensive player even when help is there. Sure, they’re young and there’s a lack of familiarity, but if you’re coaching a scheme that funnels penetrating players to an area, then defenders need to know that.

  2. as the TVA would say on his radio show to a caller espousing his own opinion completely - Jon, you’re making absolutely too much sense.

  3. It’s odd that Nellie took such affront to the defensive effort in Portland and ran them into the ground at practice.

    Didn’t Nellie wash his hands of the defense and give those responsibilities to his assistants, Smart and Silas?

    Since Nellie gets to hammer the players for not playing tough D, do the fans get to hammer Nellie for not coaching *any* D?

    A few laps of the Oracle parking lot would probably be good for his health as well.

    Geoff, how bout mentioning that at the next press conference?

  4. Jon,
    In management, it’s essential that tasks be delegated. If your boss did it all, your job would be pretty easy!

    However, if one of your co-workers messes things up, your boss may be held responsible by their boss, and on up the line. It goes both ways.

  5. Delegation is great. I agree.

    But consistency in the assignment of responsibilities and clear structure is also important.

    Nellie’s “Delegation” last year was an admission that he’s not capable of coaching defense anymore, yet when he laid the hammer down last week, he was blaming the players for being soft?

    I do not absolve the players of responsibility - part of the mistakes is poor decision making. You expect a guy like Curry (went to college, dad’s a player) to know better than to rack up fouls on stupid reaches.

    But when a player is confused because the scheme is either inflexible or too shallow, then the blame goes to the coach. The head coach. The head coach making $5M and held out for that much money.

    And of course, as I’ve said before, Rowell and Cohan need to be shot for keeping Nellie so long to begin with.

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