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    The Warriors Report: “They’re too soft. Gotta toughen up.”

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    By Geoff Lepper

    Your daily guided tour through the national and local media coverage of the always-entertaining Golden State Warriors, where we don’t work nearly as hard as the players did on Sunday.

    Inside The Warriors/Contra Costa Times (Marcus Thompson II):
    You’ll notice this Don Nelson quote is a theme of the day: “They’re too soft. Gotta toughen up.”

    Talking Points/San Jose Mercury News (Tim Kawakami): Tim has a good laugh at the notion that the Warriors, for all their bloviating on the topic, are suddenly concerned about defense.

    Warriorsworld.net (Rasheed Malek): Talking to Eric Pincus of Hoopsworld is infinitely more interesting than reading more about this deeply flawed team.

    San Francisco Chronicle (Rusty Simmons):
    “After a brief stretching and conditioning period, the Warriors did mostly 1-on-1 drills that required contact that probably wouldn’t be allowed in a football game.”

    CSNBayArea.com (Matt Steinmetz):
    More on Nellie as taskmaster.

6 Responses to “The Warriors Report: “They’re too soft. Gotta toughen up.””

  1. Man, I’ve thought Nellie was doing a poor coaching job for over a year now, but this current snit of his is really making me lose respect for him. It’s one thing to coach your team out of an easy win… it’s quite another to duck responsibility for it completely. And whose fault does he think it is that these guys can’t play defense? Really tawdry, buck-passing, bush-league stuff from the big man here.

  2. Warriors needa man the hell up and start beasting on thme other teams forreals tho

  3. 4 gaurds and 1 big lineup only works when you have a PG who is capable of getting everyone open looks and it only works when you take alot of 3’s to compensate for giving up in the paint pts on the other end
    both are FAIL for dubs right now

  4. Old man Nelson randomly yells at players and clouds.

  5. Anyone else sense a rift between Nellie and the front office. He is blatantly taking out criticisms from the Lakers and Blazers games on his players.

    Bill Duffy is cringing somewhere, but he’ll lash out soon. Agents seem to think there is a problem these days with the NBA and big men getting injured.

  6. announcer on the Magic/Pacers game just said “boy, Barnes and Pietrus, where would the Magic be without those two tonight?!”


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