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    Game 30 (Warriors 103, Celtics 99): In Their Own Words

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    So the force was with us. . . . Let me put in a word for Monta, how well he’s playing and would like to somehow get him considered to be an All-Star this year. He’s playing as well as anybody in basketball right now and carrying a team every night, very difficult to do, and also has to guard tough opponents. So anyway, just a word there, if you would, please?
    It was a wonderful game for us. Wins are hard to find anyway, especially against two quality teams in a row. I think we were blessed that the Celtics were on a back-to-back, but I know they were mad coming in because they lost a game at the buzzer. So we were ready for bear and they gave us everything they had.
    C.J. was as responsible as anybody for the win. I think everybody made a great contribution, but when he came in, and then we changed our coverage on Ray Allen, and he played that beautifully.
    And then, the first time I ever saw Morrow turn down a 3. Perfect pass, perfect timing, at 5 seconds to go on the 24-second clock. You know, it’s ‘What is he thinking? Does he think he’s in there for defensive purposes?’ That’s a game-winner there; I just couldn’t believe he (passed it). But anyway, another young player — I don’t think he’ll do it again. And he relishes that opportunity. I don’t know if he didn’t know the clock, or what. It doesn’t get any better than that extra pass to Morrow in the corner for us, but somehow we hung on, and we’ll just take the win.

    Q: A lot of coaches wouldn’t foul up 3 with 5 second left, as you did. Can you talk about that decision?
    DN: I’ve never been beat doing it. I’ve been tied once or twice, where they somehow got the ball back. Now, they’ve got it back and got a good look at a 3 and missed, but I can’t remember ever losing a game by doing that. My rule is 5 seconds or less on the clock. And the funniest things happen when you do that. Sometimes they miss the first one. Sometimes they don’t hit iron on the second one, which happened tonight. Sometimes they make the second one (while) trying to miss it. I mean, the craziest things have happened. And then you just have to take your chances on getting that rebound. We have the inside (position), the opportunity to put your better rebounders in the game and make that difficult for them.

    Q: What did you think of C.J.’s second quarter?
    DN: Well, I think the coaches came up with a good tactic; we were locking and trailing on him, and then we went over the top, and that’s where he got some of his steals. We thought that Allen would get open in the corner, but because we were playing the passing lane, I don’t believe he ever really did get open for that corner shot.
    And then, they run so many good things, and set such great screens. What a job it is to chase Allen around with the screen-setting that the Celtics do. They’re really a very, very fine team, and we were very fortunate to win tonight.

    Q: What did you notice from Ronny and Andris?
    DN: Well, Ronny has made an impact in two games, and Goose has not yet. I don’t expect he will, much. His timing is not there, game conditioning, a whole bunch of stuff. But Ronny is still able to do what he does, and know that maybe his shot isn’t there right now, but he doesn’t shoot much anyway, so he just moves it for us and gets his dunks and blocked shots and is a factor in there.

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