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    The Warriors Report: Nelson’s explanation doesn’t add up

    By Geoff Lepper

    Your daily guided tour through the national and local media coverage of the always-entertaining Golden State Warriors.

    Contra Costa Times (Marcus Thompson II):
    Everybody wanted to know about Don Nelson’s decision to stay with Stephen Curry on Chris Paul in the final minute — when everyone knew Paul was going to be the guy with the ball in his hands, making the play that would decide the game one way or the other — instead of switching to Monta Ellis.

    Here’s the coach’s response: “The guy played 48 minutes. That’s asking quite a lot.”

    Seriously, Don? That’s the best you could come up with?

    Now, there are plenty of reasons why Nelson might have wanted Curry on Paul instead of Ellis. Maybe he felt Curry couldn’t close out well on gunner Bobby Brown, who did miss a 3-pointer in the final minute under heavy pressure from Ellis. Maybe he felt Curry had earned his chance by playing Paul well up until that point, and didn’t want to put Curry in the middle of a power struggle. Who knows?

    What we do know is that Curry played 47 minutes to Ellis’ 48. And that Curry played 6:45 more than Ellis the previous night in Memphis. So insinuating that Ellis was too tired to handle Paul while Curry was fresh as a daisy . . . well, that just doesn’t add up.

    Also: Anthony Randolph takes advantage of his second start this season.

    San Francisco Chronicle (Rusty Simmons): Gamer, plus a notebook featuring Nelson taking a flamethrower to the work turned in recently by Vladimir Radmanovic and Anthony Morrow.

    Examiner.com (Mike Massa):
    LOL alert: “Does anyone remember when the Warriors were 6-9? Still want to complain about that slow start?

    NBA.com (Larry Holder): Nelson on Ellis’ 26 shots: “It just seemed like it was one of these things that if he didn’t have the ball in his hands, we just couldn’t score. So he had to be an integral part of our offense.”

    Inside The Warriors/Contra Costa Times (Marcus Thompson II):
    You can spin the numbers however you want, but remember this: There is no earthly way that coaches are going to reward someone with an All-Star berth from a team that has a .250 winning percentage.

    Fast Break/San Jose Mercury News (Adam Lauridsen): So, this Anthony Randolph kid can play a little bit of D, no?

    From the mothership.

    CSNBayArea: Don Nelson, postgame.

6 Responses to “The Warriors Report: Nelson’s explanation doesn’t add up”

  1. Happy Holidays, Geoff.
    Thanks for all of your work.

  2. “So, this Anthony Randolph kid can play a little bit of D, no?”

    Except for the times he doesn’t: “I felt like I had done very poorly on defense the last couple of games, so I took it upon myself to come out here and try to control the paint,” said Randolph.

    Read more: http://www.sfgate.com/cgi-bin/article.cgi?f=/c/a/2009/12/23/SPG71B8VPU.DTL#ixzz0ag9oMWN0

  3. Nellie and the monkey coaching staff is ruining this kid.

  4. Randolph has per minute been very effective,rating well compared to a lot of established players in spite of his “rookie mistakes” and the coaching approach that seems more obstructive than constructive. When set free to just play basketball and NOT encouraged to be a perimeter shooter or decoy,the kid plays well,and more important,learns what works in the complex world of the NBA where the “rules” are what the refs imagine they are at the moment and where players and coaches can be hot and cold,smart and stupid and you never know quite which to expect.

    All this season Nelson has avoided the ‘hazards” of doing anything “normal”.
    He’s still floating on the matter of Ellis as a PG. He’s still wondering how to get the ball to Randolph at the rim,or to Morrow at the arc. All the stuff that was …in theory..getting figured out,seems to still be getting figured out.

    Lots of dabbling but where’s the part where Nellie builds on the good parts?
    Aside from,Let Monta do it….what’s the aim? How is “out-rebounded by 30″ NOT a clue? Out boarded by 10 is usually fatal,and that has been all too typical for several years already. Little has been done about it so far.

    Vlad Rad is the only PF actually used much at PF,but he’s always been mainly a jump shooter who’s not a plus rebounding or on D.

  5. and its not gonna change……

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