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  2. Wow, sorry if I struck a nerve Geoff. Forgive me if I mistook you for the guy who has agitated in print and on TV for years against Don Nelson, to the extent of attempting a statistical analysis to “prove” that he’s a bad coach. That wasn’t you? My bad.

    As for me: I’m only “pointedly anonymous” because I started as a poster, and no one posts under their real name. I have nothing to hide, and my real name is easily obtainable. My small financial interest in the Warriors is long-dead, having died the moment Biedrins and Turiaf went out for 30 games, and Azubuike for the year. (Oops,did I make up an excuse?). But even if it weren’t, I can’t understand why that would make me sensitive to criticism of Don Nelson. Most bettors in my position blame the coach for every loss.

    As for criticizing Don Nelson, do it all you like. I do it myself sometimes. It’s fun! But if your criticism is completely irrational, then I’ll have a difference of opinion with you. And placing the blame on the coaching for this season’s misery is completely irrational. No coach could have done anything about these godawful circumstances.

    I’ve pointed out that I think you have an agenda. You say you don’t. But when you write things like:

    “the Chris Hunter road-trip shin splints that the TV Announcer so adroitly brought up in his excuse-making”

    whose case do you think it furthers?

  3. Nellie’s 2006-10 “work” can tie Musselman’s Warriors winning percentage with 3 more losses in a row.

    Anthony Randolph has fouled out of 1 career NBa game.
    So has Chris Hunter, as of last night’s ugly loss.

  4. The penny just dropped. By “pointedly anonymous” you’re insinuating that I’m trying to hide a secret connection to Don Nelson or the Warriors front office, right?


    Geoff, I think you may be reading a little too much of your buddy Chris Cohan. It’s not a good direction for you, mental-health wise.

  5. You can’t hit a nerve when you’re using nothing but factual inaccuracies. Prior to the Washington game, I hadn’t discussed smallball even in passing since Game 12 victory, when I went so far as to posit that Portland was the best matchup in the NBA right now for Golden State because “The Blazers, outside of Greg Oden, don’t seem to know how to take advantage of their size differential.”

    As for the “pointedly anonymous,” it refers merely to the fact that even though you go to the trouble of writing a full bio for your site, you still didn’t put your name on it. I’m of the opinion that it’s pretty classless to call people out by name when you deliberately hide your own.

  6. I’m not trying to hide anything, nor shield anything. I see it more as schtick. I am known in blog circles solely by my handle, and so I stick with it. If more people voice your opinion, or if my profile rises, then I may start using my name.

    But I really don’t see that it makes any difference. If you want to call me out, it should stick to my handle just as well as to my real name.

    And if I made a mistake by conflating your opinion with Adam’s in this instance, I apologize. I saw a reference to your last post criticizing small ball, and am very familiar with your past criticisms of it. I made an assumption that was wrong in the instance. But not very wrong in general. Right?

  7. No, not right. Do I think that smallball is a gimmick that ultimately fails? Sure I do. That’s what the evidence shows. But there is context to all things.

    I stopped banging the smallball drum last year after Brandan Wright’s shoulder was destroyed, Biedrins went down and Turiaf was limping around on one leg, because to play a normal lineup in that instance would have required the use of Rob Kurz, whose game did not exactly impress me.

    In the same way this year with those same three guys absent, I haven’t really ridden that horse because Mikki Moore and Chris Hunter, to me, are replacement-level guys at best.

    Now, if Nelson sits a healthy Biedrins, Turiaf and Randolph in favor of playing Anthony Morrow at the 4 and it fails to win, then I certainly will start hammering away again, just as I did at the start of last season.

  8. Geoff,

    the mistake you made was even mentioning Feltbot in your roundup. its reasonable for established, working journalists to lament the shortcomings of certain amateur bloggers dominating the sports landscape, but to mention them by name gives them more virtual legitimacy than they deserve. the only way to neutralize the mumbling rabbit-petter is not to engage him.

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