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    Game 24, Live: Warriors (7-16) at 76ers (5-18)

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  1. [...] » Blog Archive » Game 24, Live: Warriors (7-16) at 76ers (5-18) 48minutes.net/2009/12/14/game-24-live-warriors-7-16-at-76ers-5-18 – view page – cached (’/outbound/www.coveritlive.com’);”>Game 24, Live: Warriors (7-16) at 76ers (5-18) [...]

  2. how do I comment while I am watching the live blog? can’t figure it out. by the way, we are exceeding our expectations so far as the first half ends.

  3. Kenny Seagle, Emperor of the North

    thank hashem the niners were on MNF so the ilustrious kenny duzzent have 2 watch another train wreck w/ the warriors

    monta: 3/14 from the field
    sixers double down on rebounds

    coulda watch “the posiedon adventure” iffin kenny wanted 2 watch a disaster unfold….

    ANY QUESTIONS.???????

  4. The big plan here,for several years, has been to show you can succeed without getting rebounds. The Warriors have just 2 rebounders and underemploy the one who’s healthy.
    Minus 33 on the boards? that a disgrace. The Sixers had the 4 top rebounders in the game. The Warriors have over the last couple of years focused on playing more perimeter shooters and on keeping the team nearly free of rebounders.
    Don’t be surprised when it gets worse. Randolph is apt to get traded for some perimeter shooting soft veteran who,soon becomes anothe GSW mistake that’s untradeable.

    This team has needed a rugged rebounder and Nellie keeps vetoing that…so until Nellie’s gone (and Nellie-Lite) we’ll waste talent and get outboarded by 10+ all the time. When we’re out boarded 10+,we lose 80%…at least.

    Someone has to be the patsy.

  5. Step up to the plate Cohan. Couldn’t get a date in high school? You are a punk.

  6. A note on our rebounding: after last night’s game, our rebounding differential is -9.4. As best I can tell, that would be the second-worst mark in league history over the course of a full season.

    The worst differential in league history? Don Nelson’s 1989-90 Golden State Warriors.

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