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    Game 23, Live: Warriors (7-15) at Pistons (10-12)

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    ** @JoeSez: They drink it up.

    ** Pistons can’t miss, have hit 4 of their last 5 (plus 4-4 line) to blow things open. So much for the improved Warriors D.

    ** Rip Hamilton knocks down two jumpers to put Detroit up 7, and Maggette responds with a bricked 3 with 16 left on the shot clock. Awful.

    ** The Warriors are hanging around long enough to make you think they might pull this out. Of course, it could all be prelude for a Lucy-pulls-away-the-football moment.

    ** Oh, Anthony Randolph, you’re not helping yourself here (offensive foul drawn by Charlie Villanueva). I wonder if ever team’s scouting report says, “Just get in front of this guy and let him self-destruct.”

    ** Maggette misses twice from point-blank range, Stuckey scores fast-break layup at the other end for a 6-point lead wtih 7:59 to go. Ouch.

    ** Ellis is trying to will this team to win single-handedly.


    ** The Warriors can’t find anybody to play with Ellis and Watson tonight, offensively. Anthony Morrow has been especially terrible.

    ** Ellis, meanwhile, has no TOs through 33:40 of play, although he’s doing far less ballhandling tonight (C.J. Watson picking up the slack there.)

    ** Rodney Stuckey is out-Monta-ing Monta: 18 points, 7-14 FG, 4 assists, 7 turnovers.

    ** Pistons go twice to Hamilton off screens that lose Curry, who gets pulled immediately.

    ** And with the next possession, Ellis blows by Jerebko — which still sounds like a type of coffee table at IKEA — and gets to the line.

    ** It never fails to boggle the mind when smaller players get bigger ones yet still pull up for contested Js. Yes, Monta, I’m talking to you.


    ** I’m liking the Corey Maggette post-ups. Anything that gets him to the line and doesn’t give him the option of bailing out with a contested 20-footer is a good thing, IMHO.

    ** Rusty Simmons and Marcus Thompson II getting screen time on CSN Bay Area…

    ** When Anthony Randolph misses, he sure gets his money’s worth, don’t he?

    ** @michaeld: Not sure where you get “hate.” I gave Curry credit for his 3-point shooting tonight and include him in the “most effective players” comment. I do think he’s too casual with some of his passes, including the one he lost in this quarter, and I do think he’s prone to get picked off by screens, but those are valid criticisms, IMHO.

    ** Monta zooms in on Rodney Stuckey, who is left helpless. A one-on-one battle to 11 between those two guys might be more entertaining than this game.

    ** Right now, the difference in this game is the Warriors’ 3-point shooting (four makes to Detroit’s zero), so you have to give credit to Curry there (2-3 3FGs).

    ** There’s a fine line between having flair and hotdogging it, and Stephen Curry is getting very close to crossing it.

    ** If the Warriors ever do make a Corey Maggette bobblehead, I think it should feature him with his arms out, palms up, in supplication to the refs.


    ** Is it bad that the Warriors’ most effective players at the moment are all small point guards?

    ** Monta walks down, clears out the right side, posts up Hamilton and fires a 10-foot fadeaway over the taller player. Ellis looked supremely confident, but it sure didn’t seem like a high-percentage play.

    ** Hamilton finally comes from the right corner and goes baseline off a screen; Curry switches immediately onto Stuckey, who misses a pullup in the lane.

    ** Hamilton tries to post up Curry, but gets stripped. If he’s not healthy enough to run Curry off screens, then why is he out there?

    ** So many jump shots, so little time.

    ** So it’s Curry on Hamilton, but not much so far in the way of screening.

    ** Mikki Moore looks like he’s bleeding from a cut near his right eye after getting hit on the drive — with no foul called.


    ** Reports say Detroit will be missing Ben Gordon, Tayshaun Prince and, sadly, Will Bynum, the former Warrior who was apparently stifled by Mike Montgomery in his 15-game stint at the end of the 2005-06 season, if his numbers with the Pistons are any indication.

    Detroit does get Rip Hamilton back from a sprained ankle originally suffered on Opening Night, so it’ll be fascinating to see how the Warriors defend him. I assume they’ll use Anthony Morrow rather than Stephen Curry, who is susceptible to the screens the Pistons love to set for Hamilton.

8 Responses to “Game 23, Live: Warriors (7-15) at Pistons (10-12)”

  1. What’s with all the Curry hate?

  2. Curry for 3 and Maggette dunks. W’s down by 3.

  3. Maggatte misses point blank layup, trouts back on D, lets Stucky dribble by to score. Time out.

  4. “Pistons drink our milkshake”

  5. Feh… brutally coached game. Your observations of player mistakes are always spot-on, but you really give Smart (and Nellie) too much of a free pass on the indiscriminate use of smallball. You can’t blame the team for not defending credibly when friggin’ Vlad is their center down the stretch. And while I’m as sick as the next guy of watching Maggette shoot jumpers, it’s worth noting: that is the exact shot that smallball makes available. The strategy’s only worthwhile if your power forward — Rashard Lewis, LeBron, Shawn Marion, even Al — is a reasonable threat from the outside. Maggette isn’t, *which is why we shouldn’t make him a smallball power forward*.

    The players screw up a lot, on both sides of the ball, and playing small regardless of context is certainly not our only strategic mistake. But it is probably our biggest one… it is probably the biggest reason we’ve been so bad since Baron left. It’s fairer to crap on that stupidity than to crap on good-faith efforts made by young players.

  6. They don’t know anything else. We are hopeless stuck with all these bozos till Nelson leaves, most likely on his own terms knowing the penny pinching and uncaring Cohan. Only question is why do we expect anything different; or a better question, why do we continue to care? I feel like Charlie brown holding the football for Lucy game after game after game.

  7. Curry on Rip? Just laughable. What is Smart thinking?

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