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    Game 20, Live: Warriors (6-13) at Thunder (10-9)

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    ** Final score: Thunder 104, Warriors 88. INSTA-STAT OF THE NIGHT: For the first time in pretty much forever, Golden State actually used more players (nine) than its opponent (eight for Oklahoma City). Too bad the added “depth” didn’t do anything in terms of solving the Warriors’ abject failures on the defensive glass or in terms of taking care of the ball.


    ** It’s official: Devean George in the game.

    ** Curry blows a fast-break opportunity iwth a forced pass, which Durant snatches before driving coast-to-coast for his second felt-it-out-in-Arkansas style dunk. There may still be time left on the clock, but that’s the ballgame, folks.

    ** As I said earlier, Westbrook has been just meh tonight, IMHO. James Harden, OTOH, looks very, very solid.


    ** It’s truly stunning that, given the fact that almost nobody else on the Warriors is giving them anything on offense (Stephen Curry is 5-7 FG, but on the bench due to foul trouble; Mikki Moore is 3-3 but shouldn’t be counted on for more), Monta Ellis has been able to do as much as he can.

    ** It appears Anthony Morrow won’t make it to the arena in time. Strange to think that, for want of an individual charter flight, the Warriors could lose a very winnable game. Would a team such as the Mavericks let that happen? Doubtful; Mark Cuban probably would have contracted a Gulfstream to ensure Morrow’s presence.


    ** Jeff Green is just getting free runs from 15 feet on every Thunder miss. It feels like he’s tapped in all seven of his buckets tonight.

    ** The Warriors are once again using their energy to jump the passing lanes, which is really bollixing up the Thunder’s half-court offense. Amazingly, the Warriors are doing well enough in that area to win, for once. (Of course, the second-chance points and fast-break opportunities are keeping Oklahoma City in front, but who’s counting?)

    ** After seeing Curry’s pass lead Maggette by too much, you have to wonder: It’s great that Curry’s mind is working overtime to find all these angles and open passes, but if the majority of your teammates can’t keep up, isn’t it incumbent on you to adjust?

    ** Jim Barnett on Corey Maggette’s unsuccessful spin-and-shot double-clutch floater in the lane: “Just drop it off to Randolph for a dunk.” You could practically hear the contempt oozing in his voice.

    ** The Warriors have been waiting to see Anthony Randolph blocking shots like that again. According to Larry Riley, the back injury from the start of the year really impacted Randolph in that area. If he can get back to last year’s form on the defensive end, that would be huge.

    ** Russell Westbrook has been significantly underwhelming tonight.


    ** I know the Warriors don’t conisder turnovers on offense to be that big a deal, but somebody should let Monta Ellis know that he doesn’t have to hit double-digits in that category.

    ** I thought Scott Brooks coached defense, no? Warriors are shooting 56.2 percent so far.

    ** Giving credit where it’s due: I’m surprised that Ellis is able to bother Durant so much, but he’s getting it done so far.

    ** Then again, maybe it will work, so long as the Thunder are throw lazy, passes from 25 feet. :)

    ** I know they’re shorthanded and all that, but Monta Ellis on Kevin Durant is a losing equation if ever there was one.


    ** Sorry for the recent silence. Had a couple of big deadlines looming over the weekend that required full attention.

    ** Before the season began, I made fun of Charles Barkley for saying that both the Clippers and Thunder were going to pass the Warriors in the standings. I mocked him mercilessly, because I just couldn’t see that happening. Now that we’re a quarter of the way through the season … well, let’s just say I’m glad I didn’t put a bet down with the Chuckster.

    ** Hard to believe that OKC is 5-4 on the road and only 5-5 at home.

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  1. Good to have you back, Geoff. I couldn’t catch the game but it looks like Ellis played 48 again. How much of them losing it down the stretch was due to fatigue? In the Houston game, I checked and it looks like in Q4, Ellis was 0 for 7 with 2 turnovers and no assists. He was obviously tired and killing the team in the 4th, but Nellie just wouldn’t take him out. Ran him into the ground just like he would Jackson last year. Seems to me that’s the Ws biggest Q4 problem this year - their best player is dead tired and terrible.

  2. Seems to me like a confluence of factors.

    1. Refs and the league don’t give a flying &*#@ about the Warriors.

    2. The roster/injury manipulation for insurance money borders on fraud.

    3. Monta needs help.

  3. Good to see that you’re alive and well, Geoff. We (the Warriors of course) could not afford another injury on our already depleted roster :-)

  4. Welcome back! you haven’t missed much.

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