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    Captain Jack is finally jettisoned: Warriors deal Stephen Jackson to Charlotte, save $19.5 million

    By Geoff Lepper

    After a wait of 2½ months, the Warriors have finally acceded to Stephen Jackson’s trade demand, dealing the unhappy swingman to Charlotte along with guard Acie Law in exchange for guard Raja Bell and forward Vladimir Radmanovic and saving nearly $20 million in the process.

    The deal brings an end to the stalemate between Jackson and the team, which went public in late August when the then-captain told a New York crowd that “I don’t think I’ll be a Warrior next year. I’m looking to leave.”

    The deal gives the Warriors long-term financial freedom, although they will owe roughly $1.5 million in extra salary for the remainder of the season, the increase from the salaries of Jackson ($7.65M) and Law ($2.22M) to Radmanovic ($6.47M) and Bell ($5.25M).

    However, Golden State is no longer on the hook for Jackson’s three-year, $27.8M contract extension. Bell’s deal expires at the end of this season, and Radmanovic has only one more year — a player option worth $6.88M.

    The total savings will be worth roughly $19.5M over the life of the deals.

    Bell becomes by default the Warriors’ most accomplished perimeter defender, although his trade from Phoenix to Charlotte last season seems to have sapped some of his defensive intensity. The Warriors could sorely use the guy who so thoroughly pestered Kobe Bryant during back-to-back playoff series in 2006 and 2007.

    (Thinking back on Bell clotheslining of Bryant during that ‘06 series . . . I don’t think Bell would have let Brandon Jennings score 55 without looking up from flat on his back at least a couple of times.)

    Radmanovic gives the Warriors a 3-point option at power forward, something they would otherwise be lacking with Jackson leaving and Kelenna Azubuike looking at a presumably long absence due to his left knee injury.

    Amusingly, the trade teams Radmanovic, who was fined $500,000 in 2007 by the Lakers for injuring his shoulder in a snowboarding accident and lying about the injury (he claimed to have slipped on a patch of ice) and Ellis, who was fined nearly $3M in 2008 by the Warriors for injuring his ankle in a moped accident and lying about the injury (he claimed to have suffered the injury while training).

4 Responses to “Captain Jack is finally jettisoned: Warriors deal Stephen Jackson to Charlotte, save $19.5 million”

  1. Awesome trade solely because Jack is gone, and to another garbage team at that.

    Bell isn’t as good because he’s older than he was before. His toughness is still welcome, because he’s *actually* tough and doesn’t have any of Jack’s bullshit.

    Vlad man will be welcome because he’s a healthy big - even if he doesn’t defend the post or rebound . . . at least he’s tall and he can shoot it.

    If only Azubuike could come back healthy, we’d be able to put two quality, high-effort wing defenders on the floor at the same time the rest of the season.

  2. Pure salary dump. Bell has an injured wrist and may elect to have surgery. Nellie (if he’s around this season) will surely give Radman the Crawford-you-better-opt-out-or-else treatment. Talent-wise the trade stinks. Yes ship out the malcontent (Jackson) and all the Warrior fans rejoice. Meanwhile, the bottom line is Cohan makes more money. Gotta give him and Bobby Rowell credit, they know what they’re doing. Wake me up when the Warriors make their pick in next year’s lottery.

  3. I’m so grateful Larry Brown is such a quirky coach and always wants someone new. I doubt if Jax will stay there long knowing Brown’s history unless he and Jax get along well like Nelson did with Baron and Jax two years ago. Either way, as I’ve read from the news outlets and blogs, everyone got what they wanted except most likely the players who have to play for the Bobcats or Warriors, two hopeless franchises.

    But as a Warrior fan, I can only rejoice that Jax is gone and wish Nellie the same good fortune in the near future.

  4. Nelson used Acie Law and he produced. Much more useful for GSW than he was on the Hawks.
    I think Brown wanted Law’s size at PG to backup DJ Augustine.

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