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    Game 3, In Their Own Words

    DN: Well, it feels good to get our first win. Nothing’s very easy. Down the stretch, when we had a lead, I thought the turnovers gave them a chance to get back in it. But we survived it, and I guess young teams are going to do that, so so be it. We lost the rebound game, the free throw game, but we won a few games. If you’re going to be small, you’re going to have to shoot a good percentage. Morrow helped that, that’s for sure. 10-for-12 will help your shooting percentage. And I thought both our point guards passed the ball, moved the ball well. Monta was sensational tonight. I think that’s a career-high 12 assists [one shy -- 13]. His shot wasn’t even falling, and he still had a monster game, I thought. So that was good. They certainly had enough mismatches out there, they didn’t know which one to go to, they had so many mismatches. But we prevailed and so know we’ve got our first win. That’s good.

    Q: Monta gave you a little bit of everything tonight?
    DN: He did. I thought he played well with Steph (Curry) and then when I wanted to get Morrow in the game, so we made that change, and he picked right up at the point guard. I thought he called a good game and pushed the ball up and played — of course, there was a lot more room for him to maneuver tonight, because of the threats of the outside shots. That really helps both the roller and the ball-handler. So he took full advantage of that. Still hasn’t made a jump shot. I can’t remember a jump shot that he made but I’m sure he did. Going to the basket, some beautiful spin moves. Pretty well isolated (Ellis), the center had to help and then he was able to outmaneuver him. It really took a lot of their weak-side help away. It’s been really crowded in there. I thought that helped open that game up.

    Q: Is that closer to what you expected from Morrow?
    DN: I placed him in a very tough situation. He had a mismatch as well as a couple other guys on the floor, and they took advantage of his more than the other guys’, so we gave up some points there. Still, he was able to counter with that great shooting.

    Q: What adjustments did you make at halftime to improve the shooting?
    DN: A coach can’t do anything. You just give your team confidence. We liked the shots that we were getting. I just said, “Keep your head up. Keep shooting good shots, as long as they’re good shots.” And they were. Morrow was really the only guy I thought was hot. Everybody else was just OK. But we made enough shots.

    Q: Were you concerned about being outrebounded?
    DN: We get outrebounded anyway most of the time. We can still win if we get outrebounded, but we’ve got to be good in the other areas.

    Q: Do you anticipate sticking with this starting lineup?
    DN: Yeah, I’d like to stay with this lineup for a while and kind of let it play out and see how it goes.

    Q: Can Morrow come in off the bench and take over like this offensively on a consistent basis?
    DN: Well, when you get him the ball, he can. You’ve got to give it to him when he’s open, and I thought the guys did a good job. First time this year, regular season, that we were really looking for him, and he did the rest. And the fast pace helps him get open. You can’t find him in transition, especially when the other players are running.

    Q: What’d you think of Mikki Moore?
    DN: Very good. More than I expected. I put him in, again, in a mismatch situation. I thought he did very well. We really needed him. And we may need him even more; Goose (Andris Biedrins) wrenched his back out there, going for a rebound. But the freshness of Biedrins really I think showed up in his rebounding down the stretch. He got a big putback for us and then he got some defensive boards that were tough boards to get.

    Q: Did Randolph just have an off night?
    DN: Randolph did fine. (Marc) Gasol was a tough matchup, for anybody.

    Q: 29 assists tonight as a team. Is that the kind of basketball you want to play?
    SJ: We have to. We have to play fast in order to get some easy baskets and get some open shots. We’ve got a lot of shooters on this team, so we know they’re going to get open shots and good looks if we play fast. Assists are definitely important, and guys making the extra passes is definitely how we have to play in order to have to win.

    Q: What sort of adjustments did you make after the first quarter?
    SJ: Little bit scrappy on defense. Rudy Gay got going for a long time. I think we just played better defense. We got out, we played fast, and we shared the ball. And our shots started falling in the second half. I think first half, we had a lot of good looks but we weren’t making them.

    Q: Can you talk about the game Monta had?
    SJ: Monta had a great game. He’s hard to guard off that pick-and-roll, especially, off cuts and all that. He’s one of the fastest (guys) in the league, and when he gets to that basket, he’s one of the best finishers in the game. I think once he missed those first couple of layups, he started concentrating a little more and took off from there.

    Q: What kind of spark did Morrow and Maggette provide off the bench?
    SJ: We need that every night. Morrow’s a crazy scorer and so is Corey, and we need their energy, especially shooting on the offensive end, to come in when guys like myself or other guys are having an off night. Corey averaged 20 off the bench last year and we expect him to do the same this year. And we expect that same type of effort from Morrow.

    Q: What can a win do for you guys?
    SJ: Confidence. That’s all we need. We’re a young team. We need confidence right now. We’ve got another team that we feel like we can beat coming in — the Clippers. It’s all about confidence and bringing all the positives from this game — as far as sharing the ball, playing fast, playing together, being a scrappy team — to the next game, and try to build on that. That’s what’s important right now.

    (On his performance)
    Well, I played decent, started the game off a little slow, but stuck with it. I came back out in the second half, had a decent half, closed the game and we won the ball game.

    (On needing a win)
    That’s exactly what we needed to have. We had a lot of fun out there tonight and got back to playing Warriors basketball. We started running, getting everybody open shots, making shots, making plays, playing defense, getting rebounds…and that’s what we needed to get back to doing.

    (On tonight’s game)
    It was a good win, my teammates really found me — Monta, Jackson, Stephen, even the big men set some good screens — so we wanted to come out and give it a team effort and get the tempo up.

    (On his performance)
    It’s really just all about doing what I have to do to stay on the court. Defensively Rudy (Gay) and me were kind of going at it. He is a tough player and he scored some buckets, so I wanted to make sure I did the best job I could and went back at him offensively. I was just trying to do whatever I could to get some steals, some deflections and just talk defensively.

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  1. I have to agree on Mikki Moore, he put in the effort in and did alot of the dirty work no one else wants to do, boxing out, banging Gasol, setting picks. He’s limited physically and he won’t be an imposing weakside defender or anything, but for what we paid, I’m pleasantly surprised.


    Did you catch a stretch around 4 minutes of the 3Q where the Warriors had tot ake the ball out under their own bucket. Jack was about to in bound it, changed his mind, then told Morrow (who had been lighting it up from everywhere) to inbound the ball.

    Morrow passed to Jack, who promptly bricked a jumper.

    A few moments later Jack flew down the lane on a fast break, tried to cross the ball over between his legs to beat Mayo, totally screwed up, then got bailed out by a foul call.


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