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    By Geoff Lepper

    I thought I would link to my own column over at Comcast Bay Area’s site — CSNBayArea.com — discussing the fine line Stephen Curry has to walk as a rookie PG on an NBA team with some established veterans.

    [Brief CSNBayArea.com tangent: You can find fresh columns there all week, from folks such as myself, Ann Killion (late of the San Jose Mercury News), Michelle Smith (late of the San Francisco Chronicle) and Dave Albee (late of the Marin Independent Journal). End of pimpage.]

    There were a few observations that didn’t fit into the flow of the column which I thought I’d note here.

    First things first: Curry gets it. He knows exactly what’s going on, sees the “I’m getting mine” attitude that pervaded the first couple of games — exacerbated by the Warriors’ over-reliance on one-on-one play — and how it’s totally anathematic to any consistent ball movement.

    This is not a new problem, obviously. Golden State was 29th last season in AST/FG ratio. Only the Grizzlies were more parsimonious in helping one another — which makes Memphis’ signing of Allen Iverson even more hilarious.

    It’s also interesting to note the one play that, for me, stood out the most from Monday’s practice. Curry was holding the ball at the right elbow extended. Monta Ellis peeled around Curry from the right wing, got a step on the man guarding him (Acie Law), received the pass from Curry, took one dribble and then went up for left-elbow jumper.

    At the last possible second, just as he was at the apex of the leap, the moment when he ordinarily would pull the trigger on his own 18-foot jumper, Ellis twisted violently to his right and fired a pass to Curry, who knocked down the open 3.

    “I thought everybody at practice today tried to make the extra pass, do the right thing,” Don Nelson said. “They didn’t always get through, but the attempt was there, and I liked that.”

    Nelson also said that the extra passing was because he raised the issue with his players. It’ll be very interesting to see what transpires Wednesday against the Grizzlies.

    Onto the links without further delay, since we skipped Monday . . .

    Fast Break/San Jose Mercury News (Adam Lauridsen):
    Adam is taking suggestions for how to hold the powers that be for the Warriors accountable for the mess Golden State has become. Frankly, I’m now of a mind that there’s no way the fans can do that; it appears that the Warriors will get somewhere in the neighborhood of $5 million for staying under the luxury-tax line this season (up almost $2 million from last year), and that’s an awful lot of tickets that fans would have to boycott in order to have an effect on Golden State’s bottom line.

    Talking Points/San Jose Mercury News (Tim Kawakami): Tim looks big picture at the demotion of Anthony Randolph. His take: “I do not see Nelson playing Biedrins with Randolph for even cameo stretches any longer.” I get what he’s saying, and I think there’s certainly validity to the notion that Nelson wants more 3-point shooters out there (and isn’t it strange to say that when you consider the over-saturation of 3-point gunners this team featured just a couple years ago?). But I also think if Randolph develops his mid-range jumper, then you could see him playing with Biedrins.
    I hope so, at least, because otherwise we’re doomed to another season of 1,000+ minutes of Corey Maggette at the 4. And that might make me claw my own eyes out, Oedipus-style.

    Warriors Wire/Santa Rosa Press Democrat (Jared Cowley): No, I’m not simply adding Jared to our rotation because he links back to this site. Well, not entirely, anyway.

    I just don’t know quite what to say in response to these:

    alana_g: @jeskeets Slutty Ronny Turiaf http://twitpic.com/nyah8

    alana_g: http://twitpic.com/nybzk - Here’s another pic of slutty Ronny Turiaf. I think I look more like Tyronn Lue though.

    Contra Costa Times (Marcus Thompson II):
    Ronny Turiaf likens his current knee injury to the same one he had at the end of last season. Given that I still remember how much he struggled with his knee in April, if that’s true, the Warriors are going to be in need of an additional big man, post-haste. Also, one of my favorite Don Nelson quotes of the season, so far: “Most backup fives aren’t going to really horse (Randolph) around.” With William Safire gone, Nellie is my new go-to guy when it comes to continuing my language education.

    San Francisco Chronicle (Rusty Simmons): From the mouth of Stephen Jackson: “Through two games, we look like a bunch of guys playing for contracts instead of a bunch of guys playing as a team.” Does this mean Jackson has spotted some teammates who are due for free agency in two years sucking up to Bobby Rowell off the court?

    SI.com (Ian Thomsen, Jack McCallum, Chris Mannix, Arash Markazi):
    The Roundtable gets asked, “If you were a GM, would you take on Stephen Jackson?” Surprisingly, nobody asks, “Can we get Monta Ellis instead?”

    NBA.com (David Aldridge): There goes David, raining on Jackson’s farewell parade: “No truth — none — to a report linking the Spurs and Warriors in a Manu Ginobili-Stephen Jackson deal, a non-story flatly shot down by both sides, and with some heat which I am not at liberty to reproduce here. Ditto to the supposed connections of the Warriors and Clippers and Warriors and Hornets for Jackson.“

8 Responses to “The Morning Report: The Self-Pimpage Edition”

  1. I am sorry to hear you don’t think Adam’s idea of an organized, sustained “symbolic” jesture wouldn’t work. I think it would have value, not to hurt the bottom line of Cohen and Co, but to embarass their sorry asses in front of a national audience. A pretty simple jesture of putting bags over our heads (without eye slots) with the slogan “Unwatchable Baby” or something else to draw attention to just how horrible this team is coached and playing. Or simply to walk out for a short time during the nationally televised games. Of course we would need to have a leader who would interact with the media to make the few points we want heard by a national audience: just how tired we are of an uninvolved owner, a really stupid, egotistical President who is in way over his head, a old, tired coach who no longer has a clue how to coach, and a cadre of me first, no defence volume shooters. I hope Adam can organize something to make these points over and over again until it does have the effect of getting rid of Nelson and eventually Cohan.

  2. @commish: You can try to drive Cohan out in a couple different ways. One is by hurting the bottom line, and given how high the luxtax payment will be, I don’t see that happening. The way Adam is talking about is meant to embarrass Cohan into selling, but let’s be honest — how can you possibly embarrass a guy who has already been booed by his own fan base at the ALL-STAR GAME. Will paper bags really stand up to that?

  3. You drive out Cohan by adding an NBA franchise to the Bay Area. You add a franchise by forcing Stern to manage the NBA product.

    The GSW boycott might not offset the 5M cap sharing Cohan will receive BUT Stern knows long term disenchantment in this market is very bad for the NBA.

    Cohan wants to put out a crappy product at a profit and subsequently turnoff a generation of NBA fans.

    Bay Ares has 2 NFL, 2 MBL franchises but only one NBA franchise. We can support a 2nd team and that would let the NBA offer a competitor to Cohan’s crap and keep fans interested in the NBA.

    Coahn isn;t the audience, Stern is man who we want to get attention. The We Believe grass roots can force Stern and other owners to put Cohan on notice.

    The pitch to Cohan; Sell or we’ll open the Bay Area to a new franchise and that action would tank the value of the GSW.

  4. The thing I know for sure is we have no idea what might happen if we got some degree of participation from fans. I don’t know how many people might participate but if we only targeted the nationally televised games it would be a minimum amount of effort relatively speaking. And I agree 100% with josez that the audience is Stern and the local and national media. I mean where else would this be happening?

    Well, I’m a willing participant when and if we develop a strategy. Will it work? Who know; only one way to find out.

  5. Beyond the economics of alienating a generation of NBA fans in the bay area, the NBA has to maintain the credibility and Integrity of the game.

    Stern is letting the GSW be the Washington Generals of the NBA Pacific Division.

    Is the NBA allowing some owners make a profit while consistently putting our inferior teams that marque teams beat? Maybe we have the basis for pushing Stern to fixing the league’s imbalance. It looks like the league is rigged.

    Clippers and Warriors help pad the record of the Lakers.

    Wikipedia ratings of NBA finals games show the Lakers are a huge draw for national audience. How do you get them into the playoffs? Put out cream puff teams that make a profit but lose to the marque teams.

    LA is to basketball as the Thunderbirds were to roller derby.


    It’s one way to see why the NBA, or any league, would allow lower tier teams to function but the long term result diminishes the product.

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  7. Tim’s crazy. If anything, it sounds like the old crackpot wanted Big Ant to play like Goose and not take any jumpers or force things offensively. He alluded to the coaching staff not wanting Ant to take that jump shot & doing what he does well, rebound, block shots, hustle; but b/c he has been doing the opposite - his PT has been cut. which i think is the way to go….. too bad he won’t do the same to his vets.

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