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    By Geoff Lepper

    If you’ve already signed up with Twitter, you probably already know that it is fast becoming the NBA’s social network of choice. There are more than 100 active players on board (although some have not posted any information there in months) from a pool of roughly 425.

    Some of the NBA Tweets are amusing, such as the back-and-forth bickering between former Warrior teammates C.J. Watson and Marcus Williams. Some cause concern, such as Michael Beasley’s famous “baggie” photo and ensuing messages (“Feelin like it’s not worth livin!!!!!!! I’m done”).

    But none of them carry the heat of Nets swingman Chris Douglas-Roberts.

    Douglas-Roberts was a second round pick in the 2008 draft who didn’t quite fall far enough for the Warriors to snatch him up (he went No. 40; Golden State got Richard Hendrix at No. 49, and we saw how that worked out). With Vince Carter offloaded to Orlando during the summer, Douglas-Roberts has become a starter in essentially a three-guard set with Courtney Lee and Devin Harris.

    And when the Nets dropped games to Orlando and Washington on Friday and Saturday, respectively, falling to 0-3 to begin the season, Douglas-Roberts let loose on his Twitter account (@cdouglasroberts). None of this “Oh, we’ll get ‘em next time” stuff.

    After the Magic loss:

    Y’all say I don’t look as aggressive, not true. That’s all I can say.

    I’m not going to force bad shots. There’s a lot of things that go on in a game that only players can see. @ the end of the day, we lost.

    Please, nobody talk to me about ball.I’m already frustrated as it is.I’m a team player, that’s why I shot 7x.I’m not going to force shots.

    The game will come to me…I guess. Until then, I’ll be playing my part. I’m efficient….that’s for sure.

    I hate coming back to my phone to read text,bbms and tweets talking about ball. Might delete this shii until the season is over.

    People telling me what I should’ve done or how we lost like I wasn’t in the damn game.

    And then, post-Wizards defeat:

    Tonight,Javale McGee (my homie) gave me a hard foul & Brenden Haywood (my dog) told me,”that’s what’s suppose to happen.We don’t give up…

    Dunks,you should’ve shot a pull up.” I couldn’t do anything but RESPECT that mentality.That’s how WE NEED TO PLAY.We have ZERO hard fouls.

    We have to develop a toughness to be a good team. We have to protect each other.If they hard foul me,somebody MUST hard foul them!

    Not a hard foul that will injure a player (even though I could’ve been injured tonight), just a hard NBA foul. (sigh).

    I hate that Twitter is helping destroying my old industry (and trust me, before you comment, I know damn well that the collective stubbornness of newspaper executives is a large part of why they are where they are right now), but fans have to love the immediacy and the accuracy — the naked fire — of stuff like this.

    For those interested, Warriors on Twitter include Watson (@quietstorm_32), Speedy Claxton (@speeddeamon), Stephen Curry (@StephenCurry30), Acie Law (@Acie_Law4) and Anthony Morrow (@BlackBoiPachino). Oh, and your trusty 48minutes.net scribe is also there (@geofflepper), along with Marcus Thompson of the Contra Costa Times (@gswscribe) and Tim Kawakami (@timkawakami), among others on the beat.

6 Responses to “#FF @cdouglasroberts”

  1. Very interesting, could be fun. I’ve added you and the others. But does this make the NBA easier or harder to follow?

    I’ve written up my prescription for the Warriors’ early woes on my blog, if you care to comment.

  2. Twitter is f-ing lame. You’re grown men. Don’t do it.

  3. Twitter is very lame!

    I have an account on Twitter. I do not “tweet”, I use twitter because I want to follow my favorite sports writers because they choose to use the service professionally. The links to the writers blogs and columns are excellent when they include it in their tweets.

    In an age where “LOL”, “OMG” dominate the social networking sites. I am only glad to see professional writers progressing the english language through these mediums.

    I believe social networking sites set the english language back and promote illiteracy!

  4. My field is full of jargon. Engineers and scientists use jargon to be concise.

    Then there’s the unix programming legacy with LS AWK SED GREP LEX YACC.

    Social networking sites connect people. LOL, OMG, FWIW and etc are just short hand.

  5. Can anyone link to the CJ Watson/ Marcus Williams beef? That sounds hilarious

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