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    ** FINAL: Warriors 126, Pacers 107. INSTA-STAT OF THE NIGHT: Golden State notches 25 assists on 45 buckets — team-high six each for Corey Maggette and C.J. Watson. That’s the sixth time in seven non-Stephen Jackson games that the Warriors have reached 20 assists.

    ** Free advice for Jim O’Brien: If you’re going to take 19 3-pointers in a game, you should probably make more than 3. Jus’ sayin’.

    ** Chris Hunter with the standing O on his departure.

    ** MDJ is just having a wretched second half. Even when he poke-checks the ball away from Anthony Morrow, it bounces directly to Hunter for the gimmie.

    ** In the (sort of) words of Dennis Green: Chris Hunter is who we thought Richard Hendrix was.

    ** And then Ellis gets hit with the charging call, fouling out with 6:02 to go. Can Stephen Curry, who hasn’t played since Wednesday (or so it seems, he’s been glued to the bench so long) close it out?

    ** Looks like Ellis stays on Granger, but with a quick double from Hunter. Dahntay Jones forces up an ugly miss from 17 feet on the pass around.

    ** Fifth foul on Monta, with 6:57 remaining. Will Smart keep him on Granger, or switch him off?

    ** Hard to imagine the Pacers were once up 83-78 in this game. That’s a 25-6 run — nine of the points from Ellis — for the Warriors.

    ** Chris Hunter blocks Earl Watson at one end, then dunks (and hits the ensuing FT) off C.J. Watson’s hustle offensive rebound at the other end. I have to admit, I didn’t think the Warriors could win this once Anthony Randolph went out with the sprained ankle, but I was wrong.

    ** And just like that, with seven points in the first 63 seconds of the quarter, Ellis sets a new career high with 43. Brandon who?

    ** C.J. Watson is flat-out outplaying Stephen Curry right now. That doesn’t bode well for the rookie.


    ** The Pacers’ tendency to let down in the third quarter outweighed the Warriors’ typical lack of post-halftime success. Warriors put up 34 points and hold Indiana to 8-for-25 shooting (32.0 percent) in the period.

    ** Randolph suffers what looks like a sprained left ankle, limps off the floor with a hand on the shoulder of Ronny Turiaf.

    ** Stephen Curry gets pulled at the 3-minute mark of the quarter (as does Mikki Moore, in favor of Randolph). Other than the…

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    ** Given the quality of this game, I almost wish the power had gone out.

    ** You can force teams into missing tough shots, or you can force teams into making turnovers. When you do neither (59.1 eFG%, 8 TOs), you get blown out.

    ** Outside of injuries, it’s tough to see what could derail the Lakers from a second straight title.

    ** Bad Vlad tried a tap-out on the rebound, instead of grabbing it, and that allowed Kobe to snatch it right up. Just lazy.


    ** Raiders lineback Kirk Morrison had this to say on Twitter: “The Lakers are clowning right now. They look unstoppable up close and personal. Warriors are just out-sized and over matched.”

    Seriously, when the Raiders can dog you out . . . that’s pretty much rock bottom.

    ** That’s the second time this week we’ve seen Anthony Morrow use that 360 spin from the left side on a fast break to open up that little 4-foot flip shot.

    ** Ron Artest just went 70 feet through three Warriors defenders in the lane, and not one of them stepped up to stop the ball. It’s not bad enough that it gives the Lakers their biggest lead of the game at 89-68, but it’s just a horrible no-effort look. That shouldn’t be acceptable.

    ** I’m not sure if that was a broken call, defensively, for the Lakers there, but overplaying Kobe on the high side, then having Gasol fail to move his feet in response to Ellis’ S/R drive seemed to be a bad decision. Ellis never had to break stride on his way to the hoop.

    ** So does 1-for-7 FG constitute Bad Vlad?

    ** Ellis’ nifty behind-the-back dribble gets them to within nine points . . . but Artest answers immediately with a 3-point play. That’s what makes a championship team — you can get that kind of run-stopping bucket from almost anywhere on the floor, not just one guy.

    ** A quick perusal of the Warriors’ first-half shot chart reveals Golden State went 8-for-28 (28.6 percent) on everything outside of the paint.

    ** Derek Fisher open 3-ball created by the need to double Kobe in the post.

    ** Can Monta come back strong in the second half, or will the Warriors have to try to win without a big game from him (something they haven’t done yet in the post-Jackson era)?


    ** Maggette’s mad charge allows the Warriors to cut the lead to 10 points…

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    ** FINAL: Spurs 118, Warriors 104. INSTA-STAT OF THE NIGHT: Monta Ellis comes back off the bench to tie his career-high with 42 points, but the Spurs win going away by shooting 51.8 percent, a familiar Warriors refrain.


    ** Watching Tony Parker and Tim Duncan run the S/R to perfection against Curry and Randolph, it’s easy to realize why the Warriors are back to giving up 51.8% after two high-quality defensive performances.

    ** Get it down to 10, and then allow Tim Duncan to grab an offensive rebound and turn it into two more points at the line for Tony Parker.

    ** Monta comes out with 40 points, two shy of tying his career high.

    ** Now it’s officially done: Corey Maggette is jacking up 18-footers with plenty of time on the shot clock.

    ** I know C.J. Watson hasn’t played in a week, but still … someone’s got to cover George Hill and not just let him score at will.

    ** Just like that, with a 20-3 run, it’s all over: Spurs 98, Warriors 81 with 10:15 left.

    ** Anthony Morrow is 2-4 floor and basically a forgotten man, even though he played the entire first and third quarters. This is another downside of playing a go-go tempo — less chance to get into half-court sets and find Morrow coming off a screen. Even if you’re going to play scramble-ball, you still need to make sure Morrow gets his shots.


    ** Hill snatches a lazy top-key cross-court pass (tired pass?) from Curry, meant for Monta. Adding insult to injury, Monta gets a cheap foul called on him for riding Hill on the perimeter on his way to a layup.

    ** The Spurs finally unveil their full-court D, and it is having the desired effect on the Warriors.

    ** Monta is making Mikki Moore look good. That is a lot of heavy lifting.

    ** This is just sick. And then Monta ruins it all by failing to reconnect with Tony Parker after getting picked off by Duncan, allowing Parker to scoot down the lane for an easy layup.

    ** Monta: Honestly, you can do many things, but the Stephen Jackson™ Wrong-Headed-3-Point-Pull-Up is not one of them.

    ** LOL: The Spurs scored with their first second-half possession by using the exact same play that Garry St. Jean highlighted on the CSN Bay Area pregame show.


    ** If Stephen Curry (1-7 FG) pulls up for another 18+ footer early in the shot clock, no…

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    By Geoff Lepper

    Your (less and less frequent) daily guided tour through the national and local media coverage of the always-entertaining Golden State Warriors.


    Contra Costa Times (Marcus Thompson II): So, I’m OK with a coach still getting credit for a win when he gets tossed midway through a contest. But if Don Nelson were to retire with 1,333 wins – just one more than Lenny Wilkens – you think people wouldn’t remember this game as “The One Nellie Won From Nearly 2,000 Miles Away, Watching On TV”?

    Also: Vladimir Radmanovic makes more of a contribution than anyone has a right to expect.

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    By Geoff Lepper

    When Monta Ellis came into the league, there was a school of thought (with his own coach being one of the adherents) that he wouldn’t succeed in the NBA because all he did in high school was just break down some poor, under-equipped defender from the Jackson Public Schools league and get to the rim.

    He can’t do that in The League, the doubters said. Not regularly, anyways.

    OK, so that myth just exploded on Tuesday.

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