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    The Morning Report: Oh captain, my (not-so-much) captain

    By Geoff Lepper

    If the Warriors were hoping that Tuesday’s return of Stephen Jackson would be the end of the now-ex-Captain Jack saga, they were sorely disappointed.

    Just like “The Pirates of the Caribbean” movie series, there are still plenty of sequels that lie in wait for Golden State.

    Jackson reported back to the team after a two-game suspension and left no doubt with his quotes that the status is still very much quo: He wants to be dealt, he wants to be dealt now, and he won’t be doing anything above and beyond fulfilling the bare minimums required by his contract.

    That whole listening to Don Nelson thing once the game is over? Yeah, you can forget about that. Oh, and your captaincy? Thanks but no thanks.

    Scott Ostler said in today’s San Francisco Chronicle that Jackson’s complaining had drastically decreased his trade value, but he already had no trade value — that evaporated the moment he was handed the $27.8 million extension.

    Since that deal makes him prohibitively expensive for contending teams that would have been calling after his services, Jackson has been trying to apply pressure on the other end. He wants to make the Warriors so uncomfortable that they feel like they have to deal him, even if it is for a fraction of his worth — i.e., a player of far lesser skill with a similarly outsized contract.

    From Jackson’s perspective, what’s the worst that could happen? The biggest “punishment” that has been meted out to the league’s most prominent malcontents in recent years was to be sent home with salary. Stephon Marbury, Jamaal Tinsley, Tim Thomas — they were all told to stay away from the team to avoid poisoning the atmosphere of the locker room, but still received their hefty paychecks.

    But what if the Warriors decide to play rougher than the Knicks, Pacers or Bulls?

    I’m trying to work out what, exactly, are the limits of the Warriors’ ability to suspend Jackson. If he got two games for “conduct detrimental” to the team in the wake of his Friday Forum flip-out, what happens the next time he mouths off to Nelson? Will they give him a five-gamer? A 10-gamer? An 82-gamer?

    Obviously, Jackson can file a grievance over any future suspensions that come his way. But that plays right into the Warriors’ front-office wheelhouse: lawyers and conference rooms and arbitrators, with acrimony on all sides.

    And given that Jackson has made Warriors president Robert Rowell, the man who handed over that three-year extension with 18 months remaining on Jackson’s current deal, look foolish, it’s not a stretch to think that the team would relish a chance to go toe to toe with Jackson on their turf.

    All in all, it’s plenty of grist for the sequel mill.

    Contra Costa Times (Marcus Thompson II):
    Does anyone else think this Nelson quote about getting Jackson to change his ways is not going to make him happy? “It’s just like anything else from stopping to smoke cigarettes or drugs or anything else. If you don’t want to do it yourself, nobody can do it for you. That’s up to him. He’s 31 years old, or will be this year. He’s an adult and he needs to make that decision.

    Contra Costa Times (Gary Peterson): “The Warriors aren’t smart enough to anticipate rain even as the clouds are gathering. They have a gift of maneuvering themselves into untenable situations because they lack the vision to see them coming. Their myopia in this case is stupefying.”

    San Francisco Chronicle (Scott Ostler): The story of Captive Jack, a man who now says that being a captain is overrated (after popping some bubbly over being given the title two years ago). My LOL moment: “I’m checking with sources to see if Jackson and Nelson attended the same meeting.”

    San Francisco Chronicle (Rusty Simmons): Stephen Jackson on leadership: “I don’t want these young guys to try to follow me. I can’t be a role model to guys who make the same amount of money as me.” Somewhere, Charles Barkley threw a fist in the air and yelled, “Solidarity, brother!”

    Indianapolis Star (Mike Wells): On the ex-Warriors tip: Troy Murphy gets serious. Seriously.

    NBA FanHouse (Matt Steinmetz):
    Another Jackson gem, describing his meeting with Nelson and GM Larry Riley: “I go in there, listen to what they’ve got to say and come back and play basketball. Whether I pay attention to it or not, that’s up to me. But I had to show up. So I showed up.”

    Examiner.com (Mike Massa): Ladies and gentlemen, MC StackJack on the microphone. (One editor’s note to this transcript: Jackson lost $1.7 million in salary from the Malice at the Palace, not the $3 million he claims.)

    Examiner.com (Mike Massa): It’s a case of watching and waiting on the Jackson trade front.

    Talking Points (Tim Kawakami):
    One important point that was cleared up Tuesday: Don Nelson is not Stephen Jackson’s mom.

    Fast Break (Adam Lauridsen): The Book of Jackson. Not surprisingly, it doesn’t have a happy ending.

    Inside The Warriors/Contra Costa Times (Marcus Thompson II): MT2 reports that Jackson’s “body language didn’t suggest he was fully committed, at least from my balcony view of the end of practice.” I am (the other) Jack’s total lack of surprise.

    Golden State Warriors/San Francisco Chronicle (Rusty Simmons): All Jack, all the time.

    gswscribe (Marcus Thompson II):
    I am told by a couple people who know that the Bosh-Warriors rumor is farfetched

    gswscribe (Marcus Thompson II): To be sure, the Warriors would love to have Bosh. I think he’s 1A on their list

    gswscribe (Marcus Thompson II): Warriors picking up Wright’s option shows they are confident he will recover.

    gswscribe (Marcus Thompson II): They were going to pick up Wright’s option all along

    InsideHoops: Stephen Jackson should give the Warriors their money back if he doesn’t want to do the job they pay him to do

    InsideHoops: The Warriors should sign JR Rider and tell him to win their money back from S.Jackson in back-alley dice games.

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  1. Geoff,

    Thanks for the insights, recaps and updates. Great to have everything in 1 place!

    Is the speculation now that the Jackson extension was at least 95% Rowell’s doing? Did Nelson have a significant part?

  2. JSML: The Jackson contract was 100% Rowell’s baby, even though it ran directly counter to the president’s loudly stated aim of “salary protection.”

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