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    The Morning Report: Is Stephen Jackson the new Latrell Sprewell?

    By Geoff Lepper

    With everything hanging out in the open, insubordination flapping in the breeze as Stephen Jackson is accused of cursing out Don Nelson — thus helping to precipitate his two-game suspension — this seems like the right time to ask:

    Is Captain Jack the Warriors’ new Latrell Sprewell?

    Let’s see: Both of them were big wings (although Jackson does clearly have the size advantage) who liked to play physical defense. Both were the emotional leaders of their respective versions of the GSWs. Both lived to take the big shot and loved to fire 3-pointers — even though their success rate probably didn’t

    And now, they’ve both been suspended by Nelson.

    (Some of this stuff was already covered in the live game thread, so if you read that entry already, I apologize in advance for the repetition.)

    Nelson either misspoke, misremembered or just flat-out misled reporters Saturday when he claimed that he had never suspended a player before Jackson. During his first Warriors’ go-round, he met with Sprewell after the latter ditched practice (not for the first time) in January 1995 and immediately after that meeting, the team announced a one-game suspension.

    We all know how that turned out: Nelson, having lost the locker room in the wake of an acrimonious split with the Warriors’ best player (Chris Webber), took a buyout and quit a few weeks later. Sprewell stuck it out for another 2 1/2 years until he snapped and attacked P.J. Carlesimo.

    Now, I don’t think Jackson is stupid enough to let himself lose control to that same extent. But just as Webber’s departure — and the 12 seasons of losing it engendered — irreparably fractured Sprewell’s relationship with Nelson and the Warriors, the failure to keep Baron Davis seems to have finally done the same thing for Jackson.

    Publicly, the Warriors have stood their ground on the idea that they need to receive quality back for quality if they’re going to deal Jackson. But the time for that stance has come and gone.

    Dumping Jackson for anyone who doesn’t have a three-year, $28 million extension coming to them will obviously hurt the Warriors in the short term. Although he’s slowed since his arrival, Jackson remains the Warriors’ best defensive player on the perimeter.

    Even so, as currently constituted, this team can’t/won’t play enough defense and rebound the ball well enough to win more than 35 games. So the need to get back short-term value in terms of a player is not as high.

    What matters now is not crippling the team, from a salary-cap perspective, one or two seasons from now when Anthony Randolph truly takes over. And making sure to offload Jackson before history well and truly does repeat itself.

    As always, the linkage:

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    YahooSportsNBA (Adrian Wojnarowski):
    The Warriors are a dysfunctional mess. The NBA should send a commando unit to pluck Stephen Curry out of there.

    YahooSportsNBA: In the end, Golden State’s problems start with culture created by owner, president and coach. Players change, issues don’t.

    YahooSportsNBA: We all know how this movie ends: With a mess left in his wake, Nellie will be napping on a hammock in Maui.

    daldridgetnt (David Aldridge): A year ago, Monta Ellis was cast as the bad guy by the Warriors. Six months ago, it was Chris Mullin. Now SJax is the problem. Pattern?

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    Fox Sports:
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    Warriors.com: Highlights from Saturday.

    Photo gallery from Saturday’s game and from behind the scenes on the road trip.

8 Responses to “The Morning Report: Is Stephen Jackson the new Latrell Sprewell?”

  1. Jackson re-signed with GSW to “feed his family.”

    Send Jackson home. He’s no longer trustworthy and is NOT going to help the team.
    Send him home. Reward the guys who shut up and play.
    Send him home. Let Monta know what’s going to happen if he decides to pout.

  2. Mr. Lepper,

    Next time say what you mean. Is Jackson going to turn into a violent thug and attack his coach. That’s what you are really trying to insinuate, covered up by some BS.

    Let’s see what you use as and example to compare Spree and Jack. Cursing out coach(shocker), Big Wings, emotional, take big shots, and BD leaving will make Jack Snap and turn violent.

    Lol…next time don’t be a Chump, and say what you want to say. You’ll get more respect that way. Is Jack, a big black scary thug type guy (to you), going to attack his senior citizen coach.

  3. @Resipsaloquitur:

    Since you gloss right over it, here’s what I said (and mean):

    “I don’t think Jackson is stupid enough to let himself lose control to that same extent.”

    Not sure where you get the rest of your assumptions from, but I’ve loved covering Jack for the last 3 1/2 years and a “big black scary thug type guy” is the farthest thing I find him to be.

    Perhaps you should get some facts straight and try again.

  4. Jackson appears to be following the same strategy book as his buddy, Al Harrington. Make yourself as unwelcome as you can, and the trade will happen more quickly. Next chapter, a fake injury.

  5. Resipsaloquitur,
    way off base, sir.

  6. Add this to your Adrian Wojnarowski selection:


    What a gem of an article.

  7. hey folks, have no fear. the tv anouncer has just clarified on his daily radio show that Jackson’s recent behavior is in no way connected to his trade wishes. he is not being intentionally subordinate because of bigger motives. this could just as easily have happened during the “we believe” years. and the tv anouncer is smarter than any of us, so we’ll have to take his word for it. i know this to be true because of the way he chuckles to himself every time he’s dismissing someone else’s opinions.

    phew. don’t worry Lepper/Jenkins/Kawakami/Steinmetz/Papa/Thompson/etc., like all of you, i almost made the mistake of connecting the dots on this one.

  8. L. Sprewell didn’t like Tim Hardaway, Mullin, Nelson, Gatling and co. and that was what destroyed that Warriors team. Sprewell should have ben jailed since then!

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