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    The (no longer) Morning Report: The Stephen Curry Bandwagon is gaining speed

    I didn’t see it, but based on the coverage coming out of the Arena last night and the highlights in the box score from the Warriors’ 108-101 exhibition victory — nine assists, five steals and a team-high plus-12 — I expect the Stephen Curry bandwagon to gain some speed this morning.

    – Geoff

    matt_steinmetz One thing Stephen Curry does that most of his teammates don’t: Goes out of his way to find the guy who has the hot hand (i.e. namely Morrow)

    matt_steinmetz: Reason No. 1 why Curry has to play: 6 assists in 12 first-half minutes vs. LAC

    matt_steinmetz: Was asked yesterday who Warriors’ best passer was. My reply: “I don’t know.” Ask me tonight and the answer seems pretty obvious … Curry

    gswscribe: Curry has six assists in 12 minutes. Monta has one in 21 minutes.

    Warriors.com: Highlights from Monday night.

    Contra Costa Times (Marcus Thompson II): “Anybody who’s going to play with Curry is going to be a beneficiary of a lot of open looks,” Don Nelson said. ‘That’s why I can’t keep him and Monta off the court together.” Actually, Don, that makes no sense whatsoever; Monta is the guy on your team who least needs someone to create an open look for him in order to score. Curry should absolutely, as Steinmetz noted above, be playing at all times with Anthony Morrow, because he’s the guy who will benefit the most from Curry’s passing skills.

    San Francisco Chronicle (Rusty Simmons): The question that I want to ask Brandan Wright after reading this story: Why didn’t you just have surgery the first time you injured your left shoulder? Also, I guess Ralph Barbieri must not have been in attendance, if all it took for Stephen Jackson to turn around the crowd were seven points in the first quarter of a meaningless exhibition game.

    Inside the Warriors (Marcus Thompson II): MT2 says that Curry has been “giving Monta the business in practice” thus far, which makes me wonder just how hard Monta is going defensively. If Curry is beating the type of defense Ellis displayed as a rookie, then that bodes very well for Curry and the Warriors. If Monta is putting out the kind of effort he showed last season, then it’s not nearly as impressive.

    Golden State Warriors (Rusty Simmons): Quarter-by-quarter looks at the first, second, third and fourth periods. Also: Baron Davis tries to suck up to the Bay Area.

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  1. sleepless in San Fran



    Monta Ellis on Stephen Curry: ‘He’s Better Than I Thought He Was’
    Matt Steinmetzby Matt Steinmetz

    Filed under: Warriors
    OAKLAND, Calif. — Monta Ellis and Stephen Curry weren’t on the floor together at any point during the Warriors’ 108-101 preseason opener against the L.A. Clippers on Sunday night.

    That’s going to change. Warriors’ coach Don Nelson said so.

    And you know what? Ellis, who at first wasn’t crazy about the notion, seems to be coming around to the idea.

    “You can’t take anything away from him,” Ellis said of Curry. “He can shoot, pass, defend, all of that. He’s got the whole package. … He’s better than I thought he was.”

  2. It is absolutely ridiculous that this rookie could have picked up 9 assists and 5 steals in his first NBA action. In if it is preseason. These are the indications of a phenomenal basketball IQ.

    We’re going to have a lot of fun watching Mr. Curry this year.

  3. Sorry, “Even if”

  4. I’m impressed with Curry’s first preseason showing …. and the quality of this sports blog.

    It will be very interesting to see how the club house evolves over the first month of regular season play if one guy passes the ball to teammates for easy baskets while the other holds on looking for his shot.

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