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    The Morning Report: More on Wright, but first … the Warriors have beef with Otis Smith?

    Orlando Sentinel (Brian Schmitz, Josh Robbins): Orlando Magic GM Otis Smith told the Sentinel that “I think it got personal” in talking about the Magic’s failed attempts to acquire C.J. Watson from the Warriors this summer via a sign-and-trade deal.

    Smith played with the Warriors for a season and change before being selected by the Magic in their expansion draft. After his playing career ended, Smith returned to the Warriors and spent three seasons working in Community Relations before becoming Executive Director of Basketball Operations in 2002-03. He left after that season to rejoin the Magic as Director of Player Development.

    My first thought was that Smith is suffering collateral damage from the fallout between Chris Mullin and Robert Rowell, but Smith worked under Garry St. Jean in ‘02-’03, not Mullin, who back then was just a special assistant learning the ropes in preparation for taking over. So who knows. Maybe the Warriors just really, really like Watson.

    (BTW, in researching Otis Smith’s time in the Warriors’ front office, I stumbled across this account of Mullin’s ascension to power in 2004:

    Cohan, who made a rare public appearance on behalf of the franchise, consolidated his team’s often fractious front office under two men: Mullin and team president Robert Rowell. He identified Mullin as a potential manager five years ago after Mullin was traded to Indiana.

    “These two gentlemen have many challenges ahead of them,” Cohan said. “But with Bob and Chris at the head of my business, I’ve really never felt more comfortable about the future of the Warriors. Their goal always remains a championship-caliber franchise.”

    Well, that didn’t quite work out as planned, now did it?)

    San Francisco Chronicle (Rusty Simmons): “It’s certainly not good,” Don Nelson said of Brandon Wright’s shoulder injury. “He says it’s as bad as the last one.” That doesn’t give much hope to those folks wishing Wright’s MRI will come back negative on Monday.

    Yahoo! Sports (Marc J. Spears): Breaking the news of Wright’s injury, with one interesting detail that nobody else reported: “Despite the injury, the Warriors are expected to exercise his contract option for the 2010-11 season.” Hmmmmm. If that’s the case, then why didn’t they just sign off on it weeks ago? I mean, isn’t this EXACTLY the kind of situation you are insuring yourself against by waiting until the deadline to exercise the option?

    NBA Fanhouse (Tom Ziller): More Wright.

    Inside The Warriors (Marcus Thompson II): The Warriors were all set to pick up Brandan Wright’s fourth-year option before the Oct. 31 deadline, but should they do that now, in light of Wright re-injuring his left shoulder? (BTW, I know it’s not Marcus’ fault, but the fact that Al Harrington remains the face of the Warriors blog on one of only two papers still covering the team … I can’t decide if it’s more hilarious or just plain sad.)

    Warriors.com: The always entertaining Andris Biedrins sits down with Jim Barnett.

    Warriors.com: Practice footage from Saturday, also embedded.

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  1. Someone should really explain to Barnett what an authentic jersey is. He made the same stupid joke with Monta. It doesn’t mean they actually signed it. You can buy replica and authentic jerseys, authentic ones are nicer. Same as the ones they wear in t

  2. *the games

  3. Otis Smith is ridiculous. Just because some one offers a bad pick and a worthless player, the Warriors are supposed to just hand over their 25 mpg player? And despite the fact that their PG position is so unsettled? Personal, my ass.

  4. It’s sad. Nothing hilarious about it!

  5. Al Harrington? I guess “grafics iz hard”

    What’s the newspaper business model?

    Maybe the can ask GoldenStateofMind for some help.

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