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    The Morning Report: C.J. Watson hurts his knee, will see the doctor on Wednesday

    Damn you, Twitter, damn you. If athletes are going to keep breaking their own injury news, what’s left to help a poor Web journalist pump up their page views?

    In any case, it looks (thanks to Twitter) like C.J. Watson suffered a knee injury of unknown severity in the early practice on Tuesday and is going to see a doctor about it this morning.

    – Geoff

    quietstorm_32 (C.J. Watson): 1st of the 2a days down wasn’t bad more learning then nething hurt my knee lil hope its nutn off for a nap til the next 1 in a couple hours
    quietstorm_32 (C.J. Watson): the knee is still kind of sore and n pain hurt it this morning n the 1st practice goin2 see the doc n the morning hopefully its nutn serious
    quietstorm_32 (C.J. Watson): and i can get bak on the court sooner then later cuz watching is killing me makes me want to get bak out there even worse

    YouTube (GSW channel): Warriors feed from practice. It looks like Watson might have suffered his injury at the 1:45 mark when he lands awkwardly after leaping to try to block a cross-court pass from Stephen Curry. He continues to participate in practice, but after that play, you can see him repeatedly trying to flex his right knee or massage the kneecap in an attempt to ease some discomfort.
    CSNBayArea.com (Kate Longworth): Monta’s spin control at work, part 1.
    YouTube (GSW channel): Monta’s spin control at work, part 2.

    Inside the Warriors (Marcus Thompson II): I know everyone is going to talk about the supposed change Monta made in his “I won’t play with Curry” stance, but I don’t think it’s that much of a change at all. Seriously, all he said Tuesday is that he’ll play with Curry when the coach puts them on the floor together. He said nothing at all to contradict his point from Monday, which is that putting him out there with Curry WON’T WIN GAMES. The one place where Ellis did pull a 180 is on the captaincy issue, where he’s gone from “who cares?” to “I’m very excited and I’m going to back Nellie up in the locker room.” Is this the right moment to talk about Al Harrington’s faux excitement to being named a captain last season, and what happened shortly thereafter?
    Talking Points (Tim Kawakami): Is Nellie’s offer of a free year of service the first move against Bobby Rowell? “‘You can’t see that?’ the source said. ‘It’s obvious if you know Nellie.’” This team just keeps on giving to the media.
    Golden State Warriors (Rusty Simmons): A preview of what’s below.

    San Francisco Chronicle (Bruce Jenkins): Bruce is in, shall we say, a slightly negative mood about the W’s after the Jackson-Ellis tag-team action on Monday. “We’re accustomed to preseason doubts surrounding this club, but this is the first 82-game grind to end in September.”
    Contra Costa Times (Marcus Thompson II): MT2 expounds on the blog item from above. Also touts the chances of local product Diamon Simpson. Two things to note about Diamon: 1) It’s pronounced like “Diamond,” just drop the final “d.” 2) If the team does reach an injury settlement with Speedy Claxton, they will have a roster spot open for a guy such as Simpson.
    San Francisco Chronicle (Rusty Simmons): Monta remembers his days as a rookie fondly: “It’s going to be the same way it was when I came in here with Baron Davis and Derek Fisher,” Ellis said. “They didn’t come around and butter me up and pat me on my butt.”

    SI.com (Ann Killion): Welcome to the House of Dysfunction, Mr. Curry. Make yourself at home.
    NBA Fanhouse (Matt Steinmetz): Curry is saying all the right things in response to what’s swirling around him. I do wonder how long that’ll last, though. In a second, earlier, post, Steinmetz wondered if maybe Nellie will take Ellis up on his idea — but not in the way Ellis intended.
    Examiner.com (Ray Yocke): Ray calls 2008 the “Summer of Free Money” for the Warriors. All I can say is, where the f&*k was my cash?

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