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    Game 76 (Warriors 111, Hornets 103): The Warriors’ Serenity Prayer gets answered

    By Geoff Lepper

    For more than a half century, the Serenity Prayer has been a cornerstone of the Alcoholics Anonymous 12-step program:

    God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change,
    courage to change the things I can,
    and wisdom to know the difference.

    The Warriors accepted the things they cannot change about themselves Friday night, and in doing so become something greater than they previously had been.

    By forcing Chris Paul to shoot, shoot and shoot some more, the Warriors were able to control the Hornets’ All-Star point guard in a 111-103 victory.

    At first blush, the fact that Paul went off for 43 points and nine assists doesn’t look like a victory. But seven of Paul’s nine dimes went to David West, who finished with 31 points. That’s a nice number, but what the Hornets need from Paul is to get the rest of the roster involved with some spoon-fed buckets, especially since Peja Stojakovic is battling through a bad back and James Posey and Tyson Chandler are on the bench with injuries.

    Instead, Hornets not named Paul or West shot 10-for-38 on Friday.

    The Warriors achieved this by consistently going under the screens on the Hornets’ S/R sets, something that they have been loath to do for much of the season. What this turned out to be was kind of a perverse way to take advantage of the fact that none of the Warriors’ three point guards – Monta Ellis, Jamal Crawford and C.J. Watson – have shown any inclination to make the over-the-top-and-chase style of combating the S/R work.

    Trying to force a great passer into becoming a selfish scorer is not a new strategy – the Spurs have tormented Steve Nash with this plan repeatedly in the playoffs – but the Warriors showed, for one night at least, that they could run the scheme with the best of them.

    (I still don’t get why they couldn’t have tried that against Chris Duhon and the Knicks during the post-Thanksgiving massacre or any of the other times that a point guard with a questionable jumper was able to scrape off his defender at will, draw the Warriors’ big man and then find a rolling big of their own for an easy layup/dunk, but that’s something we’ll never know, I guess.)

    * * *

    Watching Anthony Randolph set a career high in boards (15) and tie his career high in scoring (20) Friday helped make it clear: While he may be a 3 someday, Randolph is at his best as a 4 right now (at least on D) – and I’m not so convinced any more that that’s going to change.

    If Randolph is assigned to chase 3s on the perimeter defensively, it will almost certainly take him out of position to provide weak-side help – and rebounding – more often than if he’s playing the 4. And if he’s not doing those things, that’s to the detriment of the Warriors.

    So Golden State’s player personnel decision-makers – whoever they end up being – need to determine over the summer if they still see Randolph as an eventual 3, because if they no longer subscribe to that theory, then it helps rationalize a Brandan Wright trade. What’s the point of paying Wright first-round money to play 12 minutes behind Randolph?

    Now, I’m not advocating that plan of action in the least – unless it rids the Warriors of Jamal Crawford’s contract and nets them a legitimate point guard at the same time. But it very easily could be where the W’s are heading.

    * * *

    Lastly, a note about Tim Kawakami’s piece regarding the Warriors’ PR campaign against (still-employed, incredibly) EVP Chris Mullin.

    I can tell you that I recently talked to one media member who was approached by a Warriors employee and asked if they would use off-the-record comments and anonymous quotes from team officials to illustrate the team’s case against Mullin.

    Everything I’ve been told jibes exactly with TK’s account, although I would go even farther than his description of the practice as “typically craven and timid” and call it “hypocritical beyond measure.”

    After all, one of the major reasons Pete D’Alessandro was suddenly fired early this season was the fact that he allegedly talked to the media and … fed us off-the-record info and anonymous quotes.

    So apparently at 1011 Broadway, giving blind quotes and OTR info is a firing offense if you’re a medium-level front-office exec, but if you’re acting on behalf of the team president and owner, it’s all good.

    How very, very Warriors.

    Contact: geofflepper@48minutes.net

37 Responses to “Game 76 (Warriors 111, Hornets 103): The Warriors’ Serenity Prayer gets answered”

  1. When you are not part of the solution you are part of the problem. I was a season ticket holder but no more. Sure I got a basketball Jones just like the rest of you, I loved this team since early 70’s (I know just an old f**k), but how many times do you have to endure a broken heart? How many Sh*t draft picks, sh*t coaches, sh*t management, sh*t price increases? All because of an owner who could care less about Real NBA basketball. I say we start to take responsibility, by not participating. Yes I know that we will have withdrawals, but it is the only way to bring change. As Fans we do have a say….. JOIN THE BOYCOTT…….until this little a**hole of an owner sells the team!!!

  2. Lepp,

    My question is what egregious act did Chris Mullin commit to warrant such treatment?

    Could it have been a series of events?

    And lastly, are there members of the media (to your knowledge) that will actually help build a case against Mullin?

  3. Hoo-ray.

  4. Hi Geoff, just a quick question for you regrading the Kawakami Mullin article.

    Since you are now on the record as saying that Tim’s report is 100% accurate, then I assume you must also know about this.

    “There’s Team Mullin,” said one Warriors executive as he passed two Bay Area writers recently. Two GREAT Bay Area writers.”

    Kawakami is obviously stating that there are 2 “Great” Bay Area Writers now working for the Warriors to help purposely discredit Chris Mullin.

    Now I know Tim would not be talking about anybody who worked for his own newspaper or any of his friends, so logically the two he is implicating must work for the Chronicle.

    So since you know about this situation and aren’t employed by any Bay Area newspaper, Why don’t you name names so we don’t have to try and guess who you and Tim are talking about.

    Thanks, keep up the good work.

  5. Finally, someone with the Pete D. scoop. Screw Cohan. Randolph for President.

  6. Edmond,

    That’s not what Kawakami wrote.
    Get the next instructions form Ridder/Rowell and get back to us.

  7. GL, great blog.

    Like the poster at 4, I would greatly appreciate it if you can tell us who the 2 great writers that you and TK are talking about in working with The Dubs FO to purposely discredit Chris Mullin are. They should be called out on this! Time to name names Geoff. No more he said she said. This will be great publicity among the fans for your blog. Thank you.

  8. Seriously, you morons: you lost. Hard.

  9. “Team Mullin” is the epithet the WARRIORS EXECUTIVES assigned to reporters they are paranoid about, due to those reporters, you know, talking about how lame the Warriors executives are.

  10. Save Mully


    I think Cohan and Rowell have spent too much time studying the tactics of Tricky Dick Nixon. Seriously, what next? Breaking into Mullin’s office or house to find incriminating information? I guess the real story isn’t how dirty Cohan and Rowell are–we already had an inclination of that–the real story is how stupid they are to think this wouldn’t get out via the press. (Wait, we already know how stupid they are, too.)

  12. Clearing a couple things up:

    When I said “everything I’ve been told jibes exactly with TK’s account,” I was referring specifically to the practice of recruiting media members to write pieces discrediting Mullin based on off-the-record anonymous quotes.

    I wasn’t present for the “Team Mullin” comment, so I don’t have first-hand knowledge of that incident, although I believe CC’s reading is the correct one — it’s a derisive comment meant to signify writers sympathetic to Mullin in the face of his treatment by the team, NOT to signify writers working with the franchise against Mullin.

    Given that … my guess as to the identity of “Team Mullin,” going by what they’ve put in print, would be Lowell Cohn of the PD and Monte Poole of the BANG-East Bay. I think that’s a pretty good bet, but I don’t know that for certain.

  13. Thank so much for clarifying a bit.
    Rough waters on the wacky “fans-only” intranetz these days, huh?

  14. Ahhhh……. its no wonder the tv announcer is always taking shots at the writers!

  15. my read on the Kawakami “Team Mullin” comment matched yours Geoff. it was meant by the employee as a derisive comment towards the 2 writers that Warriors management believes side with Mullin in this mess, and who bother to point out the utter disfunction of the franchise at this moment in time. another clear, clear indicator of paranoia and the worst kind of insecurity at the top.

    the crap wreaks of the Bush administration’s “if you’re not with our agenda you are against america” philosophy. it’s a small-minded coward’s position. when you have no plan you’re stuck swinging at sounds in the dark. to hear Nelson get on the radio each week and act like he has no knowledge of anything, and just loves Mully, is so insulting to the intelligence of anyone with half a mind. i’m ready to see him go just on the grounds that he’s a blatant liar who takes the fans for granted, to say nothing of the way he’s handled this team. and Bob Fitzgerald can get right in the front of the line when they hand out whatever meeger prizes await those who daily conduct the not-so-subversive campaign on behalf of the Warriors upstairs.

  16. hilarious that he has an acknowledged code-name in print at this point - “the tv anouncer”

  17. Derek…..your thoughts are spot on!

    Also, that particular code name being used is really funny.

  18. derek, it’s very funny you invoke the Bush whitehouse in your Warriors’ criticism…

    I rarely link in body to my blog, the Warriors’ bloggers are gracious enough about me as it is, but today’s heading seems especially apropros to your post:

  19. correction: Warriors Bloggers. NO possession!

  20. In the words of CC, “Boom goes the Lepper.”

  21. Pat O’ Brien is now warming the bench for his 3rd team.

  22. Pat O’Brien is a TV personality.
    Patrick O’Bryant is a bust NBA draft pick, as was Ike Diogu before him.

    Biedrins and Ellis expendable now, too?

  23. take responsibility, by not participating. Yes I know that we will have withdrawals, but it is the only way to bring change. As Fans we do have a say….. JOIN THE BOYCOTT until Chris Cohan sells the team!

  24. I’m not sure if you read or respond to comments but here goes…
    As a Warriors fan and addicted watcher I feel like the strong play of Anthony Morrow and Anthony Randolph has almost made Belinelli and Wright slightly expendable. My question is, is it likely the Warriors will attempt to move them in hopes of landing a legit PG or bruising PF?

  25. Wright is not expendable.
    Warriors will move anyone if they think they can land a ticket seller for even a year.

  26. everyone needs to get over the “bruising PF.” seriously. in what alternate universe do you really see a “bruising PF” getting run for Don Nelson?! it just doesn’t make an ounce of sense. he’s never employed one, EVER.

    what do you think Richard Hendrix projected as? Nelson opted for carrying 6 2-3’s over keeping Hendrix on the roster, and then later pulled from the D-League his diametric physical opposite in Jermareo Davidson. think about that little vignette for a second.

    Nelson will always step in front of a microphone, and swear he’d love to have whatever the most obvious ‘x’ is that everyone can tell he doesn’t have. just got beat by Boozer or Milsap, “well, uh, i obviously don’t have a guy that can guard their big 4’s all by himself, so i had to…”
    Jackson turns the ball over 7 times and we can’t stay in front of Tony Parker, “well, uh, obviously, without a true point guard, i…” if you’re prone to eating up whatever someone in a Warriors polo tells you, like our friend “the tv anouncer,” or if you have yet to reconcile your love with all the little treasures of a Nelson regime against the counterintuitiveness of his tactics, then not sure where to go from here. just know that the “bruising PF” is either a unicorn, or totally not what we need, depending on what voice you trust.

  27. Mr. Geoff Lepper are you done for the season? hehe

    Come back for the last two games!

  28. Yeah, did Geoff get traded?

  29. What’s the chance of Tim Hardaway, Mitch Richmond and Manute Bol re-join the Warriors next year?

  30. how ’bout a little challenge among the group of us to write our own versions of what happened to Geoff Lepper?

    when he “disappeared” it did not entirely surprise me. Steinmetz had bolted for fanhouse shortly before. even Scott Reiss defected to the Sharks and left us with Matt Morrison, who did the unbelievable and made me long for Scott Reiss. it’s more amazing that Geoff found the energy to write about this team as long as he did, and frankly i needed his independent, informed voice.

    so what DID happen to Geoff?

  31. My All-Time all star team:

    - Fat Lever
    - Kelly Tripucka
    - Ed Pinckney
    - Alaa Abdelnaby
    - Elmore Spencer

    - John Battle
    - Jim Les
    - Stanley Roberts
    - Brad Lohaus
    - Terry Catdlege
    - Buck Johnson
    - Dino Radja

  32. Good old days…



  33. I love the serenity prayer

  34. Dude, where are you Geoff?


  35. Where the hack is he?

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