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    Game 75, live: Kings (16-57) at Warriors (25-49)

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    ** Luke: I hear what you’re saying, and I know this stat is going to be counterintuitive, given that Stephen Jackson is going to end the season leading the league in TO/G, but the Warriors actually averaged 14.3 TOs/G in the 59 games Jackson played versus 17.1 in the 16 games he missed.


    ** Kelenna Azubuike might wind up having the best PER of any Warriors center this season.

    ** Gill: They’re saving Randolph for the third OT. ;)

    ** Oh my goodness. Ellis down and grabbing at the left ankle. It looks like he might have possibly landed on Jason Thompson’s foot. But it also looks like he might have had one of his looks-worse-than-it-turns-out-to-be moments that used to be so frequent in his second and third season.

    ** Also, I know the book play was for the Kings to go for the 2-for-1, which they did, but I really don’t like that. It happened to work out because Turiaf missed one of two free throws, but that 3-pointer by Garcia was just terrible.

    ** Um, Kelenna, I was just kidding about saving Randolph for the third OT.

    ** I’m happy most especially for Ronny Turiaf, because without his defense — most especially as Thompson tried to score on that putback with 12 seconds left — this would have been a 152-132 Kings win in regulation.


    ** I think the Warriors did a horrible job adjusting to this refereeing crew, but I will say this: Bob Delaney, Eli Roe and Joe Forte have rendered this game unwatchable.

    Not that it took much, I’ll admit. But it’s still true, nevertheless.

    ** Gill: No, the Suns have not given up on Grant Hill yet, but I do think that if Maggette is hurt to the point where he’s going to miss Friday and beyond, they will seriously look at bringing someone in on the short term.

    ** By the way, with two players having racked up five personals (in addition to a T each) and two others also hit with technicals, Rule 3, Section 1 of the NBA manual might come into play:

    a. Each team shall consist of five players. No team may be reduced to less than five players. If a player in the game receives his sixth personal foul and all substitutes have already been disqualified, said player shall remain in the game and shall be charged with a personal and team foul. A technical foul also shall be assessed against his team. All subsequent personal fouls, including offensive fouls, shall be treated similarly. All players who have six or more personal fouls and remain in the game shall be treated similarly.

    b. In the event that there are only five eligible players remaining and one of these players is injured and must leave the game or is ejected, he must be replaced by the last player who was disqualified by reason of receiving six personal fouls. Each subsequent requirement to replace an injured or ejected player will be treated in this inverse order. Any such re-entry into a game by a disqualified player shall be penalized by a technical foul.

    ** Kevin Martin has 43 points but Rashad McCants can’t even be bothered to look for Martin (or ANY teammate, for that matter) and jacks up a 16-foot brick. Awful.

    ** CC: You and me both. But allowing Udrih to dribble the length of the court for a tying uncontested layup with 2.9 seconds remaining is just so typical for this team, no? If only Monta had fallen off his motorcycle during the sequence, that single play would have summed up the entire 2008-09 season for the Warriors.


    ** Give Ronny Turiaf his full props, because he is gutting it out on one leg right now.

    ** This is a repeat of Monday, when Monta got angry that the Grizzlies used his own style of play against him; the call on Kelenna Azubuike fouling Kevin Martin on the 3-pointer is exactly like the calls that Jamal Crawford picks up on his own trey attempts.

    Also: Why does the TV announcer continually claim that was an airball when it clearly hit the rim?

    ** Just as Randolph was looking like he might be able to single-handedly win this game, there comes foul No. 5.

    Memo to Anthony: If you have four fouls with 4 1/2 minutes left in the third, reaching in on a no-hope steal try is not the best of plans.

    ** I’ll give this unit credit for bringing the Warriors back in this quarter, but I’m skeptical of their ability to maintain this through the fourth period.


    ** CC: We’re basketball masochists?

    ** Randolph with the rebound-jack on Nocioni for the putback, followed by the fastbreak dunk: That’s why we’re watching, CC.

    That and the Don Nelson All-Time Victory List Countdown, of course. :)

    ** Rashad McCants deserves to be on the team with the NBA’s worst record.

    ** Randolph with the T for running his mouth. Does that qualify as mentorship from Stephen Jackson?

    ** This is the second consecutive game in which the Warriors are facing an equally young and untested team and is losing the battle in terms of retaining their poise.

    ** This game is being tightly called. You need to adjust to that fact. It’s just not that difficult.

    ** Crawford jacking up a 3 with 27 seconds left in the quarter and a full shot clock: Yet another quality decision by a W’s vet.


    ** No surprise: I’m going to be watching the Anthony Randolph-Jason Thompson comparison pretty closely tonight. It’s a shame they won’t match up head-to-head that much, but we’ll make do somehow.

    ** Randolph is more than holding his own defending Spencer Hawes on the left block, which is a good sign.

    ** Wow, are the Kings bad.

    ** Thompson had to put three plays’ worth of effort into getting that one putback.

    ** Is there ever a play in traffic in this league where some guy isn’t whining about not getting a foul call? Seriously, fellas, that act’s gotten old.

    ** I can see what Nelson liked about Thompson, but it’s obvious that Randolph has more upside. Not saying he’s guaranteed to be better. But if they both max out their potential, Randolph will outstrip him easily.

    ** I understand the Warriors don’t care, and I understand why … but honestly, at some point, you’d think pride would force them to try to put some effort into stopping Kevin Martin.

    – Geoff

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  1. 40 points. What are we doing, Geoff?
    Not the Warriors, I mean you and me.

    Why are we even watching?

  2. Record for 3s in a single game?

  3. Oh yeah- definitely gluttons for [Warriors (Nellie)Ball]

  4. Jackson: Leader

  5. These damn refs…

  6. dam these injuries.

  7. We’re building something special here.

  8. Geoff, you out of the area?

  9. better defensive effort in the last couple minutes… it is good to see… well, come to think of it, just Ronny and Kelenna. :X

  10. How about some itty-bitty ball?

  11. Has Monta surpassed his tech total from his entire career this season?

  12. Kelenna is playing center, again…


  13. This is by far one of the best games that I’ve seen from the Warriors in a long time. It is so nice seeing all the young guys with NO Jackson, NO Maggette and I guess I’ll make an exception to Jamal.

  14. GLepp: cool stat line on the Yahoo scoreboard for the Ws: GHill (he of the suns) with 23 points and 3 boards in 39 minutes. Not bad
    Was there an unannounced trade, no?

  15. Answer to the question about the announcer;The T.V. announcer seems to think he knows everything about everything. I can’t even believe the tv announcer has his own radio show.

  16. Also, I am glad the writers are taking shots at the tv announcer. I used to listen to announcers radio show all the time and announcer would continually take shots at the writers.

  17. Warriors 17-22 fts

    Kmart - 21-24 fts

    oh yeah Ill be ticked in a high scoring game like this that one guy has that many free throw attempts

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  19. No more words for this team.

  20. So, what’s Randolph’s obvious injury now? That’s why he’s not playing, right?

  21. warriors up by 1 with 11.9 sec left in overtime. No way this team gets a stop here. And why no Randolph in OT?????!!!!????

  22. well we got the stop but I must say the one thing that has impressed me so far is that we take much better care of the ball with no jack and Corey .

  23. Very important win.

  24. I’ve got some words for this team, As season ticket holders you have something to do now “Boycott the Warriors until Chris Cohan sells the the team!!! We have the power Just let’s not buy this anymore. Join the BOYCOTT!!!

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