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    Game 74, live: Grizzlies (18-54) at Warriors (25-48)

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    ** It’s good to see Ellis back out there, but I wonder if this will prompt the team to limit his minutes at all down the stretch. You definitely want him to get as much work as he can handle after missing 50 games, but at the same time you don’t want to risk having him get hurt yet again.

    ** It’s a pretty hilarious that Ellis is complaining so much about Jaric warding him off from the loose ball when Ellis did THE EXACT SAME THING to Mike Conley earlier tonight, running Conley off a loose ball to ensure Golden State gaines possession.

    ** Now, that call on Azubuike for allegedly undercutting Rudy Gay was justifiably booed.

    ** Fatigue is really taking its toll at this point, in terms of bad decision-making, settling for long jumpers and reaching in (ineffectively) on D.

    ** SWT: I wouldn’t completely trust any box score you see until well after the game is over. Rare mistakes made, and occasionally the stat-keeping software in the arena will crash — that’s when the PR staff has to scramble and play catchup the rest of the night to ensure accuracy.

    For example as I write this, the NBA.com boxscore lists Belinelli as a minus-16, even though he has no stats as befitting his business casual attire.

    ** The Warriors had assists on each of their first eight buckets. Since then, they’ve had only eight assists on 28 scores.


    ** Monta passed on an open look on the perimeter to take (and make) a high degree-of-difficulty driving layup. That’s a play where a “typical” Don Nelson point guard — Timmy Hardaway, Steve Nash, Baron Davis, etc. — lets loose for a 3. It’ll be interesting to see if Ellis develops that range over the summer.

    ** Is AND 1 sponsoring this game? Because what we’re seeing just reeks of street ball. Latest example: Crawford is so busy dribbling behind his back on the break that he fails to take advantage of Kelenna Azubuike’s cut behind two defenders for what should have been a layup.

    ** I love that not only did Randolph obliterate that shot by Rudy Gay, but he bounced it off Gay to give the Warriors possession again.

    ** Looking at that replay, that’s not a good way to land for Ellis. It would have been a classic way to break a wrist, but it appears they’re working on his shoulder and upper arm instead.


    ** As Monta Ellis steams downcourt for the end-to-end runout concluding in an uncontseted slam, it occurs that this is exactly the kind of game he wants to play in, with an unlimited number of shots available and the ball in his hands almost all of the time (outside of the few occasions Crawford calls his own number).

    ** Forget about Marco Belinelli being supplanted by Anthony Morrow as a backup guard — Randolph is passing by Brandan Wright as we speak. If Wright can’t go again, Randolph could be well clear by the end of the season.

    ** Marko Jaric? (!) Man, Grizzlies basketball come March and April is something to behold.

    ** That offensive foul on Greg Buckner was pure makeuppery (not a word, I know, but it should be) after Warrick gave Turiaf a nice shot in the mouth.

    ** Once again, it’s instructive to note that even though Stephen Jackson is nowhere near this game, the Warriors are still making some painfully bone-headed decisions leading to easy points for the opposition.

    ** For the Warriors, a loss isn’t going to do much to improve their chances of moving up in the draft (they’re 4 1/2 games clear of the next-worst team, the Minnesota Timberwolves). But Memphis really needs to lose this game after winning in Sacramento last week.


    ** Apologies for the late arrival, but I’m on the scene just in time to see Anthony Randolph turn, face up Hakim Warrick and then fade over him for an 8-foot jumper.

    ** Then, of course, Randolph goes for a silly steal 28 feet from the hoop and lets Warrick get free for a Statue of Liberty dunk.

    ** Can someone explain how in the world Jamal Crawford has two blocks?

    ** That ties a career high for Crawford, who hasn’t had two blocks in a game since Dec. 4, 2004.

    – Geoff

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  1. Maybe if 2K changed their NBA video game to rewarding team play and assists, Jamal Crawford would think about something else besides him shooting the ball.

  2. There actually was some good passes by Ellis in the 1st quarter. Not so much in the second.

  3. Did anybody else see Mlicic boot the ball to the side as he was supposed to be inbounding it in the first quarter? that was pretty silly

  4. Geoff,

    are the box scores sometimes wrong? I’ve noticed that some plays are missed and assists are given to the wrong person. For example, they gave Jamal the assist for the last 3 that Morrow made to tie the game up.

  5. that’s what like 3 times randolph has climbed over haddadi’s back in the quarter?

  6. Haddadi >>> Warriors. how many shots had Monta blocked by this guy?

  7. i meant had this Haddadi blocked Monta

  8. Btw, did Jamal Crawfor- really shot 5-14 3pointers??? 14 3points attempts while AM got 2-5 and Azu 0-2???

  9. Monta 29 points on 29 shots…

    Crawford 14 three attempts…

    and it didn’t seem like it, but Morrow with the team low -16…


    Anyhow, seems like the turnovers and fouls really did the team in tonight :X

  10. Wow, a near double-double in under ten minutes for the Iranian. Only against the Warriors.

  11. Wow.

    You blogged that ugly mother?

  12. Here’s a solution: Clean house, start at the top “Boycott the Warriors until Chris Cohan sells the team. Fire Rowell, fire Nellie, trade Magghogball, Craw, Marco, (maybe be Jack) and any defenseless non player who just collect their paycheck (you know who you are) make it very clear to all that remain that Defense wins Championships, Three points Chuckers may be fun and may be fast but if you live on it we will be a lottery team forever. Driving to the hoop is more preferable. Obviously we need a PG, Monta is maybe one of the ten best 2’s in the league but PG, Please………………

  13. Twinkie defense

    justafan, as much as it surprises me to see it, Marco has been the best backcourt defender the Warriors have had this season. Plus he can handle and pass.

    Ty Lawson and Monta Ellis, backed up by Marco Belinelli and Anthony Morrow, sounds like a good young backcourt to me.

    When Craw was filling the Meadowlark Lemon role in the third, that’s exactly what I thought Geoff - And 1. Anyone who likes Craw’s game would LOVE a starting five of The Professor, Sik Wit It, Alimoe, Hot Sauce, and Escalade.

  14. Ty Lawson? Weaknesses: The greatest concerns are his height and subpar length, because of them, he not only has problems finishing around the rim but also struggles to get shots off against taller defenders Although his shot has gotten better (15% increase in ft shooting) his mechanics are still very flawed- he has not changed his release point, continuing to shoot the ball from his chin His follow through is very inconsistent and he tends to push the ball out as if shooting a teardrop A less than formidable jump shot combined with his short frame will substantially hurt his ability to operate in a half court set In the pick & roll oriented NBA, teams will go under screens daring him to shoot, and if he cant become a dependable knock down shooter, his role may only be as a change of pace guard off the bench Another question mark is his durability, as he suffered a sprained ankle in mid-season and never regained his form He has also not logged major minutes in college (25.5 mins/gm) which could be a result of a less than adequate motor or simply due to the depth of the team Even though he has great tools to be a pesky defender, his focus on that end has been sporadic at best: he seems lackadaisical and loses track of his assignment with regularity He has a bad habit of playing defense with his hands down, which does not bode well because with his short frame, people can shoot over him with ease

  15. But Marco can shoot only chuckers, no drive to hoop in him no he must go

  16. We need a BIG PG who can hold his own against SGs. Please stop trying to pair Monta with some rookie midget. Jason Kidd would be perfect, I hope we can land him with the MLE.

  17. Geoff, where you at man?

  18. Maybe now we will have better PG

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