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    Game 72, live: Warriors (25-46) at Mavericks (42-28)

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    ** OK, the J.J. Barea Show has just hit Broadway.

    ** James Singleton vs. Anthony Randolph on the dunk attempt. Talk about “Clash of the Titans.” That was just wild.

    ** I understand the whole “scheduled loss” argument comparing the Warriors’ time off (none) to the Mavericks’ (the better part of a week), but that only applies to the fourth quarter. It doesn’t begin to explain Dallas’ 75 percent shooting in the first period, which is where this game was lost.

    ** That was November vintage Anthony Randolph right there — an off-balance 17-footer at full gallop.

    ** It still baffles the mind that a guy such as Morrow can go from averaging 14.3 ppg at Georgia Tech to exploding for more than twice that in the NBA.


    ** Great look from Kelenna Azubuike to Ellis going against the flow for the reverse layup.

    ** Hard to believe the lead was down to 3 early in this quarter.

    ** The Warriors shouldn’t have a possession at this point where Anthony Morrow doesn’t get a touch. He doesn’t have to shoot the ball every time. But he needs to touch it. Every single time.

    ** CR: That is odd, given the Warriors’ ability, but you don’t get many blocks on open 16-footers, which are pretty much all the Mavericks took in the first half.

    ** Down to four again . . . and Dirk has started to cool off. Very interesting.

    ** I know it’s a mismatch to have J.J. Barea covering Jackson, but that’s more than outweighed by the pitfalls of having the ball just stop in his hands for a me-against-the-world fadeaway miss.

    ** J.J. Barea? Six straight points? Really? Awful.


    ** Memo to Brandan Wright: You’re quicker than Erick Dampier; use that to create contact and get to the line. Otherwise your forays to the hoop are actually costing this team points.

    ** There’s something truly hilarious about the shooting breakdown for the Mavericks’ starting lineup right now: Jason Terry 6-7, Dirk Nowitzki 5-6, Antoine Wright 5-7, Jason Kidd 0-0, Erick Dampier 0-0. If you’re not going to stop the two stars — or even the third wheel — then the Mavericks will have their way with you. You have to make Dampier and Kidd take shots.

    ** How long until Survivor comes on?

    ** Dirk with a one-legged fadeaway in a 1-on-3 situation. Man, that’s a ballsy shot.

    ** There really isn’t anybody on the floor for the Warriors that Nowitzki can cover right now.

    ** Of course, there really isn’t anybody on the floor for the Warriors that can cover Nowitzki right now, either.

    ** There needs to be a third player involved on defense when the Mavericks go high S/R with Dirk as the screener, because I’ve counted four times now where Jackson flashed on Terry, but was so concerned with Dirk that he flowed back to the top of the key and left the lane wide open for Terry to do whatever he wanted.


    ** Sweet sidearm dish from Monta Ellis to Anthony Randolph. After the first two games of this trip showed how badly the Warriors need a true PG, Ellis bears watching tonight.

    ** Jason Terry blows by Ellis for the layup and the TV crew tries to blame someone else? Wrong. After Ellis put up his 12-foot miss, Terry took two steps in towards the basket while Ellis backpedaled for another two steps. Ellis had plenty of cushion to keep up with Terry. He just didn’t put in the effort. Again.

    ** I don’t like the way that Antoine Wright is absolutely carving up Anthony Randolph. Not one little bit.

    ** This is one of those quarters that makes me regret doing live blogs. How many times can I crack on the Warriors’ (lack of) defense? Seriously, even I’m bored of that topic.

    ** Oh, and nice iso play to end the quarter, Jack.

    – Geoff

16 Responses to “Game 72, live: Warriors (25-46) at Mavericks (42-28)”

  1. Our defensive coordinators are really special.

  2. Well, could always try warriorsworld or the other sites…

  3. So, if Wright doesn’t lose his starting job to injury like Nellie said, why is he losing it now? Got to love Nellie and his puzzling style.

  4. You can lose a starting job cause someone is playing better than you. Randolph was the best player last night. Wonder if we’ll see Wright and Randolph playing more together once Jackson goes on the shelf after tonight?

  5. Geoff, what do you think of the Warriors going after Hinrich or Earl Watson in the offseason? What do you think they’d have to give up?

  6. Odd halftime stat…Warriors have ZERO blocks.

  7. I liked the W’s defense back in the first quarter better.

  8. I wonder if we’ve seen the last of Jax for the year……

  9. Greg: I certainly hope so.
    I’d rather not ever see him in a Warriors uniform ever again, quite frankly.

  10. When Randolph finished that first coast-to-coast run with a smooth, under-control dish for a layup, then immediately got another opportunity, it was guaranteed that his confidence would be too high and he’d do something crazy.

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  12. Don’t re-up your season tickets Just Boycott the Warriors until Chris Cohan sells the team!!!

  13. Geoff, i think there’s a pretty obvious answer to your questioning Anthony Morrow’s doubling of his scoring average from college to the pros. What did Jordan average in college? Because he was a young, less aggressive player in Dean Smith’s far from wide open system, correct? I’d submit, especially given Morrow’s personality, that it’s a no brainer to go from a young, humble, team-first mentality in college to a Nellie system/team in which he can’t help but notice that he’s the best shooter on the floor, and in which he’s free to shoot any “open” shot. He might be the one guy on this team for whom the atmosphere of selfishness has actually been healthy.

  14. Wright, Randolph and Morrow should start for the rest of the season. We know what Jack can do with and without them. He’s hurt - let him heal. Let Buike and Maggette be the 6/7 men off the bench.
    The Warriors really need to see how much more these 3 can grow. Morrow has shown with his passing, rebounding, D and ballhanding that there is likely a lot of growth still to go. He is night and day different from the catch and shoot player seen in the summer and the early part of the year. Most shooters will always shoot- hand in their face or not. When defenders run at Morrow- he has gotten real comfortable taking it to the rim and either finishing or flipping a quick pass to the cutter. While Jack can do this- he doesnt do it enough. Morrow needs minutes.
    Seeing how Monta plays with those guys is key to understanding what kind of chemistry can be built. I would love to see Randolph and Wright playing the 3 and 4 together with either Turiaf or Biedrens in the middle for extended periods. If Jack is going to be the starting 2, those guys need to get a look as starters to see how they can play together.

  15. Here’s a solution: Clean house, start at the top “Boycott the Warriors until Chris Cohan sells the team. Fire Rowell, fire Nellie, trade Magghogball, Craw, Marco, (maybe be Jack) and any defenseless non player who just collect their paycheck (you know who you are) make it very clear to all that remain that Defense wins Championships, Three points Chuckers may be fun and may be fast but if you live on it we will be a lottery team forever. Driving to the hoop is more preferable. Obviously we need a PG, Monta is maybe one of the ten best 2’s in the league but PG, Please………………

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