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    Game 71, live: Warriors (25-45) at Spurs (45-24)

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    ** Get Corey Maggette out of the game. Period.

    ** Credit where it’s due: Maggette’s drawn two offensive fouls with good effort against Kurt Thomas and the Warriors have stopped trying to force-feed him the ball at the other end. That’s an acceptable compromise.

    ** Scotty: If you’re not enjoying watching Randolph, then you’re watching the wrong team.

    ** The ability to just throw it in to Duncan on the block and let him go to work … that’s just not fair.

    ** Jackson with the hustle rebound (although he won’t get credit for it).

    ** This game is starting to feel like the U.S. vs. U.S.S.R. in the 1980 Olympic hockey tournament. That Russian team was also stocked with plenty of 30somethings on the downside of their career, while the Americans were a bunch of peach-fuzzy 22-year-olds.

    ** The Spurs are starting to overplay every pass, which means the Warriors either need to increase the pace of swinging the ball — or quickly reverse the flow. Jack jacking up a 3-ball with a hand in his face is not one of those options.

    ** A behind-the-back pass, Tony? Seriously? I understand it gave you a better angle, but that just looks horrible now that it’s a turnover leading to and Azubuike jumper that cuts the lead to one point.

    ** After dominating all quarter, Duncan gets spooked by Jackson’s double-team and dribbles it off his own leg for the go-ahead bucket by Azubuike. Wow.

    ** Jackson flows back to Duncan after being knocked off on the S/R, thinking Turiaf would switch onto Mason, but Turiaf sags down as well, thinking Jackson would fight to get back in position — allowing Mason to hit the go-ahead jumper. You hate to lose on a miscommunication like that.

    ** I get the reason why you don’t call timeout there — you want to beat the scrambled defense downcourt and take advantage of it, especially in light of the way the Spurs had stifled Ellis on the previous play. It would have been nice for Monta to have a little better time management there, because it sure looked like he had time to gather himself for something better than a 35-foot running heave.

    There’s also this to think about: Why didn’t Ellis pass the ball up the left wing to Azubuike? That would have saved critical fractions of a second and couldn’t have led to a worse shot than ended up being taken.


    ** I thought Nellie might give Randolph the start in the second half, but obviously not.

    ** Randolph comes in after 2 1/2 minutes, and comes up with a block on Bruce Bowen that was just flat-out bananas. Just head-shaking athleticism.

    ** Randolph’s got to recognize that Duncan is coming down to screen him away from Bonner at the 3-point line. With recognition, Randolph has the quickness to scoot around Duncan and close out on D.

    ** Point-forward with Randolph in the half-court draws a loose-ball foul. Very interesting.

    ** Bench: Plus-34. Starters: Minus-34. Randolph the individual leader at plus-14. This game has become all about the rookie.

    ** Maggette, Jackson and Ellis played some outstanding defense to force a contested, fadeaway 22-footer from Finley — and then Maggette jacks up a 20-footer on Bonner. You can be a black hole when you’re going well. Maggette (1-7 2-4 4) is hardly going well.


    ** Plus/minus for the Warriors’ bench right now: plus-18. Plus/minus for the starters: minus-20.

    ** I’d be interested to see if Corey Maggette’s travel-per-minute number has gone up since the he-traveled-six-times-on-one-play video came out.

    ** Since coming back from his two-week shutdown, Ellis has increased his defensive rebounding by 18 percent, and he just looks like he can get to more balls than before.

    ** Scotty: I remember hearing at one point recently that Jackson’s perennially hurt turf toe was acting up; I wonder if that’s part of the problem.

    ** The gulf between the bench (plus-27) and the starters (minus-17) is widening.


    ** Nice sneaky pick set by Monta Ellis to free up Kelenna Azubuike for the back-door layup. Did Tony Parker try to warn Roger Mason Jr. in French or something?

    ** The coaching staff is not going to like that Brandan Wright stood and watched while Ronny Turiaf fought Tim Duncan for that rebound, then finally moved after Duncan had ripped the ball away and delivered a shooting foul.

    ** Rob Kurz, whirling dervish! :) Honestly, though, that was a sweet lob to Stephen Jackson, which might set a record for “lob recipient with the least vertical” in the NBA this season.

    ** Pat: I laughed at that, too, but it does illustrate how much harder Randolph seems to fight for the ball as opposed to Wright.

    – Geoff

8 Responses to “Game 71, live: Warriors (25-45) at Spurs (45-24)”

  1. Randolph with the steal . . from Kurz

  2. Jackson has put up some awful shots so far. Doesn’t seem to have any desire to even make a dribble move.

  3. Poor BWright is getting yanked back and forth like a yo-yo.

    7:47 Anthony Randolph enters the game for Brandan Wright
    1:45 Brandan Wright enters the game for Rob Kurz
    10:40 Kelenna Azubuike enters the game for Brandan Wright
    8:59 Brandan Wright enters the game for Anthony Randolph
    5:56 Anthony Randolph enters the game for Brandan Wright
    1:43 Brandan Wright enters the game for Anthony Randolph

  4. Turf toe all year…

  5. Are you hating watching Maggette or enjoying watching Randolph more right now? It’s a tough one.

  6. I think I worded that poorly. I meant how much I’m enjoying Randolph is basically offsetting how much I was disliking all the force feeding of Maggette earlier.

  7. it’s becoming more and more evident that unless the Warriors are shooting at an outrageous percentage with most of their 3’s going in, they need a guy that can pass to open teammates. Story of the year, the warriors need a point guard.

  8. No D no win but on a bright side if we do not re-up our season tickets and “Boycott the Warriors until Chris Cohan sells the team!!!” them hopefully he will and don’t for get sports fans Magghogball must go.

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