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    Game 62 (Pistons 108, Warriors 91): Technology 2, 48minutes.net 0

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    So, due to problems with the cable/internet service at the house I’m visiting, not only did I not get to see the game Friday, but I also had to hike down to an Internet cafe just to post this…

    I’m a little bit surprised at Don Nelson fixing his sights on Jamal Crawford’s opt-out clause. The Warriors are not going to push him into kissing off $20M, and with good reason — I mean, what’s the worst thing that happens? From Crawford’s perspective, he just looks at what happened to Al Harrington … Al demanded a trade, got a two-week vacation and then landed with the hometown team he most wanted to play for, and for a coach who lets him hoist shots all night. So it’s not like the threat of a trade from the Warriors is going to scare him.

    (BTW, this whole thing sure makes it seem all the more likely that when Harrington’s trade demand was leaked, it wasn’t Al or even Dan Fegan trying to apply pressure, but the other side trying to make Al into a villian in the public’s perception.)

    I know that Robert Rowell had to give the pro forma pooh-poohing of Nelson’s ultimatum, but I found this quote in Marcus’ blog to be jaw-droppingly out of touch with reality: “We’re closer to being a good basketball team than going he other way.”

    I wish more local reporters had been on this trip to follow up with the obvious: What makes you say that, Bobby? The fact that your presumptive franchise player is pouting in Mississippi and has not once shown any explosion off his surgically-repaired ankle? The fact that your PFP’s potential running mate is being pushed out by the coach? The fact that your young players, seemingly to a man, intensely dislike said coach? The fact that your major FA signing from last summer is a total black hole who bogs down the offense and makes the club simply unwatchable whenever he’s in the starting lineup? The fact that you still, for the 15th consecutive season, don’t have a legitimate power forward?

    One thing is certain: For every piece of dysfunctional craziness that comes from this team, Chris Mullin looks better and better. By the end of the season, he might get some Executive of the Year votes, purely out of sympathy.

    – Geoff

    P.S. Probably no live blog tonight off the game, for the same reasons as last night, but we’ll see what happens.

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  1. Boycott the Warriors until Chris Cohan sells the team

  2. Lepdogg,

    I love this blog and they style of writing!

  3. *the (correction)

  4. “One thing is certain: For every piece of dysfunctional craziness that comes from this team, Chris Mullin looks better and better. By the end of the season, he might get some Executive of the Year votes, purely out of sympathy.”

    How does that make any sense? You do realize that Chris Mullin couldn’t find a legitimate power forward for the past 4 seasons and this losing roster is almost completely his construction?

  5. I’m boycotting the team tonight.

  6. Jeff,

    How do you figure it is entirely his construction? Nelson wanted Richardson gone and the FO wanted cash. Ergo trade to Charlotte for BW.

    Nelson wanted AH gone and JC fits Nelson’s type of player: all offense and a vet.

    AR is a Nellie type in that he is athletic and fast…He’s just not ready for the Nellie system.

    Beli seemed an experienced euro player with passing skills which is another Nelson wish.

    AM hits the 3 cold.

    These are all Nelson type traits.

    I don’t mind you giving Mullin some flak as he is not innocent in this mess, but please consider there are others equally or more involved in the dreck that is happening.

  7. blackgsd-

    How can you absolve Mullin of any blame for the jrich trade? He’s the GM that happened under his watch.
    AH quit on the team. Mullin supposedly lay the foundation for the JC trade. AR is a huge question mark at best. He is not having a good rookie season. AM is a walk on. Mullin’s the one who blew draft picks and traded for MW. Name a coach out there who can coach this terrible roster to the playoffs in the West.

  8. Nice, the “Blame Mullin” talk points must have been released to the hype krew.

    Monta Ellis graces the covers of the season ticket renewal pamphlets, by the way.
    So they’ll now mount a “just wait until we’re helathy” PR putsch until they get some suckers locked in, then they’ll void or trade Monta.

    We’re AWESOME!

  9. Jeff,

    Where in my post did I say Mullin should be absolved? I only pointed out that I felt you were wrong to lay it all on his shoulders. Rowell and Nelson bear some responsibility in this, but we can disagree.

  10. two words, my man…

  11. WEB TV

  12. I didn’t get to watch the game tonight due to a dinner outting, but I checked out the boxscores and noticed that Buike didn’t play tonight and the Warriors lost again. I know… there’s nothing new in terms of the Warriors losing.

    Anyhow, Geoff, when I asked you your insights about the Warriors losing every game that Azubuike hasn’t played in, you said that the stat may be off… But the stat still holds true. I still think it’s amazing. For some reason, I find that stat extremely interesting.

  13. I like Azubuike way better than Belinelli.
    Remember when people said Belinelli was better than Monta?

    At least he didn’t wreck his ankle, I guess.

    When is that old man going to become a decent NBA reserve?

  14. buike has different strengths than belinelli. they’re both better than monta. monta’s game is now clinking midrange jumpers, and still no defense. he’s still much better than maggs, though. the maggette effect-we were up by 10 when he entered against the bulls, within minutes it became an even game, and we finished down by 22 points. 32 point swing. yesterday, he came in while it was a one-point deficit, put up huge numbers, couldn’t be playing better, and during his “hot streak” the team was down by 7, 10. and the lakers game, etc etc.

  15. Jeff
    How do you figure that Mullin is responsible for this roster when he hasn’t made his own move since drafting Randolph this summer? And by the way- he has made argueably the 2 biggest trades in Warrior history ( Davis and Jack/Harrington). And tell me what other GM in Warrior history would have had a guy like KG agreeing to come here. The W’s, Celtics and Bulls were the only ones with chips still on the table when that deal went down.
    This roster has EVERYTHING to do with Rowell and Nelson. Nelson’s insistance in alienating players and switching course every 5 minutes and Rowell pretending he understands basketball are the reasons we are in this boat.
    you are right- boycott is what everyone should be doing so that guy doesn’t reap the benefits of putting a non-winning team out there and expecting everyone to pay top dollar to see it.

  16. “How do you figure that Mullin is responsible for this roster when he hasn’t made his own move since drafting Randolph this summer?”

    Look up and down this roster. Every single play was either signed, drafted, or traded for by Mullin. He played a big role in the Jamal Crawford for Al Harrington trade (not saying that it was a bad trade).

    The only thing you can’t blame Mullin for is Baron not being here this season. That’s Rowell’s fault. Not Mullin’s or Nellie’s.

    Nellie’s track record and evaluation skills are far more impressive than Mullin’s. Let’s not even go there.

  17. Mullin has been out since August. Ask anyone around the Warriors. Jackson’s resigning and The Harrington deal had nothing to do with Mullin. He has been stripped of his authority there. They dont even let him speak to the media about the team and deals anymore- They have Riley and Rowell doing it. After Mullin fought for Baron and took Monta’s side on the punishment debate- it was over for him. He went over Rowells head and Cohan stuck with his boy- the accountant. Thunder has more authority than Mullin in Oakland right now.

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