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    Game No. 57, live: Warriors (20-36) at Clippers (13-43)

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    ** Luke: So, if the Warriors win this game, does that mean the Clippers’ tank is better than the Warriors?

    ** Randolph is hitting on his jumpers tonight, for the first time in … well … forever?

    ** A BD banked 3? Ouch.

    ** The BD-Jackson battle is ON.

    ** C.J.: Cover the shooter, for eff’s sake.

    ** Seriously, why is C.J. not getting pulled after his repeated failures defensively on Gordon, but Belinelli gets yanked after one run-out layup for Mardy Collins? Awful.

    ** Maggette gets away with a foul at one end to come up with the “steal” on Randolph, then pisses away the advantage by hocking up a horrible fadeaway J.

    ** Baron with the unseemly 3 and extended follow through, ramming the point home.

    ** pboss: He’s not coming back, not until Robert Rowell is dethroned.


    ** Jamal Crawford not only got beat by Fred Jones at the point of attack, but he compounded the error by effectively screening Biedrins and keeping him from getting a decent look at blocking the layup.

    ** Crawford made the correct rotation on the Clippers’ S/R to back up Biedrins by covering Randolph, but then he just stood there while Randolph caught the ball 2 feet from the hoop and scored. Jamal, it’s not enough to just be in the right place at the right time. You have to give the requisite effort at the same time.

    ** Michael: Jackson is guilty of stopping ball movement, especially when he jacks up early shots, but when he pounds the ball, there is still hope in those situations that he’ll eventually pass off — if someone comes open on a cut, for example, he’ll zip the ball in there. When Crawford pounds the ball, it’s because that’s how he’s effective as a scorer, and he doesn’t look to pass unless it’s an obvious neon-sign kind of situation with a teammate screaming “I’M OPEN!” As for Maggette … he’s a black hole. Period.

    ** And now Turiaf suffers an apparent sprained ankle. There goes the hope for multiple bigs, at least for the moment.

    ** Hey, C.J. Watson: Did I not mention enough that Eric Gordon was good?

    ** I hate to sound like a cynical follower of Italian soccer, but I just have to wonder … did Maggette actually get cracked in the head, or was he hamming it up so there would be an adequate explanation for the badly missed layup?

    ** OK, so the Gordon-at-point-guard deal is a straight-up fiasco.


    ** pboss: I can’t speak to what kind of clubbing guys did, if any, but yes, they were in L.A. last night. League rules stipulate a team has to be in town the night before a road game, barring some kind of travel emergency.

    ** The fastbreaking of the first quarter gave way to more of the early-season vintage isos featuring Maggette. It’ll be interesting to see what kind of steps Nelson takes to change that equation this half.


    ** A lot of standing around and watching for the Warriors, which isn’t that surprising considering that they’re 29th in terms of A/FG. Only Memphis is more one-on-one oriented than this team.

    ** The Clippers really ought to cut Ricky Davis just on principle.

    ** Anthony Morrow can’t let Gordon wander away from him like that for an open trey.

    ** I know this is going to sound heretical, but what about trying a two-big combination to try and change things up against Dunleavy’s small-ball attack?

    ** Biedrins and Anthony Randolph in together — not surprisingly, I love the idea.

    ** Michael: Is there a difference between the two?

    ** Five assists on the last five Warriors buckets after Belinelli’s interior bounce pass for Biedrins. And then Crawford goes rogue twice in a row to ruin the idea of ball movement.


    ** I just can’t get over how bad the Clippers are. I do love Eric Gordon, though.

    ** It’s great that Marco Belinelli got a dunk off that steal, but poke-checking from behind on the screen/roll is not the way to quality defense.

    ** This is yet another game against the Clippers in which the Warriors have multiple open shots available to them on every possession.

    ** BD with back-to-back 3s from the same spot on the floor. It’s almost like nobody on this team ever played with the guy before. :)

    ** Marcus Camby welcomes Andris Biedrins back to active duty with a dominant block.

    ** Camby ties it at the buzzer with a trey. Even the easy games aren’t easy for the Warriors, are they?


    ** Don’t forget, Staples Center was the place and the Clippers were the opponent when the legend of Anthony Morrow began. We’ll see if he can recreate that magic with Monta Ellis on the bench.

    – Geoff

21 Responses to “Game No. 57, live: Warriors (20-36) at Clippers (13-43)”

  1. And Morrow finally gets a shot. Why play him if you’re not going to get him the ball. Marco facilitates really well. He should play with Morrow.

  2. Nellie ball or Maggette ball? Somtimes I’m not sure.

  3. Rony fouls BD…30 FEET from the basket! Splain that one!

    Never did understand having your center chase guards out beyond the key??

  4. Hey Geoff, did the W’s get into LA last night? Looks like Maggette and Ronny may have taken the team for a night out on the town. These guys look tired, and possibly hungover, out there.

  5. I’ll take that as a yes

  6. Really hoping to see more of the Biedrins-Randolph combo in the 2nd half. And I really, really hope we get to see the Randolph-Wright-Biedrins combo when Wright gets back. I know it sounds like a total pipe dream, but I’m pretty sure it worked really well the couple times Nellie gave it a try earlier in the year.

  7. Jack looks good tonight but lapses in ball movement seem to start with him, Crawford or Maggette.


    Am I wrong in thinking that those three are Nellie’s “core” (as opposed to the “young core” people often speak about)?

  8. This is what tanking is ..I dont know what everyone was expecting when you start playing ten guys . No one is gonna take these games seriously and basically screw around for the next 6 weeks .You start shuffling in and out 10 guys and no one finds a rhythm and everything is out of sync .

  9. The current lacks energy. Go Marco, Morrow and Randolph right now. They’re hungry.

  10. Baron is trying to make the Warriors pay for letting him go.

  11. This is a good start to getting the ticket renewal packages ready to go out. I hope Cohan and Rowell get what they deserve after what they’ve done to our once promising team–a half empty arena like all the other losing franchises in the league. They just don’t know how extraordinarily lucky they’ve been with this incredibly loyal fan base through thick and thin. But this year they may find out; from my lips to god’s ears.

  12. Eric Gordon has looked so bad and so good at different points in this game. Rough finish to that quarter for him. He’s definitely got one of the sweetest J’s you could ever see though.

  13. If Randolph learns to shoot that jumper with consistency he’s going to be a star.

  14. so nice that Morrow answered that ridiculous Baron banked in 3 so quickly

  15. I might think twice now about B diddy for Crawford / Williams.

  16. Holy crap.

    100% health from supposed key vets Jackson Crawford Maggette and that’s the best we can do?

    Dynamite. Now.

  17. Geoff, here’s your best observation tonight:

    ** Seriously, why is C.J. not getting pulled after his repeated failures defensively on Gordon, but Belinelli gets yanked after one run-out layup for Mardy Collins? Awful.

    When Marco missed an assignment to run back on the Mardy breakout, Nelson jumped off the bench, pointed to Watson and kept him in nearly the entire second half. Bellinelli never returned and looked very dejected sitting next to his friend, Andris.

    On the court Watson failed to cover Gordon time after time as Gordon drilled threes or penetrated. Nelson will NOT admit to his errors in bias, so he just goes with it. Marco, playing few minutes, leads the team in assists tonight.

    There’s more to it than that. Except for his own steal and lay up, Marco does not get the ball in the Warrior’s offense. Other players don’t find him, especially not Crawford who makes it a point to ignore Marco (wonder why?).

    If they’d give him time and authority, Marco could do a lot to turn this miserable selfish and stupid team into something more respectable.

  18. Nellie can do no wrong. Belinelli must suck.

  19. A loss to the lowly Clippers. I feel like I’m morphing into Chris Cohan. OMG. Nellie is the best coach of all time….fey

  20. Tell me again why everyone on this blog dogs CJ Watson so badly?
    While i don’t have any fascinations that this guy is a full time starter, he is as solid of a backup PG as it gets in today’s NBA.
    With barely a season of pro experience under his belt - he provides spark off the bench, pushes the fast break, gets some steals and is shooting 47% from the field and 3 point land. He is a great free throw shooter and a good ball handler. He is also a pretty good passer and does his part on the boards as far as a PG goes. if you give him an open shot- he is a good bet to make it and he rarely is seen forcing up three’s early in the clock with a hand in his face.
    His contribution was the sole reason that the Warriors even got back into last nights game.
    He plays fair team D as well.
    As far as Gordon goes- it did not appear that anyone could cover that guy- and maybe that is more of a Nelson problem for doubling Davis when Gordon was left open and stroking jumpers.

  21. MS: “As far as Gordon goes- it did not appear that anyone could cover that guy”

    I’ll let you read the next post, but other people could and did guard him. C.J. did not. And did not very badly.

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