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    Game No. 50, live: Suns (26-20) at Warriors (15-34)

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    ** CC beat me to it: I’ll be much more impressed if the Warriors sweep this back-to-back with the Suns, rather than taking their usual 22-point thumping in Phoenix.

    ** Robin Lopez is really letting his inner Justin Guarini run wild, ain’t he?

    ** Triple-double for Jackson, and he’s deserved it tonight.

    ** Barnes with an ugly foul on Turiaf, and I don’t have any idea why Porter is complaining. Barnes delivered the message he wanted, and is paying the requisite price. End of story.

    ** world: C’mon. It’s almost like you’ve never watched this team before… :)


    ** Amare’s removed his headband. Does this mean he’s getting serious now?

    ** Nice inbounds pass, Jack.

    ** And then Jackson knocks down a 3 at the other end like it was an 8-footer. Of course. :)

    ** Unlike Porter’s 20-second TO in the first minute of play, I like this timeout from Don Nelson. Early enough to keep things from really getting close, but with enough of a run that the players won’t just roll their eyes at what Nelson and Keith Smart are saying.

    ** Another offensive foul called on the Suns … I’m starting to put more stock in the conspiracy theories.

    ** Golden State’s jumpers are starting to go cold, and so the lead starts to shrink.

    ** Are the Warriors hitting an absurd number of open shots? Sure. But they are open shots, and you have to give Golden State credit for making the kick-out passes that lead to open looks, such as the one Turiaf fed to C.J. Watson in the final minute.


    ** Ronny Turiaf snuffing out J-Rich at the apex of his dunk attempt. Somebody please forward that clip to all those folks who try to convince me that college hoops is better than the NBA.

    ** An interesting aspect of the Suns going zone is that it forces the Warriors away from the screen-roll game and actually invites more drive-and-kick action, as we just saw with Jamal Crawford feeding Jackson for a 15-footer.

    ** Azubuike forgot to follow his own 3 and missed a golden offensive rebound opportunity.

    ** CC: I don’t think they’re all idiotic, although there have been plenty of early jacks from Crawford, et. al. They want Azubuike to take open 3-pointers, and that’s what he was getting in the first quarter. (On a side note about Amare, that’s why he’s pouting right now — Azubuike was killing him on offense, but he never got much of a chance to exploit Kelenna at the other end, so since Porter pulled him, Amare just stewed about not getting touches.)

    ** Maybe it’s just a case of seeing what I’m expecting to see, but Maggette seems to be giving an increased effort on the boards and defensively after being called out.

    ** And Maggette draws a charge (even if it was one of dubious provenance) on Grant Hill. Maybe Crawford needs to chew him out before every game?


    ** Kelenna Azubuike vs. Amare Stoudemire? Well, there’s going to be laughs on one bench, at least.

    ** Shawn Marion bitched his way out of Phoenix, and they ended up with the ill-fitting Shaquille O’Neal instead, gumming up not ony their offense but also their salary cap. This should be a warning sign to anyone who wants to dump Corey Maggette for whatever the Warriors can get in the wake of his reported blowup with Jamal Crawford.

    ** It’s the Warriors bench that’s doing the laughing as Azubuike lasers home another 3-pointer for a 17-2 lead. It’s sad to watch how slow Shaq is right now — Jackson ran S/R with Biedrins on the left wing and fed Biedrins, who was a good 8 feet away from Shaq, forcing Amare and Steve Nash to come to Shaq’s rescue. That, in turn, opened up Azubuike for yet another triple.

    Getting Shaq was supposed to HELP Phoenix’s defense, no? Why would you destroy one of the league’s two greatest offensive machines (along with the W’s) to acquire a defensive-minded presence that CAN’T PLAY DEFENSE?


    ** Flying Jason Richardson sighting … what would last season’s team have looked like with him on it?

    ** Stephen Jackson elicits the technical from Amare — too funny.

    ** Joe: In order to get Shaq those numbers, they’ve had to fundamentally alter the team, and significantly lessen the effectiveness of Nash, whose per-minute numbers are way down across the board. If they had improved on defense, that might outweigh Nash’s drop of productivity. But they haven’t, and it doesn’t.

    ** You think Kelenna Azubuike is going to send a DVD of this quarter to David Stern with a nice little note attached?

    ** CC: I don’t hate Phoenix. I just think they’re a horrible hybrid. Their two biggest stars need to operate at diametrically opposite extremes with regard to tempo. Name me one time that’s worked in this league.

    – Geoff

40 Responses to “Game No. 50, live: Suns (26-20) at Warriors (15-34)”

  1. So far so good for Andris… the quick hands and good position are paying off, and the refs haven’t intervened when they might have…

  2. Wow- 6 quick passes and AB gets fouled. Best ball movement of the season right there.

  3. O’Neal isn’t a bust in Phoenix. He’s recent numbers are very good. The team has problems with Amare, as did D’Antoni. Amare Stoudemire isn’t happy in Phoenix and is rumored to be available. Kelenna Azubuike, or whomever Amare is guarding, has a chance to burn the Suns on the offensive end.

    Glad to hear about some anger in the locker room after a loss. If Jamal Crawford wants to play point he’s going to have to lead. Getting on other vets about one-dimensional play is a good sign.

  4. Geoff hates Phoenix. It’s official.

  5. Amare Stoudamire is getting traded tonight.

  6. A three in traffic to end the quarter with a wide open Monta trailing. Jackson must lead the league in making teammates throw their hands up in disgust.

  7. Maggette has a five year deal, Geoff. No parallel to the Phoenix move.

    You presented a BS analogy.

  8. Hot shooting. Same old Warriors.

    Can they shoot hot all game?

  9. Matt Barnes pornstache sighting.

  10. Make up calls from San Antonio, too.

    Phoenix is a mess, though. No question.
    Kerr has been an unmitigated disaster.

  11. The Dubs aren’t doing anything interesting but make all of their idiotic shots in early offense. Period.

  12. Just caught every break for an entire half, couldn’t miss, playing a team with big names, big problems, big ages.


    This ought to whip the idiots into a frenzy.

  13. If Phoenix’s VEEEEEERY open 3s had fallen like the Warriors’ quick shots (that’s the gameplan- steal a win against a really crappy defense):


    Games like this are the worst for the moron crowd.
    They take weeks to recover from these sorts of meaningless points explosions.

  14. To make CC happy the Warriors should slow the ball down and milk the clock on every shot and get pounded inside by Shaq and Amare .

    Our advantage is our quickness and versatile wing players . We want to change ends quickly and force them to have to take Shaq out and while Nash is good hes not MVP god anymore and the Suns game is not about full court basketball anymore .So getting as many players involved as possible and keeping the peddle to the floor is the best way to go .

    All the what ifs are pretty pathetic . What if the Warriors never missed again ? What if the Suns would swap nash for CJ ? What if we dont buy out Foyle would we have resigned him ?

  15. C.Cohan has it right.
    I’ve seen plenty of make-up calls in the NBA, but that’s the 1st make-up half I’ve ever seen. (Not without good reason, mind you.)

  16. The better we shoot, the less we start concentrating on everything else, like making a simple inbound pass, not stepping out of bounds, moving our feet on D, etc etc etc.

  17. This is painful watching Ellis miss shot after shot.

  18. This is like when we beat Boston before the league figured out what was up with them for that 2-week stretch.

    Phoenix is about to blow it all up and move guys out and they were already pretty bad.

    But the usual online crew will be all over this one.
    Enjoy, dummies.

  19. RealGM moderators are in on the “Blame the Media” for the Warriors’ problems now, too.
    They think you guys are making stuff up.

    This was in the context of an ESPN story about Randolph and Nelson.

    I don’t think they’re clear on ESPN’s security as a “media” outlet.

    Sinking ship over at that ad revenue mecca…

  20. PS, this game is the set up for an actually competitive Friday night game between these two teams on ESPN.

    Warriors win B2B?

  21. Refs have killed every shred of Suns momentum.

    Warriors can’t bitch anymore now.

  22. Our successful long-bombing tonight makes the Suns look especially old, shallow, free of chemistry, and poorly coached.

  23. Nelson’s career is summed up as him abusing bad coaches and shaky teams.

    Check and check.

  24. Nice half of basketball, Kelenna, have a seat.

  25. Bad sign: Jackson in for stats, Suns starters out.

  26. Clear the bench, right? Surely, this is where a youngster gets it the game?

  27. Nelson’s desperate for wins…. same old s–t.

  28. Jackson deserved to play 43 minutes?

    BS team.

  29. WTF Nellie?!

  30. Alando Tucker and Dragic, yes.
    Randolph or Morrow? No.

  31. Dragic > Belinelli.

    Add another one to the list.

  32. Out on a limb: Phoenix finishes the year under .500

  33. Been watching this team for 30 years, Geoff. Nellie’s rotations just defy logic and sensibility. :)

    Nice sharing the game with you guys…

  34. Suns never get close and Nellie plays 7.5 guys. Isn’t he best buddies w/ Poppovich? Why can’t some of Pop rub off on Nellie? I guess 3 championships in 1/2 the time coaching hasn’t convinced Nellie that Pop might be on to something.

  35. word word

  36. Nuck Chorris- Dr. Fegan

    Make up game.

  37. StackJack was kept in possibly to get his first ever career triple double.

  38. Nellieissmarterthanyou

    ** Azubuike forgot to follow his own 3 and missed a golden offensive rebound opportunity.

    Actually KAz was running back on D like he is supposed to, but ‘forgot’ that Suns sometimes don’t like to rebound that ball, unfortunately he was too late

  39. Nash is hampered by the Porter’s offense and the personel that Kerr put around him.
    He has to play with Amare’s whining and has to wait for Shaq to drag his ass up the court.
    The Suns panicked when they moved Marion. Things weren’t that bad and they really never got a chance to see how their big three could play together for a whole year. There were always injuries or suspensions ( they very well could have beaten the Spurs the year that Amare was suspended for game 7) . JR would be a great fit there if they were still in D’antoni’s offense. They should work on keeping Rich, trading Amare for rebuilding pieces and then letting Shaq expire. Nash will be playing his last years for D’antoni in NY, no question about that.
    p.s.- the suns would have had a championship had they not sold their 1st round pics 3 years in a row ( missing out on guys like Igoudala, Jefferson,Nate Rob etc…)

  40. The Suns could have blow their picks but FWIW their 8th pick overall went to Da Bulls who selected Loul Deng, a guy that would play well with Nash.

    Amare was a problem under D’Antoni - rumor is MN offered to swap for KG but Suns said no.

    Giving up Raja Bell was, IMHO, a big loss.

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