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    C.J. Watson becomes the latest victim of the Warriors’ record

    (PROGRAMMING NOTE: Due to a prior engagement, there won’t be a live blog from the Mavericks-Warriors game this evening.)

    The NBA unveiled the 18 players scheduled to participate in the Rookie Challenge, and despite the fact that nearly half of the Warriors’ roster was eligible to partake, no Golden State representative will take the floor on Feb. 13.

    The omission of Anthony Morrow is ultimately unsurprising, as he simply hasn’t played enough (he’s 20th on the list of total minutes for rookies, sandwiched between San Antonio’s George Hill and New Jersey’s Ryan Anderson).

    C.J. Watson’s failure to earn a berth on the Sophomore team is a little more head-scratching, however, given who made it. Watson compares favorably in pretty much every category with Sophomore team member Aaron Brooks of Houston, especially in terms of his efficiency – Watson is shooting 46.0 percent to Brooks’ 39.7 from the floor (44.3 to Brooks’ 34.6 on 3-pointers) and has a better assist/turnover ratio, better PER score and more Win Shares.

    But Brooks plays on a team that’s 28-18 instead of 14-31, and that’s why he’s going to Phoenix. I get that.

    Yet there are only two true guards on the team – Brooks and Detroit’s Rodney Stuckey. The league’s assistant coaches filled out the other seven spots with forwards and/or centers. (Oklahoma City’s Kevin Durant has played some 2 but is still primarily a 3, and though Wilson Chandler has filled in as an emergency guard for the Knicks, according to 82games.com, he’s had less than 100 minutes there all season).

    Now, I’m a Jeff Green fan, but if you’re going to vote using team record as a criteria, you can’t reward the 10-35 Thunder by putting him out there instead of a third legitimate guard. That’s just ridiculous.

    – Geoff

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  1. We’re a Left Coast team.

    When I travel to DC, the hotel’s complementary USA Today’s edition rarely covers the late GSW box score. Then they don’t bother to run it the day after.

    So our guys play on a historically bad team on the west coast — they’re invisible to the media’s myopia. If it ain’t the Lakers, it’s not well covered.

    JoeSez punt on the all-star game and watch a re-run of Heidi on Hulu.

    The NBA headshed will see the crappy ratings.

  2. Weak.

  3. [...] Watson a no go for the Rookie Challenge. I agree with Geoff Lepper on this one. Watson deserves a spot. Oh [...]

  4. With all do respect, Watson isn’t nearly the basketball player Aaron Brooks is. Brooks actually drives a team and makes people better. If Watson played for the Rockets he wouldn’t see the court, he is a defensive liability and his numbers are the product of an open offensive system that places an emphasis on jacking up shots early in the shot clock vs. stopping people and trying to win. Don’t get me wrong, I am huge Ws fan and want the Warriors to be good and represented well, but making the argument that CJ should be playing in this game is sad. He is a below average guard in this league and the more we as Warriors fans get excited about guys like CJ, the more we continue to accept mediocrity.

  5. Geoff, you picked a good night to take off. This game is an embarassment and it’s on National TV. Van Gundy and Jackson are portraying the W’s as a lost and pathetic franchise.

    Worst game i’ve watched so far this year. Here’s to another 12 years!

  6. We are awesome.

  7. man…that sucked.

    Geoff, you hearing any insider trade talk?

  8. CJ has half an NBA game at best, and if he’s not hitting he’s not even D-League. Plus the NBA is selling entertainment, just look at the broadcasts, and listen to the AAARRREEENNAAAA announcers.
    When the league isn’t selling entertainment, it’s selling jerseys AND shoes.

  9. There’s not really a controversy here. I hate to say it because he seems like a good guy but CJ Watson just isn’t a very good player despite putting up good shooting percentages. He’s way too slow and not a good passer — cardinal sins at the one no matter how well you shoot. You can point to a couple of statistics and say he deserves to go but anyone who watches the Warriors know he has marginal talent at best. I actually preferred watching Demarcus Nelson play.

    I think the real story you should write about is that the Warriors use D-league players more than any other team. The result is that the team has an awesome work ethic and most of the players have humble attitudes. Personally I’d love to see Anthony Morrow play more and I hope he makes the Sophomore team next year.

  10. CJ is not in the Rookie Challenge because Don Nelson gimmick offense is no longer bought into by ANYONE in this league and the Warriors are the model of how to sap the life out of the NBA. They’ll NEVER land a top pick. N-E-V-E-R again.

    Not with Cohan at the top.

    Watson sucks, this is stupid.

    Morrow is the only snub and once he’s left the Warriors to be a legitimate NBA player with a better team, he’ll get his dues as a genius shooter.

  11. Say what you will about CJ, he’s still having a better year than Aaron Brooks (unless they’re considering potential, it should be about who is having the better 2nd year, no?)

    The real travesty is that Brooks got in ahead of Ramon Sessions; who is playing better than both Brooks and CJ.

  12. The NBA Marketing Machine has a chance to showcase their D-League teams by inviting D-league graduate CJ Watson to their All-Star Prom.


  13. CJ sucks guys. Seriously. Brooks is WAAAAAAAY better at not being a complete non-PG idiot in a NBA game. And he defends better, too.

    This ain’t close. I’d ditch Watson for Brooks in a heartbeat. And I don’t even like Brooks.

    But if all you want is post fodder, I suppose you have it…

  14. The Warriors were the only winning team during the 2007-2008 season that did not have at least one representative in the All Star game. Rumor has it that Byron Scott and George Karl (no fans or Baron Davis) voted to keep him off.

    The Warriors get absolutely no respect around the league.

  15. Nelson just blamed Ellis for the Cavs loss.
    It’s all over, folks. Ellis is on the block.

  16. CC: Where did Nelson make the “Cavs” accusation against Ellis?

    BTW There’s absolutely no reason Nelson would NOT want to trade young guys for vets so he can win that NBA Coaching record. No sane NBA coach wants to develop youth and Nellie is taking control of the front office.

    It makes perfect sense for both sides to play-happy and demonstrate Ellis’ health and return to top form prior to Feb 19.

  17. Wait, so now you’ve come around to Nellie being terirble for young players?!

    This seaons is making people go completely out of their minds.

    Nelie was on his radio show today after his arbitration hearing- he skipped practice and let Keith Smart just run some pick-up games while Biedrins was carted off to the locker room with some sort of injury.

    That’s where he rang in the apocalypse redux.

  18. I think Ramon Sessions deserved the spot more the CJ and Brooks.

  19. CC: Not sure where you’re coming from at times…
    Nellie is like every other coach - all want to win now and not develop young players.

    He’s in control so trades for usable pieces is more likely. 2-3 years from now he’ll hold the record for most wins. Sooner the better and the heck with the consequences.

  20. We’re effed.

  21. Um, surprised because a jump shooter that can’t even, or ever, finish a drive, can’t post up and dribbles around killing whatever fast break advantages there were disappear, didn’t make the all soph team? In fact he’s not in the same league as fellow sophmore Azibuke. Geoff, you been watching the games live? CJ has a nice jump shot, and, well that’s about all, and he’s best at that as an undersized two, which he sometimes plays. Possibly the worst driving pg I’ve seen in a couple of decades of watching NBA. Maybe not the very worst, but, frankly, I can’t think of anyone I’ve seen who is worse? Can you?

    Is the game so one-dimensional that just being a good shooter is enough, especially at pg? And what is his record as a starter or big minutes pg, pray tell?

  22. marty, azubuike is in his third year.

    cc, brooks cant defend, but you’re right, hes much better than cj. hes a game changer and has much more upside.

    also, the rook/soph game’s objective is to show off some talent. cj has no flare or athletic ability. thats not allstar weekend material.

    dont get me wrong, i like cj. i like the dleagers. atleast more than stephen jackson…

  23. I’d just like to complain about the fact that Jeff Green is given only brief mention in this piece…

  24. You all were saying?

  25. As cool as it would have been to see C.J. at the AS Weekend, it was cooler to have him here in Knoxville, being honored as one of the 20 greatest players in UT history.

    I’m really happy that C.J. finally made it to the NBA, and I hope he can stickaround for a while. He really is a great kid.

  26. CJ is a Nellie S–tballer. Like Barnes before him, his playing future is brief and dim.
    We didn’t move Barnes when we should have and this will be the same.

    But he does seem like a “nice guy” with a good shot.
    Too bad we’re riding him like he’ll get us somewhere…..

  27. CJ.... Come on?

    CJ is not a good NBA player, hence that he was not drafted. Aaron brooks deserves it much more because he has a more complete game, and is a smarter basketball player, CJ is a good mid range shooter (when wide open) and gets some steals, but his defense and the development of him game do not exist, he, unlike brooks is what he is, and the rookie and soph. challenge are supposed to showcase future players in this league and the talent of the league, CJ is a undrafted player who not very many teams would want on their team, Brooks just got a starting spot and could be a very good NBA player someday. C.J. would never play at all if Ellis wasn’t banged up, Jackson and Crawford had injuries, OR if Nelson realized Marcus Williams is a much better player than CJ watson. It’s all about talent and showcasing it for fans, CJ is not even close to the talent of the guys in that game including brooks.

  28. I gotta say… mentioning C.J. Watson and Jeff Green is simply insane…. One is a top 5 overall pick, and one is an undrafted player who only plays at all because of injuries. The rook/soph game is supposed to showcase nba talent, C.J. is a one dimensional guard who has poor court vision, no defense and is not fast or quick enough, or strong enough to play against other guards in the league. Brooks is a much more gifted athlete and a better player than C.J., but Green to even mention them in the same sentence is crazy, and yeah that game is definitely not related to overall record at all, it’s a “futures” game, you play the best guys, Green and Brooks are far ahead of C.J. and are future starters or current starters actually, C.J. is not a very good backup, however he has 0 chance of ever been a starting point guard in the NBA, have you watched him play?

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