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    Game No. 30, live: Warriors (8-21) at Heat (14-12)

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    ** I feel like D’Angelo Barksdale, with Don Nelson as Stringer Bell: WHERE’S BRANDAN, NELLIE? WHERE’S BRANDAN?

    ** Less than 9 minutes left, and the Warriors still need 18 points to avoid their season-low.

    ** I can’t decide if I’m more impressed with the Warriors’ ability to stay in touch with the Heat because by virtue of their defensive work, or if I’m just appalled at Miami steadfastly refusing to blow out Golden State.

    ** Season low was 79 vs. the Grizzlies in Memphis.

    ** Nelson misses a WIDE-open 8-footer after knocking over Wade. If he can’t hit that, he’s not going to stick in this league.

    ** Spoelstra technical gets the Warriors back to within 4 points. As a ref, when you blow a call that blatantly, you have to admit it and just take your lumps.

    ** Well, if it was a tank job, it was well done. If it wasn’t . . . well, that’s just too ugly to contemplate.


    ** 5-on-3 Heat break for a dunk after Joel Anthony blocks the shot and outraces two Warriors downcourt.

    ** Hey, it’s a play for Brandan Wright!

    ** The endless procession of fadeaway jumpers continues. Correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t the point of a motion-based, drive-and-kick offense to make up for the fact that you don’t have great natural instinctive scorers on the floor by getting shooters open looks?

    ** It’s a shame that Wright, in light of how well he’s scoring right now, couldn’t have stayed on the floor longer in Orlando or Charlotte.

    ** Watson blocked trying to dunk on a break? Awful. Just truly awful.

    ** CC: re Wright. Yup. Can’t understand it.

    ** Are we sure that these teams aren’t playing a permanent 4-on-5 at both ends in some strange NBA experiment?


    ** A quick breakdown of Miami’s scoring during the 24-5 second-quarter run that put them back in charge. In retrospect, I blamed Belinelli too harshly for the ridiculous Daequan Cook 3-Point Tourgasm.

    3 points — Cook 3-pointer off a Udonis Haslem offensive rebound (Randolph closed on Cook’s first trey, but just stood on the right wing while Cook moved to open space).

    6 — Cook banks a 3-pointer as Anthony Morrow is late with the closeout.

    8 — Wade rubs Nelson off a Shawn Marion pick, lays up over Randolph.

    11 — Cook 3 left corner. Morrow late again after being forced to sag on Haslem, who was rolling from a S/R with Wade.

    13 — Haslem S/R R baseline J from Morrow.

    15 — Randolph loses ball on way up, Haslem collects and feeds a lead pass to Marion for an FB dunk.

    17 — Wade blows by Nelson, hits layup despite taking a knock from Andris Biedrins on the help.

    18 — Wade one of two FTs after a cheap, careless foul on Nelson.

    21 — 3-on-2 FB for Miami forces Azubuike to leave Cook open in the right corner for a 3.

    24 — Cook runs Belinelli off three screens and nails a trey from the top of the key.


    ** Watching on slo-motion, that’s a comical flop by Watson to draw an offensive foul on Marcus Banks.

    ** Anthony Randolph seems contractually obligated to atone for every hard-fought putback bucket with a horrible turnover or oblivious defensive mistake.

    ** If the Warriors can win a defensive-based game, it would be a first for this season. The point totals for Golden State in its eight victories:

    113 (OT)

    ** DeMarcus Nelson since his return from Bakersfield: 33 minutes, 1-8 FG, 0-3 3FG, 8 REB (7 DRB), 1 AST, 2 TO, 4 PF

    ** If Daequan Cook abused a dog as badly as he’s whipping Belinelli on defense right now, he’d be in jail.


    ** Erik: According to Marcus Thompson’s reportage, Crawford’s injury came before the Orlando game.

    ** 4-on-2 break, and Marco Belinelli hoists an off-balance 3-pointer. I’m starting to feel like one of those white-hairs who likes to bitch about how the quality of play has declined ever since Bob Cousy retired. . .

    ** The Warriors may no longer have Mickael Pietrus to make a bevy of unforced turnovers on the perimeter, but it sure feels like they commit even more, as a team, because of contributions from all across the board. Adding to the total tonight is Watson.

    ** He had an ugly turnover earlier, but do you think at this point the Warriors would rather have spent a conditional first-round pick on Mario Chalmers than Marcus Williams?


    ** How many points will Chris Quinn break free for this evening?

    ** The Warriors were happy to go small with the Heat when Erik Spolestra had Shawn Marion at the 4. What will Don Nelson do in response this time around?

    ** No Jamal Crawford puts a real crimp in the idea of going small. Kelenna Azubuike will be asked to play until his knee tendons flat-out snap, C.J. Watson will presumably move back into the starting lineup, and the Warriors will most likely be out of it by halftime.

    – Geoff

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  1. I don’t know, Geoff. I’m not sure Crawford’s game is an overall positive for the team except when he’s putting up 50, which isn’t that often. Maybe this will force Nellie to go big and the Ws will compete. Then again, 2nd game of a back to back plus partying in South Beach last night… Did Crawford get hurt at the clubs last night?

  2. This might be the game where BW and Ar play together. Put AZ and Belli in the backcourt.

  3. Morrow could have a big game as well.

  4. I have figured out what the Warriors are doing this season.
    Clue: The Germans had great ____ in WW2. Its not airplanes.

  5. Clue#2:
    I just filled up my _____ with gas today.

  6. Marco’s 15 minutes are up.
    We forgot to trade him when he peaked.
    It was a good career.

  7. Chalmers was a known commodity from a good school with big game/shot experience who is a billion times better than CJ Watson. No chance he would have broken camp for us.

  8. Marco with the steal…of CC’s girlfriend. Only way to explain the unabashed hate he has towards MB.

  9. Marco with another FINE shot for the homerz.

  10. Followed by some crap D and a foul!

  11. Geez, must’ve been his wife Marco stole instead.

  12. Hey, funny story……
    Daequan Cook was taken after Belinelli.

    Geoff, did Marco steal your sig.other, too?

  13. So now you’re on the Daequan Cook bandwagon? What bench player hasn’t gotten a career high against the warriors? No one ever said Marco was a defensive stopper. Oh, and your boy Morrow really lit it up too.

  14. I covered Morrow already, Eddie.
    Your whiny flaming does not conceal your lack of basketball intelligence.

  15. This from the guy who thinks SJax has great shot selection.

  16. ?

  17. Wow. Marco’s terrible. Not even funny anymore.

  18. No, Marco deserves worse than anyone’s given him thus far.
    I lay it on thick because no one’s being honest with themselves about this.

  19. Wright benched for succeeding.

  20. These refs need a vacation…..

  21. Season low? I thought it was 81?!

  22. I know. Others don’t…

  23. Watch…Nellie sends Wright in for garbage time.

  24. Morrow craps the bed the day I do yeoman’s work making the case for him.
    Give the people what they want, I always say.

  25. YES! Meaningless 3 to boost Morrow’s work on the night. I’ll take it.

  26. Wait, was that CJ?

  27. I’d like Nelson to have the same fate, metaphorically speaking, as Stringer Bell. Which series did you like better: The Wire or The Shield? Very tough call for me since I love them both. Brotherhood just ended its season and I hope they renew it but Damages and Big Love are starting up so there is great TV to watch (instead of the Dubs). Hey, have a Merry Xmas eve and day and thanks for all the great work.

  28. Thanks for the blog, Geoff. Hope your little break is great.
    Happy Holidays.

  29. I hate Nellie, I hate Rowell, I hate Cohan.

  30. Geoff,
    What are your thoughts on the Bucher piece? You, TK, and Cohn have opened some eyes with your work. Does this piece, which is all too hauntingly nostolgic, send a shock wave through the organization?


  31. Oh yes!! All I want for X-mas is for the minority owners to buy out Cohan.

  32. That is superb reporting by Ric Bucher, who I always respected when he was with the Mercury News. Tremendous context and insights. Nelson has always been a master manipulator and many fall for his apparently self-effacing charm.

    With Jackson, Maggette, and Crawford the Warriors have built a core that will score and stay competitive but never excel. The individual and collective limitations are clear. The only way out of the mess they’re in is to identify the likely key players for the future (Ellis, Biedrins, Randolph, and maybe Wright and Bellinelli), make sure they get plenty of playing time together, find ways to reduce the role of the current core, move Jackson and Maggette if possible, and bring in a young coach who knows what he’s doing.

    As a perfect example of a missed opportunity today: during the last four or five minutes or so the Warriors could have come back to challenge. But they needed the guys out there who are capable of lighting it up instantly. Randolph and Bellinelli (who was not having a good shooting game but can get hot quick) sat. We saw DeMarcus Nelson instead. There was an outside chance to win this game, but Nelson made that impossible.

    At least Ric Bucher has the guy figured out and is willing to call him out.

  33. there’s no need for Wright anymore. Nellie and company are going to trade him b/c he’s sick of answering the BW questions… gee thanks Geoff.

  34. actually, i blame Bucher for the whole Webber/Nelson fiasco. he’s the one who kept putting it in Webber’s ear what Nellie was saying out of context. what’d he do after all that national recognition? get hired by ESPN. he’s Skip Bayless/TK only he’s sneaky about it. he’s about making the news.

    now he’s trying to compare AR to CWebb? what dumb person thinks those two are in the same league? sources sources sources… his “souces” are basically the guys covering the W’s.

    face it, Nellie’s not going anywhere no matter what we may wish. let’s just hope he doesn’t do anything crazy (ala Larry Brown) to spite the media.

  35. Cheesy Poofs,
    Webber was a big part of the problem. Maybe the biggest part of it. Spreewell was a major toxin too. But Bucher nails it in his piece. This is deja vu, and Nelson is repeating the same ol’ stuff. The pattern is right before our eyes. We don’t need Bucher and his sources to confirm it, but its nice to see the press finally coming around.

    Nelson can only blame himself for dredging up the past and reincarnating the Webber debacle.

  36. I hope you’re making good money on this blog writing about this team. What a waste of TIME you won’t get back in your life……

  37. Chris Cohan is still a moron!

  38. Remember, Ric Bucher rose to fame — and promptly moved to ESPN — because he was the ONLY beat that got how Nelson was destroying Webber — and his team — in the first go ’round. He was the ONE guy who wrote up the obvious feud, the only actual beat reporter who dug out the facts. All the other beats — much like today’s group — sat on the sidelines until the actual, inevitable implosion.

    Interestingly, the then far more perceptive — if still just as devious — Nelson publicly stated that given the choice between keeping him or its young star, the team should keep the young star. He was right, of course. But we haven’t heard anything similar from him this year. And who knows if Cohan-Rowell would get it right this time, anyway.

    Instead, Nelson purposely tanks a winnable game — benching his hot young big, playing the defenseless Watson 39 minutes, and refusing to foul a poor FT shooting team with the game close at the end. Then he’s content to say he’s pleased with the team play (even tho he tied their hands, making a win impossible). What a total doofus!

    Let’s just hope Bucher’s onto something re minority ownership opposition to the Cohan-Rowell-Nelson trifecta. It’s certainly no surprise that he’s the one to break the rumor; it would be a terrific Christmas present for us all if he were right.

  39. Poor kids.
    They still want to believe……..

  40. Add a NBA franchise in San Jose. The Bay Are supports 2 MLB and 2 NFL franchises, why only one NBA team?

    San Antonio Spurs in Bexar County are supported by a population of 1,555,592.

    Santa Clara Co alone has 1,731,281 people, and San Mateo Co. 705,499. 6.7 million live in the 9 Bay Area counties! Why are we held hostage by one cheap owner?

    The NBA has to ADD A FRANCHISE to the Bay Area. It makes economic sense and would put cheapo Cohan on notice.

    He has turned the the Warriors into the Clippers.

  41. Cohan has some of the most likely candidates to work on a team moving to Palo Alto/San Jose heavily invested in the Warriors and the team’s future. Getting into the South Bay/West Bay market won’t be easy besides that, for other reasons. Cohan is a little smart on that.

  42. Cohan’s profitable mismanagement of the GSW shows how much of an opportunity there is to run a winning franchise and make MORE money. MLB and NFL show the area can support championship teams.

    LA has two NBA teams sharing the **same** arena so I don’t think there is a master plan that can block a second franchise.

    There is also and ample money to be had by placing a 2nd franchise along side the Warriors. We are not Appalachia. The Bay Area is the USA’s 6th largest metropolitan area in population and demographically the wealthiest of all US metropolitan areas in median and average household income.

    If the GSW start playing some games in San Jose, they will spur demand for an NBA team in the south bay and piss of SF and Oakland which I don’t see as accepting anything less than a 100% local team.

    One problem getting and keeping a franchise is an arena. We have two in place, and one supports a successful Pro Hockey franchise in the downtown of the largest bay area city (and 2nd largest in CA).

    Why would the NBA want a team here?

    If we continue with this crappy NBA team the Bay Area could tune out the NBA like LA has turned its back on a pro football franchise. Cohan’s a proven loser and has lost credibility with his fans. He will not move the team or relinquish control so Stern has to fix the problem, add a franchise. Competition will force both franchises to fight for fans. For the media, the odds are one team will be competitive and keep up NBA interest amongst all the other choices for entertainment dollars.

    Would the Grizzlies Bobcats or Kings see better economic opportunity here? I sez yes.

  43. You’re missing the point by quite a bit, though I don’t disagree that the area could potentially support another NBA franchise. The point is that there are significant non-compete elements to be overcome and no viable investment group in play. Larry Ellison would do it if it could be done.

  44. Chris;

    Pay no attention to Joe Sez. I haven’t the slightest interest in owning a pro franchise. Once you rebuffed my attempts, I decided to lay low and kick back — honest.

    Absolutely no interst if Stern were to call me and say, “Hey Larry instead of buying a NFL franchise to LA, why not open one locally in San Jose, you know where you live?”

    I’d say, “No way Commish, the NLF franchise is a baseless rumor and anyway, it’s not my style to screw someone over “.



  45. Stern can’t do that.
    Larry Ellison knows it.

    Larry’s one of the folks invested in the Warriors via marketing partnerships, anyway.
    So he’s not in the business of launching crazy new team schemes as long as those contracts exist, I’d wager.

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