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    Game No. 27, live: Warriors (7-19) at Hawks (15-10)

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    ** Three possessions in a row for ATL, and Biedrins is up off the bench. Good move by Nelson, going to go with Biedrins and Turiaf together.

    ** Good job by Turiaf getting out to the perimeter and helping Belinelli, who was walled off by Pachulia.

    ** The part of Stephen Graham will be played tonight by Flip Murray.

    ** CC: I’m not giving into anything. I’m just acknowledging that they are showing improvement tonight (at least in some areas; Crawford’s off-balance shooting is still horrid — can’t believe this guy averages 5.5 treys a game while shooting 26 percent).

    Also, I think Belinelli can be a marked improvement on the boards.

    ** This is the problem with the AB/Turiaf tandem: Josh Smith suckered them both in with his drive to the left block, then fed Horford, who was laughingly unaffected by Belinelli’s foul en route to the three-point play.

    ** And poof, there went all those all those Belinelli-to-the-point stories…

    ** Erik: I’m betting he spent one season at North Carolina. Unless you mean on either team, in which case, look four points above this one.

    ** I really want to look at this fourth quarter again, because I think this was simply a case of returning to the mean — the Warriors didn’t deserve to be as close as they were early, so that second-quarter burst gave them a false lead.

    ** Well, that was fun. BTW, CC, just noticed the link and checked out the blog. Nice stuff. Profane, but quality.


    ** Another outlet-steal. And just as I was going to ask if Anthony Randolph or Wright would be pulled, the hook did come.

    ** Erik: BW, frankly, doesn’t defensively rebound as much as he could, probably. But it’s still better than what they’ve been trotting out there.

    ** Combined with the Indy game, Kelenna Azubuike is putting together his best back-to-back performances of the season.

    ** Crawford is looking like a distributor, but even more importantly, so is Belinelli. Frankly, I think this game is going to resurrect those, “Marco to the point?” stories, and rightfully so.

    ** M.Squared: Get your season tickets now, because I think once this season is done and they’ve made the second round, seats are going to be in short supply.


    ** Implosion alert: Tim Kawakami is now reporting that Jackson and Don Nelson argued at Monday’s shootaround when Nelson told his captain, essentially, that he’d been playing of garbage of late. Jackson allegedly stormed off and the team told reporters on site (who were not allowed in until after Jackson’s departure) that he had the flu.

    ** Hilarious quote from Marcus Thompson on his pre-game blog: “I talked to Anthony Randolph about Chris Broussard’s statements on First and 10 that Nellie told him to tell his agent to seek a trade because it isn’t working. Randolph’s response: no comment. That tells me all I need to know.”

    ** This is one of those games where the Warriors shouldn’t be as close as they are.

    ** Crossover, dribble into the lane, feed Anthony Morrow for an open 3-pointer: That might have been Jamal Crawford’s prettiest pass as a Warrior.

    ** Can someone please tell me again why Brandan Wright doesn’t play more?


    ** As someone who called for Stephen Jackson to sit out and get healthy, I’m not going to complain about his absence. I will be fascinated to see how Rob Kurz fares against Josh Smith.

    ** Give Kurz credit: Two plays in a row where he stopped Josh Smith.

    ** Could somebody give Jamal Crawford a map if he’s going to get this lost defensively?

    ** Marco Belinelli is continuing his offensive hot streak, which is a great sign for the W’s.

    ** Even in their zone, the Warriors can’t defend the paint. That’s a bad, bad sign.

    ** A 3-on-4 break winds up in a Smith dunk after Belinelli waves at the pass.

    ** Maurice Evans with the steal on what should have been a perfectly safe outlet pass.

28 Responses to “Game No. 27, live: Warriors (7-19) at Hawks (15-10)”

  1. We are the champions. Gimme the kids. Crawford should sit.
    What WILL we do?!

  2. I was sure that the Randolph thing was bullshit but this doesn’t really look so good.
    I cannot believe that we have to deal with this crap. Is it that hard for them not to F- up a good thing????
    I am going to start flying to Portland to see the Blazers play. This shit is getting old.

  3. That Ws shill Fitz says on his radio show Wright doesn’t play because he doesn’t rebound. Except your numbers show he’s got the 3rd best DRR on the team. Oops. I think the reason is actually that Nelson is trying to get fired and whenever Wright is in the Warriors score more points than their opponents. That does not help Nelson’s cause. Too bad there’s not a Worst Coach of the Year award because that is one award the Ws could actually win.

  4. I don’t give a good goddam about Marco’s offense. We’ve seen guards do this time and again for Nellie. Wright is pivotal to this successful stretch, which is not exactly pretty ball. Marco is a chucker. Against actual defense, he’s done.

  5. When Wright and Biedrins just get to work, no Jackson or Nellie BS (or less, anyway), they work. This is not up for debate.

  6. Morrow good. Crawford bad.

  7. Don’t give in to small ball logic, Geoff. Marco and Crawford are total ass for well-rounded play on al sides of the ball and on the glass. Next round of hometown overratings. Not worth this. It’s not.

  8. This game kind of makes you wonder - is Capt. Jack really that valuable? Not to mention whether Nellie is really that good of a coach? Good thing we’ve got them locked up.

  9. More of a rhetorical “don’t give in” than an assertive blah blah.
    But those two are part of the problem, not part of the solution.

  10. Captain Jack is NOT “that valuable.” He’s a liability.

  11. Marco Belinelli FTL so far…

  12. Guess who will end this game with the best +/-?

  13. Belinelli is garbage dude. Flashy, smooth sometimes, but omstly streaky conceited garbage. You’ve met him.

  14. There ya go Geoff. Marco frickin sux. Same old s__t.

  15. I thought Turiaf would mostly be a backup to Biedrins, though you’re the man on the tandem tracking, which has been a nice light on what they do together. Turiaf’s jumper is a “there to kill holes in the D,” like against us all the time last year, but not a true floor spacing asset. I like him at 5 if we’re rolling Wright and Randolph heavy minutes. Or (sniff sniff) Hendrix. A personal dream has died with Nellie’s brain.

  16. Blog awesome. Warriors…not so much.

  17. Morrow and Wright: Good. Marco Belinelli: Get over it, BAD.

  18. If you’re going to watch the 4th quar again, watch the 3rd also. You’ll notice this is the first game of the year that AR sat all the way at the far side of the bech. His usual spot is first in line next to Nelson. When the rest of the bench is cheering and standing in the 3rd, he is just sitting there and not getting up during TO’s.

  19. Thanks Geoff. I started that potential disastrous failure the minute I heard about Hendrix. I couldn’t take it anymore. Looks like I was early on my indignation.

    But I ride the jocks of the real bloggers and media folks for the truth.

    Still, anyone wants to cuss their heads off, you know where to go.

  20. Screw this team, they piss me off. I hope the losing continues….

  21. Why lament the loss of Hendrix? He never showed anything and played in the NBA Dev league.

    This team rots like a fish, from the head down.

    The NBA has to recognize that Sterling’s twin runs the GSw and they suck for ever. It’s killing the NBA in the Bay Area.

    Add a franchise to San Jose.

    We’ve got the population density and fan base.

  22. Geoff,

    How is it possible that this is deteriorating so rapidly? No one will confuse Cohan as a Mensa member anytime soon. The Oakland Alameda Coliseum complex is being rented out by a couple of donkeys.
    At least there’s the A’s.

    The impending implosion makes game analysis irrelevant.

    Check out the banner on WarriorsWorld.net. Says it all.

  23. Thought this might be a smart and enjoyable alternative to Adam’s blog, which–beyond Adam’s own comments–has become almost completely unreadable, but no. Pity.

    Watching Marco Bellinelli become a floor leader, in addition to his confident shooting and passing, may be the best thing that has happened to the Ws this year. He could be a very nice complement to Monta, assuming Monta can regain a reasonable state of health. Belli would get the ball to Monta’s advantage. Same for everyone else who will have to be alert all the time when Belli’s got the ball because you will get it if you move to a good spot. Those long skip passes on target to the corners tonight, as one subtle aspect of his game, were remarkable. And as floor time and confidence builds, his shooting will stay more consistent (though no complaints this year).

    The fact that Andris got six assists tonight reflects Bellinelli’s play too. And the two of them understand each other in the offensive sets. That chemistry, a terrific alternative to whatever Jackson, Watson, and Crawford can bring–gives reason for hope. Just so Nelson doesn’t douse it. It hurts to hear Fitzgerald and Barnett say that Bellinelli is getting time on the floor because he’s playing better. Well Belli played extremely well frequently in short stints on the floor (Sacto was one clear example) and he was pulled, never to return. It is frightening to realize that Nelson hasn’t seen what Bellinelli brings. Wright is improving greatly too, and deserves increased floor time (despite his obvious weaknesses; still would you rather have Maggette on the floor?).

    We have had two Nelson blow-ups in the past 24 hours. The story about Randolph’s agent being told to look into deals, and the uncertainty about why Jackson didn’t play tonight. Add that to what went down with Harrington, and the insults to Bellinelli and Wright (not to mention Marcus Williams, who might not deserve to play but should not be derided publicly). The story that underlies all this is Nelson’s inability to recognize and develop the talent the Ws will need. And his abusive nature. Beyond that I can’t forget his comment that Jackson and Maggette have to provide the vast majority of the offense for this team to be any good….

    Cutting Hendrix was the right move. Watching him in Vegas, I saw a lumbering, non-athletic (yet huge) player who would not be able to compete in the NBA. I’ll be surprised if he ever gets serious rotation time with another team.

    The coach is the main problem: If he doesn’t like what he’s getting from Randolph, then fix it. The kid is totally coachable. He needs to learn how to integrate his game into the team and he has the skill to do that, but he is not getting the coaching he needs to make that happen. If Nelson gives up on him, that will be a true disaster for the future.

    Andris, Randolph, and Monta have always seemed to me to be the core for the future. Looks like Wright and Bellinelli could be added to that mix too. Turiaf is a keeper too, of course, but not a core player. It was fun tonight for the first time this year to see what the young guys can do together, especially when Marco was directing the action. Lowell Cohn wrote a very insightful piece about Belli becoming the “Baron” of this outfit. He’s right. But he’s got to start and play 30+ every night.

    Crawford has to be the weakest defender in the NBA, though Watson would give him a run for the honor. Both should go.

    Your insights are great, Geoff, thanks.

  24. Geoff, I was wondering have you noticed Kelenna Azubuike showing a bit more aggression and emotion lately? He’s been showing signs of frustration lately… In the Orlando game he punched the basketball hoop support pole, and today he forcibly dribbed the ball into the floor a couple times before a time out… Perhaps it is due to some competition from Belinelli and Morrow? What are your thoughts? Does he still have an edge over minutes over those two? Marco is really putting together a nice showing of games… Trade bait?

    Also, I know Kelenna gets a lot of heat from people for not passing, but from what I’ve noticed he’s just not a very crafty passer, I mean he just isn’t a great passer… He’s got more athleticism than passing skills… Is it fair that people keep calling him selfish? INHO, he’s better off just going straight to the hoop when he leads a fast break.

    AND I don’t like CJ Watson’s game… I mean he does some nice things, but I just don’t like his game. Is he going to get consistent minutes once Monta comes back? Am I the only one that feels Watson should only play about 8-10 minutes a game?

    Warriors games are getting harder and harder to watch… Thanks for your blog posts it keeps me sane. haha

  25. Hendu to the League!
    Belinelli is not a difference maker.

  26. Rob Kurz is the FUTURE!!!

    The Dubs dont need BW’s efficient 19 pts and 8 rebounds. Thats not good enough. Kurz is athletic enough to stop phat ass Marvin Williams or Josh Smith….There is no way Randolph is athletic enough to slow Josh Smith….he doesnt rebound well enough to help on the boards either…Its all about Rob Kurz…his box out skills are 2nd to none. Rob Kurz B*#@s!!. I think Nellie sees a little of himself in Kurz thats why he loves him so much….And i find it hard to believe that Richard Hendrix isnt a better player than Rob Kurz? Did they ever play aginst each other in college?

    NBDL scouts must love the bonus’s they receive from the Dubs…..

    Marco is the only player on the team that can pass right now. He’s got swagger….Crawford is garbage and looks to have a Bball IQ that is at Pietrus levels. He needs to come off the bench when Monta gets back….

    NorCal ClipShow!!!!

    Thats why you dont hire egotistical CPA’s to run sports franchise’s



  27. JOL: Glad to see you catch onto another W blog, tho you’re missed at Adam’s Place (”Fast Break” just seems so wrong for an old, slow, Nellie team that hasn’t had a good fast break in a year).

    Glad, also, to see you coming around on Wright. I know you’ve always liked him personally — if not as a starter — but he’s got appreciable talents — and, perhaps, his best is his ability to get his teammates to play faster and better, (This is where he presently shines over the more talented AR, who doesn’t have the team concept down too wekll because, as you note, Nellie ain’t teaching squat; bullying young bigs is HIS forte.) True, BW’s a defensive liability — but on this team only Goose (and Azu — last year, at least) seem to understand and play good D. (Jack can do it, but lazes out way too much. If only they’d limit him to 20-25 all-out minutes. . . .) Mags, Jamal, Watson — and, most times, Jack — are just terrible, and can’t even keep their man in front of them.

    And I totally concur re Marco. As with BW, he’s a spark plug — and he’s finally shucking off the (Nelson-imposed) coil of “fear of failure.” Watching his passes is fun; seeing him hit nothing but net is satisfying; and, tho he too is a defensive liability, at least he tries on D, and –strangely — seems to guard bigger wings better than the quicker guards, who too easily blow by him. (Hope Smart picks up on this, cuz Nellie never has.)

    Now, if Nellie’s caught a whiff of the fans’ huge disgust at the thought of his dumping AR, maybe we can all breathe a little easier. But you can never rest easy with the Fat Man at the helm. That much we’ve learned: as bad as things look, he can always make them worse. Wonder if Rowell’s even paying attention to what he’s wrought here with his horrendous judgment.

    Anyway, good thoughts, JOL.

  28. Wright scored 12 in the 3rd and hasnt seen the court since. That’s just unnaceptable. Demarcus Nelson’s d isnt that good that he can be on the court with 0 offensive contribution.

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