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    Game No. 26, live: Warriors (7-18) at Pacers (8-16)

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    ** I know Jamal Crawford is not a great rebounder, but when you’re down 3 with 2 to play and Ronny Turiaf jumps over to your man (Jarrett Jack) on the screen-roll and delivers the block, you HAVE to come up with that board. Simply have to. Instead, of course, it’s more of the Jeff Foster personal highlight reel and a putback bucket for Stephen Graham that ices the game.

    ** Stephen Graham? Seriously?

    ** Marcus Thompson is quoting a source close to Marcus Williams as saying that a buyout is “not going to happen.” That means that if the Warriors do cut him loose, they have to pay his full $1.26 million salary.

    If there was no salary cap, the Warriors could just flip Williams to someone for a second-round draft pick, salvaging some value, and be done with it. But with the cap, the Warriors’ trade options are much more limited. They would need to either:

    A) Make a multi-player deal where they take back one less player then gets sent out (2-for-1, 3-for-2, etc.)

    B) Make a 1-for-1 trade where they take back a player making at least $1 million

    C) deal Williams to a club with a Traded Player Exception of at least $1.26M (of which there are 15, not including the Warriors)

    D) convince the Memphis Grizzlies to take Williams, since they’re under the salary cap.

    Option A is tough because I know some prominent members of the organization would like to see the team play together, fully healthy, before making a decision on any more major changes. Option B is basically the same situation as they’re currently in, just slightly less expensive. Option C is better, but many of those other clubs with the requisite TPE already have the maximum 15 players and thus would have to cut one of their own to make room for Williams. And with a glut of PGs already present in Memphis, Option D ain’t happening.

    Assuming there is no trade, and with DeMarcus Nelson showing an ability to rebound that none of the Warriors’ other guards have displayed, there’s probably three players left on the list of possible cuts:

    Rob Kurz is on a non-guaranteed, minimum-scale deal worth $442,114 that vests fully on Jan. 15. Richard Hendrix is on a guaranteed minimum contract (I know Marcus said it wasn’t, but it is, unless the Warriors somehow got him to give up the guarantee after training camp) also worth $442,114. And there’s Williams and his $1.26M.

    There’s no question, if salary was not a factor, Don Nelson’s first choice would be to dump Williams. But money is getting a little tight, if all those cheap-seat deals are any indication, so is it worth keeping Kurz over Hendrix, at a cost of roughly $300K? Is it worth keeping Kurz over Williams at a cost of roughly $900K? How about Hendrix over Williams at a cost of $600K?

    Whatever the case, we’ll find out Thursday.


    ** I’ve been crunching numbers for a while on a piece about the Warriors’ inability to collect defensive rebounds. Apparently, that’s what I’ll be doing tomorrow.

    ** That was a horrible pass from Belinelli, harkening back to his days of no playing time, chained to the end of the bench.

    ** And then Marco responded with the over-the shoulder, thread-the-needle number.

    ** Ray: Not only turnovers, but also offensive boards for Indy. But they’re still in a position to win with 9 minutes left. Can’t complain with that from a 7-18 team on the road.

    ** Trail 3 for Granger? Stephen Jackson’s right to be shaking his head.

    ** Ray: Nelson is boarding extremely well on the defensive end, something nobody else is doing, so I’m not surprised he’s staying out there.

    ** The length-of-the-court pass — for the Warriors? Man, can’t remember the last time I saw that.

    ** Turiaf great steal defending the pick-and-roll, and then Jamal Crawford wastes it with a wing-and-a-prayer layup try over two guys. Deflating.

    ** A friend of mine once told me, “You make your own luck.” That sums up Jeff Foster’s night.


    ** Another Jamal Crawford shoot-a-3-and-get-knocked-down play. Has he specialized in this his whole career and I just missed it?

    ** Lowell Cohn had a nice piece on Marco Belinelli, positing that he could be a future replacement for Baron Davis. Marco’s living up to that praise right now.

    ** An iso for Stephen Jackson on the right wing. Three weeks ago, that’s a fadeaway 19-footer that misses short. Now, it’s a kick-out pass to Turiaf, who drives and kicks to Belinelli, who whips a touch pass to Crawford for an open 3.

    ** While the opposition dribbles right past Warriors defenders without a care in the world, Golden State keeps falling prey to coughing up the ball when a defender digs down from the perimeter.

    Unlike Monday, that’s what a passing game is supposed to look like.


    ** How To Embarass An NBA Player, brought to you by Danny Granger.

    ** I’m as big a Brandan Wright fan as there is, but he needs to do a better job of keeping his man in front of him. (Of course, Granger gets by an awful lot of people.)

    ** When is the last time Biedrins picked up a technical?

    ** Sorry, been doing a lot of texting about how the Warriors might clear a roster space for Monta Ellis. The fact that DeMarcus Nelson has played a decent chunk of the second quarter is another sign that he’s safe from the knife. But the team is definitely working the phones trying to find an interested party for Marcus Williams.

    ** Hey, DeMarcus (1-for-5) Nelson, I see you’ve remade your release, but let’s not go crazy now.


    ** Marco Belinelli starts, and good for him: He’s played well enough of late to earn it.

    ** The Warriors are finally hitting some open shots from 15 feet and out. And getting second-chance points, too.

    ** Death by Jeff Foster putback. Is there anything more painful?

    ** Jackson lob over Azubuike’s head. Ouch. It’s one thing to have an opponent make a play, but this team can’t afford unforced turnovers. At all.

    ** Back-to-back 3-pointers for the Pacers, and a bevy of transition points. Which team likes to play small, again?

    ** Thanks for the pickup, Jose: Yes, C.J. Watson is attending his uncle’s funeral. That’s why DeMarcus Nelson was called up.


    So, as a serial procrastinator, it’s pretty easy for me to put off writing a post. (That’s one of the reasons I gravitated to journalism: There’s always somebody screaming about a deadline somewhere.)

    Given that fact, I’m trying something new: I’m going to keep updating this live post as the game goes on, cap it off with a few thoughts after the final buzzer and answer any questions you throw my way during the proceedings. Then I’ll be able to work on analyzing whatever storyline pops out from the game without worrying that there’s nothing fresh on the site to satiate the public’s endless appetite for information.

    – Geoff

18 Responses to “Game No. 26, live: Warriors (7-18) at Pacers (8-16)”

  1. Who’s starting?

  2. Is it just my eyes bugging out on me, or is CJ Watson really not active tonight? and if he’s not, how come?

  3. Funeral. Hence the DeMarcus callup

  4. Wow turnovers are killing us .They have to have at least 115-20 pts off turnovers

  5. And Nellie probably just cost us the game by sitting Crawford so long in a close game while staying with Morrow and Nelson.It makes no sense based on how this game was going

  6. The Knicks has a $1.4M trade exception from the Renaldo Balkman trade. I bet they are praying we waive MWill so they can claim him off waivers.

  7. Ray, my friend Tank says it makes perfect sense.

  8. Geoff, PLEASE look in to this rumor for us. Felton for Wright or Randolph??? It sucks and makes no sense at all.


  9. I’m sorry, that link doesn’t work anymore.

    Here was the text:

    Warriors want Bobcats’ Felton
    Source: Charlotte has talked to Golden State about dealing guard for Randolph or Wright.
    By Rick Bonnell
    Posted: Thursday, Dec. 18, 2008

    Could Raymond Felton end up a Golden State Warrior, in a trade that might acquire Anthony Randolph or Brandan Wright?

    The Warriors and Bobcats have had discussions about Felton, an NBA source told the Observer, and the Warriors appear open to giving up either Randolph or Wright to make a deal work.

    Bobcats general manager Rod Higgins would neither confirm, nor deny, talks with the Warriors involving Felton. Higgins came to the Bobcats two years ago from a similar role with the Warriors.

    There’s considerable incentive for both teams to consider such a trade:

    The Bobcats face the possibility of losing Felton without compensation after this season, when he becomes a restricted free agent. They chose not to sign him to a contract extension last summer, after drafting another point guard, D.J. Augustin, with the ninth overall pick.

    Augustin has blossomed of late, scoring 29 points and totaling seven assists in an overtime victory Tuesday against the Chicago Bulls. Augustin outplayed Bulls point guard Derrick Rose, the No.1 overall pick.

    That could leave the Bobcats with a dilemma in July, should another NBA team offer Felton a lucrative offer sheet.

    At that point, the Bobcats would either match that contract and possibly overpay a player who could end up a reserve or potentially lose a player chosen fifth overall in 2005, without compensation.

    Meanwhile, the Warriors have an abundance of forwards and a need for Felton’s toughness and playmaking. The Warriors lost Baron Davis to the Los Angeles Clippers in free agency, and are still searching for help at the point.

    Felton might not be a pure point guard, but he would free up Monta Ellis (once Ellis recovers from an offseason scooter accident), to be a scorer at shooting guard.

    Randolph, a multi-skilled but spindly forward out of Louisiana State, auditioned well enough that he was at least in the discussion when the Bobcats made the ninth selection.

    Wright was the player the Bobcats chose on the Warriors’ behalf, after working out a deal to acquire shooting guard Jason Richardson on draft day 2007

    Felton makes enough this season ($4.15million) that the Bobcats could acquire Randolph and Wright, and the salaries would match within NBA rules.

    But since Randolph and Wright are similar, it would make sense for the Bobcats to take one, plus something else that would offer them salary-cap relief.

  10. Good thing we passed on Granger to get Ike Diogu. I would have been reaalllly upset had we not had him on the team for that one unproductive year. Portland must be excited to have him as El Doce.
    I dont see the Warriors aquiring Felton now that the Crawford deal has taken place.
    If they ever wanted Felton- it was when they had Harrington to offer. Felton now would create a bigger logjam than ever- and the W’s dont have anymore money to sign him to an extention after the season.
    If they could PG, you may see them go for it- but other guards would have to be rendered as they just can’t expect to play 7 guys at the 2/3 spots and 1 guy at the point.
    Randolph isnt getting moved unless an All-star is coming back in his place and Wright might be a deal sweetener packaged with a guy like Maggette later on to balance out the team and get a 4. And after moving JR- I dont think Charlotte wants to move Felton for any of our swings. I think Felton is going to be traded but I think he will end up going to a team like Portland in exchange for Outlaw or Larry Brown fav- Channing Frye. OKC is another possiblity with them using Collison or Wilcox in a pacakge.

  11. Bob: I’m with M.Squared in that I find it hard to believe the Warriors would trade for Felton with Crawford in the fold. You could swap out Felton for Crawford in the paragraph that reads, “Felton might not be a pure point guard, but he would free up Monta Ellis (once Ellis recovers from an offseason scooter accident), to be a scorer at shooting guard” and it’s just as accurate.

    That said, this team is nothing but unpredictable right now. I do believe that the Warriors would deal either Wright or Randolph, if the package was right, and it’s obvious that Nelson is not terrifically enamored with Brandan.

    And here’s something to chew on: Wright ($2.5M) and Marcus Williams ($1.26M) equals enough salary to make a 2-for-1 trade for Felton ($4.15M).

  12. Geoff, when will we be saved fomr these morons in charge?!?!?!?!?!

  13. I think the Ws wanna see how Crawford and Ellis play together to see if they can gel. If so- they SHOULD move Maggette to the bench and play Jack at the 3 with Andris and Wright, Turiaf or Randolph at the 4/5. Maggette can still be effective at 25-30 min off the bench and get them to the line and some scoring when Ellis, Jack or Crawford go the bench.
    I truely think the W’s are going to try to make a deal around the all-star break packing a big salary (Maggette, Crawford, maybe even Ellis) and 1-2 young guys ( Bellinelli and/or Wright) and try to get a star player that can be a #1 scorer. Unfortunately- it doesnt appear that there are going to be any PGs or star 4’s available. There are a few guys that could be on the move though: Mike Redd and Caron Butler. Both of those teams are going nowhere with these teams and need to pull off a 3 or 2 for 1 deal to make some noise in the east. Stoudamire is another guy that could get moved but with 2 years left - i see him staying. The Jazz aren’t moving boozer unless they can get cap room and a young guy that helps. If they are going to lose him - they want to have the space to resign Millsap. So although the W’s may not need another 2 or 3- they may need to try to move 2 guys to UPGRADE that spot and then hope that Randolph is their guy at the 4 and that Ellis can make-do at the point.

  14. p.s.- had i known we weren’t going to keep Baron. I would not have been ok with the JR for Wright deal 1 1/2 years back. That whole deal was centered on being able to lock up Ellis, Biedrens and Baron as their core.

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