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    With Stephen Jackson out, who’ll get the shots against the Knicks?

    Marcus Thompson is reporting that Warriors captain Stephen Jackson is sitting out Saturday’s game with a sprained left hand. Assuming that’s true, I’ll be fascinated to see who sucks up Jackson’s 18 shots per game.

    I’m betting half go to Jamal Crawford, trying to stick it to Mike D’Antoni, with another 5-6 going to Marco Belinelli, who’s starting in place of Jackson.

    Also, the Warriors have shown fairly conclusively that they don’t have good enough wing play right now to make smallball work in their favor. Taking Jackson out would dilute that talent even more. Will Nelson still try to outgun the Knicks?

    Lastly, if the Warriors come out with spectacular ball movement tonight, how much will that fuel the fire set by Jackson’s “I know it ain’t me” quotes from last night?

    BTW, I forgot to add: Belinelli starting? Can you say “showcase”?

    – Geoff

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  1. I’m speechless. Don’t they watch any films from previous games? Doesn’t Jackson see that he is one of the biggest black holes on the team?! First sign of a ball addict? “The Nile” is not just a river in Egypt…

  2. Jackson is averaging a carreer high in assists. I’d say he’s been a willing passer. The real black holes on this team are Maggette and Azubuike. They get the ball and they are shooting.

  3. I am now watching the taped game. Only 82 points in the first half. Our defense is getting much better. Only 43 in the second quarter. Nelson should get into the hall of shame before the hall of fame. He is absolutely the worst coach for our team; probably any team unless they are looking for a high draft pick.

    Harrington is having a field day against our swiss team defense. But so is everyone else on their team.

  4. whatta joke…. I can’t believe, Harrington never played that good for us and Duhon didn’t exist before this game….

    whatta bad joke, i’m stunned, it looks like everybody already gave up this season.

    Btw, who’ll be the #1 pick in next yeard draft?

  5. With our luck, we won’t get it. Anyway, Nellie would screw it up and go small. Best scenario at this point is to hope Mullin leaves early, Nelson becomes the VP, and Smart (or anybody) becomes the coach and starts over. This is has already been a long year and it will just be longer with Nellie coaching. Mully;s a goner anyway so let’s move him now.

  6. Jack knows he’s ALSO leading the team in FGA/game and TO/game, right? While shooting a pathetic 41.7% (enhanced by one last hot game).

    That’s not leadership. That’s liability.

  7. Looks like your observation is correct Geoff. Maggette puts up meaningless points. The team doesn’t look in sync at all. Maggette has no fire a ‘la Baron or even Barnes!!!

  8. Why in the world is Azubuike guarding Tim Thomas (6?10?), David Lee (6?9?), Harrington (6?9?)? Kelenna’s freaking 6?5?!!! Its as bad as Maggette playing the freaking 4 spot. No wonder our team is losing. We have Jackson as the so-called leader and Andris as the only big man, and players playing out of position.

    I’m so sick of small ball. It’d be fun if we were winning, but since we’re losing it shows all the flaws of small ball. OBVIOUSLY Don Nelson REALLY REALLY needs to try something different. :X This is so ridiculous.

    Geoff, any answers, any solutions, what in the world is going on?

    Don Nelson isn’t in a great spot right now. :X

  9. i got to literally every warriors blog/fan site and everyone sees the same things! I cant believe Nelson doesnt, so he must be tanking for some reason. He purposly looses leads with his small ball, he cant not be aware of what hes doing so…somethings up. Maybe you could give us an article about your thoughts on what hes doing and why?

  10. Frustrated: The obvious answer is to play bigger. Put Biedrins and Turiaf out there together, or even try one of those two plus Wright at PF and Randolph at the 3. I would have been especially interested in seeing that against the Knicks, given that D’Antoni tries to play the same game as the Warriors, and therefore wasn’t going to really give Nelson the kind of mismatches he wants to get from the smallball lineup.

    I wouldn’t hold your breath, however.

  11. I think the real liability lies in the front office…….ahem…..Rowell…

  12. oops and Jackson still sucks!

  13. Lep,

    I’ve been reading your pieces for a long time now, given your time in with the business, where does Nellie go from here? Does he have the personnel to make his system work? Do you think the Warriors are looking into other trades before the deadline?

    I figured the the team would go through a bad stretch, but I just looked at their schedule and it looks like a win is nothing more than a pipe dream right now.

  14. Norm: Where does Nellie go from here? Nowhere. He’s signed on for another two years after this one.

    Does he have the personnel he needs? No. Not at all, at least not with Monta out (and I don’t think Ellis can save this group). If you’re going to go small, you need elite guard play and you need to take advantage of mismatches in the frontcourt. Minus BD and Monta, the Warriors don’t have any elite guards. And with Maggette giving back so much at the defensive end, he’s negating the mismatch benefits on offense.

    I predicted 9-17 by the time Ellis’ suspension is up (Dec. 17). They’re on pace for 8-18. I don’t know if that’s a pipe dream, but it’s pretty grim.

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