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    No-spin zone: Mullin Q&A

    By Geoff Lepper

    OAKLAND — For those of you craving your fix of spin in the wake of this year’s presidential campaign, we give you the Warriors’ daily dose of front office drama.

    Pete D’Alessandro, the Warriors’ salary-cap guru and right-hand man to executive vice president Chris Mullin, was “relieved of his duties” as assistant general manager Thursday (officially announced Friday) and replaced by assistant coach Larry Riley.

    On one side: Tim Kawakami says it’s the latest sign of team president Robert Rowell’s ego gone berserk.

    On the other: Lowell Cohn says it’s the best thing to happen for Mullin’s chances of staying with the franchise.

    Me? I figured I’d ask the man in the middle. Here’s the 48minutes.net Q&A with Chris Mullin from Friday’s shootaround:

    48minutes.net: Some people see the firing of Pete as a slap at you. Do you think that’s the case?

    Chris Mullin: I cannot comment on that.

    48minutes.net: Do you feel you will serve out the remainder of your contract here?

    CM: Um-hum.

    48minutes.net: Do you foresee any situation where they relieve you of your duties?

    CM: I don’t.

    48minutes.net: One report said Bobby Rowell is running the Al Harrington trade discussions. Is that true?

    CM: From my standpoint, I wouldn’t comment publicly, especially on something about trades or contract negotiations, anything like that. I don’t think that’s beneficial for the organization. On either side.

    48minutes.net: Many folks perceive this as a battle between you and Bobby. Is that a fair characterization?

    CM: No.

    48minutes.net: Why not?

    CM: I just don’t feel like it’s true.

    48minutes.net: Who’s going to be the ultimate decision-maker in terms of a trade for Al? Is that you? Is that Bobby? Is that Nellie? Is that Chris Cohan?

    CM: I would reserve public comment. That’s not really, in my mind, for public consumption.

    48minutes.net: Has that control changed versus, for example, when you made the trade with Indiana (in January 2007)?

    CM: It depends on what you perceive to have been before.

    48minutes.net: OK, then who made the final decision on that trade?

    CM: Who signed the trade papers?

    48minutes.net: Who made the final determination in the office and said, “Yes, let’s go ahead and sign the trade papers”?

    CM: That’s pretty easy to figure that one out. Credit and blame, to me, is not beneficial. It’s really about accountability and moving forward. That’s how I see it. Anything looking backwards, anything where the focus is not on our existing players is, to me, detrimental. To me, really, when the focus becomes that, I just think the priority list is askew. I’m really not trying to look backwards, look to far ahead, (have) an autopsy of things that have happened. I’m trying to do the best for the organization.

    Look, every place goes through things where, even when they’re lined up perfectly, they’re not working. You’ve got to be open-minded enough to change. But not broadcast and forecast the change. To me, I don’t really want to get into . . . it’s kind of like, if you’re preaching out here (on the court) to these guys to make that extra pass, hit the open man, do those little things that supposedly make a winning team, that same philosophy. . .

    48minutes.net: That same philosophy applies to the front office?

    CM: Correct. And it’s not so much what’s talked about. It’s just what’s done. In my mind, any people that I’ve looked up to, they did more than talk. And that was what gravitated me towards following that. There’s some things where it’s just not my personality (to discuss).

    48minutes.net: Are you more or less likely to be here a year from now than you were 48 hours ago?

    CM: In my mind, nothing’s (changed).

    Contact: geofflepper@48minutes.net

9 Responses to “No-spin zone: Mullin Q&A”

  1. Wow, CM is so gone! The only time i get one work answers to my questions from my wife is when she is really angry at me or she really does not approve of my decision. And her answer sound exactly like CM’s.

    I guess next year is the new beginning. I think CM has already told Warriors he is done with them as much as they are done with him. RR has probably gone to Nellie about it to find out who he thinks is the best person to take over from CM. Nillie wanted his man to sit up there so he has a higher say in what players he gets. They put LR in there to can get trained this year and take over next year as the GM.

    thanks CM for the last 5 years!!

  2. Cohn’s take is quite interesting.

    Some random fan speculated that D’assendro (sp) was the “leak” to Kawakami. That’d be pretty awesome if Rowell nuked the link.

  3. Kudos to Geoff for cornering Chris for a few minutes and grilling him.
    Too bad Chris has adopted an amalgamation of the angery wife meets Mike Nolan school of interviewing.

  4. TK denied outright that D’Allessandro was the leak. He said he rarely talks to him, and when he does it’s not leaks.

    But, he implied that someone else WAS the leaker.

    We get basketball AND weirdly political soap opera. It’s like two sources of entertainment in one!

  5. Actually, it sounds like a pretty typical Mullin interview to me. If you’ve never seen him talk, he always plays things very close to the vest. Why shouldn’t he? It’s not unusual in competitive situations (like the NBA) to employ either secrecy or deception for strategic purposes.

    OTOH, he has every right to be angry at the Pete D’Alessandro firing. If the Warriors charges are true, then a friend betrayed his confidence. If not, then he was unable to protect his friend. I’m not sure which is worse.

  6. Wow. Poor Mully. He gets his first exec job, has a rough start- smacks a few big homeruns and gets Golden State back to the living for the first time since 93/94 and now he is reduced to this. Sad sad state of affairs. He will have fun clearing cap room and going after FA’s in 2010 in New York.

  7. Typical Mullin Interview, not that I didn’t enjoy reading it.

    In academic research there is a motto, Tell every one or tell know one. Either publish the paper or keep it under wraps until you can publish. Mullin isn’t interested in talking about what he can or might do. There’s no value, actually negative value in doing things that way.

    As for leaks, there are many sources out side of GSW management where it could have happened.

  8. Hey Geoff, any chance of starting a blog where a bunch of professional writers (Eric Gilmore, Lowell Cohn, Janny, Hu, etc start a blog kinda like G.S.O.M. I think it would be awesome to have all you writers in one place. Maybe even put the papers sports pages out of business….

  9. Thanks! Sounds like the no answer zone.

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