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    How To Lose Fake Money And Real Credibility, Part 4

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    Allow me to pause for a moment to highlight the fact that, per Tim Kawakami, the Warriors are now scrapping with former coach Mike Montgomery over more than $1 million of disputed salary.


    Montgomery and the Warriors: Ends in arbitration.

    Don Nelson and the Warriors (part I): Ends in arbitration.

    Don Nelson and the Mavericks: Ends in arbitration.

    Is there ANYONE who thinks that the new $12 million, two-year extension Nelson just signed — part of which is deferred money — is going to get paid without the involvement of many, many lawyers?

    I thought not.

    On to the games:

    Warriors (0-1) at Raptors (1-0), 4:05 p.m.
    Pick: Warriors +7

    Golden State threatens to steal the game outright, but when do-it-all captain Stephen Jackson misses the final 3 minutes to single-handedly fix a flat tire on the team bus, Toronto ekes out the win.

    Knicks (1-0) at 76ers (0-1), 4:05 p.m.
    Pick: Knicks +7.5

    One game was as long as I could stay away. Damn you, Knicks, you had me at “Mike D’Antoni.”

    Kings (0-1) at Heat (0-1), 4:35 p.m.
    Pick: Heat -6

    I had the Kings penciled in here, then realized Sacramento was in town for a night off in South Beach on Thursday. Has anyone done a study of Miami ATS when the opponent has spent the previous night there? I’m thinking 80 percent, easy.

    Magic (0-1) at Grizzlies (0-1), 5:05 p.m.
    Pick: Magic -6

    Even if this was the only NBA game scheduled for tonight, I still wouldn’t watch it.

    Bulls (1-0) at Celtics (1-0), 5:05 p.m.
    Pick: Celtics -8.5

    I have a feeling there’s going to be a lot of these games where I keep saying, “Boston has to be able to cover that — they’re the freaking defending champions!” and it just doesn’t make a lick of difference.

    Nuggets (0-1) at Clippers (0-1), 7:35 p.m.
    Pick: Nuggets -2

    And, of course, Marcus Camby is not expected to play.

    Spurs (0-1) at Trail Blazers (0-1), 7:35 p.m.
    Pick: Trail Blazers +2

    This is one of those games where I’m going to be a day late — should have picked the Suns over the Spurs but didn’t, and should be picking the Spurs over Portland, but I’m not.

    Yesterday: 1-2
    Season record: 5-13

    – Geoff

5 Responses to “How To Lose Fake Money And Real Credibility, Part 4”

  1. Raptors -7

    I hear Toronto has some excellent strip clubs…

    Sixers -7.5

    Illadelph Dynamite!

    Heat -6


    Magic -6

    I’d probably watch, you know, for a little while.

    Bulls +8.5

    Yes, I always enjoy explaining why the opposite of my pick is correct, as well.

    Nuggets -2

    I’d like to bet the over/under on combined AI-Boom Dizzle shots, too…


    Fortunately, I am not so constrained by a lack of trust in my instinct.

    Yesterday: 3-0
    Season: 5-10

  2. Jeez if my career & finances weren’t in such dire straights, i’d probably be better off gambling on the NBA. Man that would be stupid. Fortunately that’s why I sell pot….to bad I don’t know any NBA players

  3. 6/5 Nellie and the Dubs end in arbitration; 100 % Nellie goes back on his word when he said he’d play the ‘youngens’. So far in the Toronto game same seven guys half way through the third. I hate the guy (except when I don’t) and was realy sorry to see him get an extension. Looks like the same damn deficits in coaching–defense, toughness, not bringing the younger players along, etc–for three more years. Damn.

  4. Disappointed in New York

    Nellie and Sjax are going to drive us to a season of significant disappointment. I don’t mind Sjax’s erradict play in games when he is not also in charge of the offense. He does a lot of positive things on the court for the Warriors but his lack of basketball IQ and instincts are going to kill us. So far he’s shown the inability to make good decisions at key junctures of the game, and it doesn’t take a genius to know that when you’ve been gifted two offensive rebounds with the lead and under 5 minutes to play, you should probably back it out and run the clock, not jack up a 3 after holding the ball for 2 seconds. Terrible decision. He’s always done that, it’s not really his fault completely, Nellie has put us in that position by putting him in there at point. But at the same time Sjax needs to evolve if he is going to play point for us. He’s done some things OK, and has certainly made several other major mistakes only two games in. Somehow I don’t think he’ll get any better either. This is not a dawg you can teach new tricks. I’d rather lose these games because Nellie plays Nelson than from having Sjax continue to be in these spots.

    He doesn’t seem to be smart enough to figure out that on the high block/free throw extended, backing down, he does not have enough handles to maneuver out of the double team dribbling and 75% of the time they are going to strip the ball. Not all his fault. Nellie shouldn’t put him in that position at important times. Where is the coaching staff? Can’t understand why he keeps the ball in those situations. Swing the ball. Don’t they teach you that in jr. high basketball?

    Very disappointing loss tonight to Raptors. Game we should have won. Nelson’s coaching and Sjax mistakes lost the game, I’m convinced. Very frustrating because lots of good things have been happening on the court these two games, everyone who saw the game knows what I’m talking about - Turiaf, Buke, Al, AB, team D, hustle. Nellie just needs to give this guys a little more guidance in the 4th quarter and bring their heads back down to earth, especially Sjax. Where are the strategic timeouts? Where’s the coaching?

    Am I seeing the glass half empty here?

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