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    Warriors release Dickau

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    Dan Dickau’s dream was dashed Sunday.¬†DeMarcus Nelson’s came true.

    Nelson, the Oakland-born, Vallejo-raised rookie who came to Warriors camp with nothing more than an unlikely hope was all but assured of making the team this afternoon when Golden State released Dickau. 

    The Warriors had hoped Dickau would firm up a point-guard situation thrown into flux by Monta Ellis’ injury, but the 6-year NBA veteran didn’t make much of an impression after joining the squad 4 days into training camp.

    Nelson, meanwhile overcame a flawed jump shot by providing ballhawking defense and an ability to breakdown¬†opponents with the dribble that neither of the Warriors other two healthy point guards — C.J. Watson and Marcus Williams — have shown to this point.

    – Geoff

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  1. Thanks for the info Geoff. 1 down, 1 more to go…

  2. Thanks Geoff! The last cut won’t be so clear cut (excuse the play on words). Looks like its coming down to Kurz and Morrow. I’d like to see get Morrow get minutes in the next game. In the last game, he did not get a lot of minutes and when he was in the game, his teammates did not get the ball to him when he was open. But he has to show SOMETHING to justify making the squad.

    It seems that both Kurz and Morrow would make nice reserve players. But if the preseason ended today Kurz would have to be the choice.

  3. Was his deal non-guaranteed? Poor guy leaves a paying gig in Europe just to come back to the states and get cut.

  4. I don’t see how Kurz makes the team. He’s a PF/C type.

    Harrington and Biedrins have the starting 4 and 5 spots locked. One of Wright or Randolph own the backup 4 spot (the other would be the 3rd string PF); Turiaf owns the backup 5. Hendrix played PF in college but has been used as a C thus far, and he has a guaranteed contract to boot, so he’s your 3rd PF.

    Kurz would be the 7th PF/C type on a Nellie team. That makes little sense, unless we absolutely, positively need another jumpshooting big man…and I don’t believe we do.

    Morrow’s a pure shooter, and unless you want to count on Belinelli filling that role off the bench, I’d take him.

  5. I’m really looking forward to watching Nelson play this year… if he can learn to hit a mid-range jumper consistently, he may turn out to be a undrafted steal.

    I still think that, with Belinelli on the roster, Morrow may be on the outside looking in when rosters are settled. Kurz had to have an incredible camp to stick, and he definitely succeeded… however, Morrow may show a lot in the last preseason game. Can’t wait…

  6. Jon,

    Your reasoning about whether Morrow or Kurz should get the final roster spot makes good sense. But I think Anthony Morrow needs to be able to demonstrate his shooting ability in the final preseason game on Tuesday against Lietuvos Rytas to justify being given the Warriors 15th roster spot over Rob Kurz. Having too many players to choose from to fill out your roster is a good problem as long as Nelson makes the right call.

  7. I’m not sure how useful the final preseason game would be anyways - it’s against some random Euro team.

    We know Morrow can shoot- he shot it in college, he shot it in Vegas/Utah, he shot it in practice. He hasn’t gotten many shots in the preseason, but if he puts up an 0-for-5 in the final game…what does that really change, honestly.

    What would have earned Morrow a roster spot was the ability to do other things, mainly play defense. If he’s picked up the proper rotations and shown sufficient athletic ability to stay with your average NBA wing, then there’s little reason to keep a 7th big man, even one with a good game, over him.

  8. Jon,

    Marcus Williams did a number of things at UConn and even summer league that he has been unable to duplicate with any consistency in NBA league games. The assumption that whatever a player can do in college and summer league games will automatically translate at the NBA level may well mean the Warriors wasted a future first round draft pick trading for Marcus Williams.

    Marco Belinelli has looked great in summer league games and shoots light out in Warrior practices. But in actual NBA games we are all waiting to see Belinelli consistently look like a NBA caliber shooter. Now you are saying that the Warriors should make the same assumptions for Anthony Morrow by cutting Kurz.

  9. the last roster spot? this hardly even matters… barring injury, whoever makes it is going to be inactive for the season. just a matter of what nellie needs for practice purposes.

  10. howl,

    Chances are the 15th roster spot “even hardly matters” as you say. But last year the Warriors used their final roster spot for CJ Watson and it did matter more than just what Nellie needed for practice purposes.

  11. I think the 15th spot will go to the player that can play Don Nelsons game. That is, able to shoot, run and get that rebound. Both Morrow and Kurz has got it and I wouldn’t be surprise if Richard Hendrix wouldn’t make it. Remember Stephane Lasme?

  12. Stephane Lasme was injured and did not grasp Nellie’s offensive schemes. Hendrix also has a considerable size advantage.

    Cutting Hendrix would be more disappointing than last year’s Lasme cut.

  13. Book marked - will come back in next week to check rest threads.

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