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    Thoughts from the Warriors’ 98-94 loss to the Milwaukee Bucks in Guangzhou, China early Wednesday morning (thank you, TiVo).

    ** I would love to ask what the hell was going on with the Warriors’ final inbounds play, when they were down by four three points (EDIT: It seemed they were down three points. Apparently, the scorekeeping was so faulty that they were actually down four) with 1.8 seconds remaining. For those who didn’t see it: DeMarcus Nelson took the ball out of bounds deep on the left wing, near the mid-court line. Marco Belinelli came from below the hoop, curled around the top of the key and headed away from Nelson, hoping to catch a long lob from Nelson and fire up a game-tying shot. Except Belinelli was looking over his right shoulder for the ball and Nelson threw it over his left, where it bounced and skittered out of bounds on the opposite sideline.

    ** Nelson looked OK at point guard on the break (he had one very nice drive and kick out to an open Corey Maggette, who missed from the right corner) or in scramble situations (he grabbed an offensive rebound, cruised into the lane and fired a bullet to Kelenna Azubuike for an open layup) but had a pretty rough time running the half-court sets and was not very effective on screen-rolls. Whatever scoring he’s going to do will come in transition or from breaking down his man.

    ** Maggette really has fantastic body control. He’s able to pivot away from an attempted charge, create glancing contact for a blocking foul and still have the momentum to get off a decent shot attempt. I haven’t heard much one way or the other about Maggette’s rep in the Warriors’ locker room, but if he’s such a cancer (per his L.A. reputation), why was he working so hard to give Azubuike some last-second advice before the Warriors’ final play?

    ** Solid game for Azubuike, coming back from the sore hip. He looked even better compared to Belinelli’s diffident outing.

    ** Not a good night for Dan Dickau, who started the second half. He lasted only 3:13 before being yanked, never to be seen again, and here were the final four possessions with him on the court:

    Ill-advised corner-to-corner pass by Dickau, meant for Belinelli but easily picked off by a lurking Luc Mbah a Moute;
    Luke Ridnour drive right past Dickau for a running 12-footer;
    Maggette miss;
    Ridnour again easily shed Dickau, who had to foul on the recovery.
    Nelson in for Dickau

    Those might be the last four plays Dickau sees as a Warrior. I’m guessing Golden State will use Marcus Williams and keep Dickau on the bench Friday, and it’s possible they release Dickau once they get back to the U.S.

    ** Anthony Morrow clearly has been scouted as not having much of a left hand, because the Bucks overplayed him hard to his right all night long. The one time he tried to drive with his left, he went baseline and got stuffed by Andrew Bogut.

    ** When Anthony Randolph, in one of his first touches off the bench, took a pass in the right corner and traveled before making his move, I could have sworn Mickael Pietrus was back in a Warriors uniform.

    ** Wasn’t Stephen Jackson supposed to play the point on this trip? Hard to do that from the bench, no?

    ** The Ridnour behind-the-back pass in the lane that slammed off the chest of Bogut? Too funny.

    ** Speaking of Bogut, I’m sorry, but a 7-footer should NEVER be able to take a charge on a 6-2 guard. Weak sauce all the way.

    – Geoff

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  1. For those that missed it, it will be shown again this afternoon on ESPN2.

  2. We’re screwed at the point. We don’t have anyone who will be able to give us solid minutes. Record prediction: 30-52.

  3. Spree, I don’t know….given time, Nellie may turn Nelson into another one of his hidden gems. Think Avery Johnson. Let’s look at the positives:
    Plays standout D
    Has shown he can finish in the lane and on the break
    Has a serviceable jump shot.
    Has better than average handles.
    Has a workman attitude.

    Okay, so he can’t hit from three. doesn’t know how to run an offense in the half court and his court vision is….er…limited. But considering how far down and off the roster he started, that’s pretty good. He’s already better than THud. I’m betting he’s firmly ahead of Willimas after 15 games, if not sooner.

  4. Watching on the ESPN classic, the scoreboard was screwy, there was two times that I can recall where the Bucks were awarded points that the W’s made, which was a 4 point swing. Anyone else notice that? Once in the 1stQ, the score was in the teens and the other when the score was in the 80s. So annoying.

  5. I was thinking the same exact thing about that charge Im like there is no way CJ Watson is laying out Bogut so weak I can’t believe they made that call at the end of the game… I love Maggette I think he is gonna score 25 a game for us I think we are going to be better than people give us credit for we almost won that game and we had all our starters not playing in the fourth and they still had Bogut, JEFFERSON a freaking all star caliber player and Ridnour all still in the game… Can’t wait til we get Monta back to mesh with Maggette, JAX and Al and all the youngings I think Monta gonna come back stronger to prove all the haters wrong

  6. Good stuff Lepper. The Warriors will definitely be a less entertaining team than last year, and are going to struggle a ton in the half-court. I can’t wait for 5 possesions in a row where Maggette, Sjax, and AL are iso’d on the wing. Thanks to Rowell we have a team with no starting NBA PG. DeMarcus looks good in transition and is a rapid defender which is why I see Nellie starting him.

  7. Dig-

    Rowell must have bought Ellis the moped as part of his plot to build a team with no starting PG, right?
    Rowell must also be a fool for not guaranteeing long-term money for a lazy, injury prone Baron Davis, eh?

    A point guard is quite important, but only as a means toward overall team production. We’ll see what Nellie’s put together to give us that production until Ellis gets back, but not having a PG is not the end of the world. The Rockets made it into the playoffs with Rafer Alston, the Lakers and Celtics into the finals with Derek Fisher and Rajon Rondo (no scrub, but no star), respectively.

    Losing Ellis doesn’t hurt us simply because he was our starting PG; losing Ellis hurts because he was very *productive* (regardless of position).

  8. Geoff,
    I noticed you are expecting to see Marcus Williams in the next game. I read that he was recovering from a sore ankle earlier, which hopefully explains why he has been so unimpressive so far in the preseason. Do you know anything about this injury, and when he should be back to full speed?

  9. The Marcus Williams experiment is gonna be a bust. Sore ankle or not, the guy can’t defend and looks like he’s just going through motions. DeMarcus should be the starter if they don’t trade for someone else. They should give up Harrington for someone like Hinrich.

    If any of you are interested, check out this blog for some more warriors stuff: http://montasmoped.blogspot.com/

  10. Petaluman: We weren’t told anything about a sore ankle before the team left for China, at least I wasn’t. I was expecting him to play based on the fact that the W’s have seen all they need from Dickau, IMHO, and need to figure out where Marcus will fit in their rotation.

    Dom: I like the site. Nice name. :)

  11. Jon, those teams you mentioned have superstar players on there respectitve teams. Do you see a superstar player on the Warriors? No which is why the PG position is even more important, and we had one of the best in the league last year. This year we have the worst PG unit in the league bar none. Four NBA backup PGs at best.

  12. The Warriors have no superstar on par with Rockets, Lakers, or Celtics- but I have never suggested that the Warriors will approach anywhere near those teams’ level of success.

    What evidence do you have to support your assertion that the PG position is more important for a bad team to fill than say, a mid-level (fringe playoff) or elite (Finals caliber) team?

    I do not disagree that the starting point guard is *relative to other positions* important, but one should also realize that a good point guard is a means to an end, not the end itself. The goal is wins, the way to get wins is to produce on the court, if you have to win without a point guard, so be it; if you suck with a point guard…you still suck.

    The Nets for several years had Jason Kidd (even in diminished form) and were garbage; the Warriors had Baron Davis and weren’t much better (if at all) for the year and a half before Nellie arrived.

    As all Warrior fans, I will eagerly await the (hopefully successful) return of Monta Ellis, but in the meantime I will not write off the team for the *sole reason* that they do not have a “point guard”, and I *certainly* will not blame Robert Rowell for that particular problem.

    I believe our defense could *potentially* be better for the simple fact we’re taller (Jack at the 2, Turiaf instead of Pietrus/Barnes at PF)and longer (Wright), and have a good defender at the point (DeMarcus Nelson is better than any of the PG’s we trotted out last year except for Baron Davis on national TV games).

    I believe that our offense could *potentially* be more efficient since it appears Nellie’s trying to integrate more off-ball movement and funnelling the offense through the mid-high post, and Maggette is one of the most efficient scorers in all of basketball.

    The blueprint for the offseason was to improve our depth, size, and offensive efficiency and the moves , hit those goals; the biggest problem will be consistency from inexperienced and unfamiliar pieces.

  13. Oh, and “worst point guard unit in the NBA”…sounds like something I’d read on RealGM’s boards:

    Denver: Chucky Atkins, Anthony Carter

    Miami: Mario Chalmers, Chris Quinn, Marcus Banks

    Sacramento: Beno Udrih, Bobby Jackson, Bobby Brown

    New York could be pretty catastrophic as well.

    None of those teams has Monta Ellis for the second half of the season (presumably), and I don’t think any of those collections of over-the-hill veterans or unproven guys is any more inspiring than the Warriors’ bunch.

  14. Geoff,
    I’ve only seen it mentioned on “Tim Roye’s Journal - Part 2″ on warriors.com, dated 10/14:


    Marcus Williams — Returning to form after enduring a sore ankle.

    Not enough to tell whether it’s been an issue for a couple of days, or the whole TC. I think a lot of us expected he would be challenging for the starting PG spot, so his uninspired performance thus far has been worrisome.

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